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Accountants SEO

Accountants SEO

Why Do Accountants Need SEO?

Do you offer accountancy services with a website? Do you wish to attract clients that are able to afford your accountancy services, and, are looking for accountants right now? Then you will need search engine optimization to improve your accountancy firms’s online visibility. Search is not only the number 1 driver of traffic for online accountancy firms, 60% of all organic clicks occur for the top 3 websites.

For accountancy firms, acquiring new clients is very important and will lead to more revenue. When prospective clients search for accountancy services, they are specific with search queries: 50% of searches are for 4 keywords or longer. Phrases related to accountancy companies, such as ‘local,’ ‘affordable,’ ‘cheap,’ and ‘chartered,’ are amongst the most popular. However, to target clients that are able to afford your accountant services, it is wise to use long tailed, specific phrases.

Promote your accountancy website with Alvomedia SEO services

These days, any SEO company can claim to help accountancy firms with search engine optimization. Unfortunately, not every SEO company can help the accountancy firm to attract new clients and boost their revenue. What is the point of SEO services if your firm does not see a great increase in revenue?

Professional SEO services by Alvomedia can help your accountancy business achieve better online visibility and increase in annual revenue. We have London SEO specialists who have worked successfully with accountancy firms and have helped to promote their business. Please ask us for case studies. We have experienced content creators who can create authoritative and search engine optimized content to target your specific clients. An accountancy firm needs to promote their services in a professional and trustworthy manner-accountant SEO services by Alvomedia can attract leads that are searching and willing to pay for the services you provide.

Studies show that websites appearing at the top of the organic search results are perceived as more authoritative and trustworthy by leads. It will help to convert those leads into paying clients. It is not a stretch to say that effective SEO services can make your accountancy firm busier and more reputable with clients.

Why use Alvomedia accountant SEO services?

You should use our SEO services because:

  1. We have worked successfully with accounting firm websites and know your industry
  2. We get you results: whether that be high quality leads, higher revenues or better brand recognition
  3. We make promises that we keep. We are interested in long term business relationships with our clients; through our working relationships, we can provide a flow of accountancy firm leads that will convert into paying clients.
  4. We can make your website appear at the top of search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) for highly relevant search results
  5. Our SEO services packages are excellent value for money. We also offer a tailored SEO services so contact us for more information.

Research is the key to accountants SEO success

Prospective clients of accountancy firms start their online search with phrases that would give relevant results. If you want your accountancy website to appear at the top for the most relevant results, then you need to decide what your clients might search for. This long tail keyword research is integral to an accountancy firm’s SEO success. Without it, you will not be able to appear in results for your target clients.

Believe it or not, many accountant services ignore this part of their SEO. They will pay for SEO services to optimize their website for search phrases that their clients would never search for. This is incredible because a professional SEO service will always conduct keyword (long tail and search query) research before they implement any SEO strategy!

A professional London SEO service will help you use Google Keyword Planner to plan the main phrases used within your SEO marketing. If you do not want to use this tool yourself, the SEO professionals will quite happily research the optimal keywords for:

  • Your target client’s search queries
  • Your target client’s location
  • Your target client’s budget

As a reputable accountancy firm, you want to optimize your website for your target clients. Relevance is so important because it can affect conversions. For example, website visitors not interested in your accountancy services will simply leave the website, and that is a wasted opportunity.

Let’s take an example of the search phrase ‘accountants in Las Vegas.’ Here are the search volumes of the phrase and other related phrases:

Using the keyword search for accountants in Las Vegas we can find search volumes of relevant search phrases


If you are an accountant offering services in Las Vegas, you may want to optimize your landing pages for ‘Las Vegas Chartered Accountant,’ or ‘Tax Accountant in Las Vegas.’ By optimizing your content, clients searching for chartered accountants in Las Vegas will find you as a top result of their search queries.

Why you need a great onsite SEO strategy for your accountancy business?

Great onsite SEO for your accountancy website can make the difference in higher search engine visibility. What is onsite SEO? For an accountancy website, this means:

-Unique and optimized titles and descriptions for every page

-Optimized and highly relevant H1 tags

-Optimized urls for your accountancy website pages

-Optimized, ever green content about accountancy services

-Good internal linking structures for related pages

Onsite optimization for your accountancy website will communicate to the search engines about the purpose of your website. Using the keywords/long tail phrases from research, you can construct pages with optimized content about the services that your accountancy firm offers. Just as this page is about SEO services for accountants, your accountancy website will need separate pages for different accountancy services. If you do not already have such a structure, then we can help you optimize your pages. 

Attracting high quality links will help your accountancy website

Attracting high quality links is a SEO strategy that can make your website more authoritative. The quality of links to your accountancy website is far more important than the number of links. Your links should be to important accountancy directories or authoritative sites related to business and accounting.

Running an accountancy firm is different from other businesses because you will have industry specific directories and websites to link to. Being associated with highly authoritative websites for your accountant industry will increase your search engine visibility and generated higher quality leads.

Google My Business for accountancy firms

Google My Business is an essential tool for local accountancy firms to rank well in local search results. Here are the tops results related to Las Vegas accountants.

Local accounting firms can benefit from Google My Business to boost their local search rankings



To register for Google My Business and claim your local accountancy business, simply follow this link. Of course, a professional SEO service will help you to optimize your website content for local search. We can help you with local citations so that your clients can find you.

Want to know more about Alvomedia SEO services for accountancy firms?

If you run an accountancy firm and would like to have search engine optimization for your website, please get in touch with us or fill in the form below as fully as possible. One of our team members will reply back to you within 1 working day on the email address that you provide.


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