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5 Ways To Increase SERPs For Your Website Today

So you are going to invest time and money into search engine optimization for your website; you want to take actionable tips and track your way to SEO success. Here are 5 no nonsense and effective ways to improve your SERPs from today!


1.SERP boost tip 1: get links for brand mentions


High quality links with high trust flow and diverse domain is still a great ranking factor for Google search engine. Earning links and finding ways to extend your reach through link building should never be overlooked, especially when you already have a foot through the door. Many websites fail to claim brand mentions-this is a mention on another website which deserves a courtesy link back to your website. Do you have many brand or blog mentions without a link back to your website. This is an inbound backlink opportunity you should not miss! The best way to reach out to websites with your brand mention is to email them and ask politely for a link.


2.SERP boost tip 2: write more longer form content


Roll up your sleeves and invest some time into creating long form content; your audience loves it and so does Google. Longer form content (over 1500 words) optimized for your keywords is one of the most effective ways to boost your SERP. The reason behind this is that Google wants to retrieve the most relevant, authoritative and comprehensive content for their search engine users. In other words, they want to find the best content out there. The best content is always up to date, comprehensive and covers a topic in depth. Agreed? Here are the studies to back up the effectiveness of long form content for SEO:

The User Science Behind Long Form Content

Why You Should Create Long Form Content

3 Brands Using Long Form Content For Crazy Results

There is no arguing that long form content, well written and structured around your optimal keywords is a competitive whitehat SEO strategy.

As the content creator, you will want to deliver so much value to your audience that they regard you as the leader/expert of your field. Make sure that your page content is long form and optimized for keyword phrases along with your page URL. Put some thought into planning your long form content and utilize images (along with alt image texts) and rich media to increase engagement.


3.SERP boost tip 3: location based targeting


One of the best ways to target specific countries in your SEO is to set the International Targeting in the Google Search Console. Instead of target all countries by .com domain, this will narrow down your focus for location specific searches.


4.SERP boost tip 4: analyze keywords for potential


A look through Google Search Console will show which pages generate traffic and the keywords that you are ranking highly for. Do you have keywords that you are ranking for and under-optimized? Focusing on easy to rank for keywords can help boost your SERP-quicker. For instance, if your page is about after care for cats who have given birth and it is ranking on page 2 then optimizing that page for the ranked keywords can help you move faster on SERPs.

You can also use the SEMRush tool to find the keyword ranking position and their page URL. The great thing about having this insight is that you can optimize the URLs for the keywords and then see the rankings climb.


5.SERP boost tip 5: use redirects properly


It is always a good SEO tactic to allocate a website’s assets and gain greater control over them. Redirects and making sure that there is only one homepage (and not /index.html) is invaluable for strengthening a website. Since it is URLs of pages that rank on SERP, there is no need to have several websites. Lack of proper redirects can hamper the value of your main website/pages. Make sure that the canonical tags are used correctly and redirects are made to the canonical URL.


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