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Cosmetic Surgery SEO

Plastic Surgery SEO Services


If you are a leader in cosmetic surgery practices then you will understand how important client care and results are. That is the same dedication Alvomedia London SEO agency shows towards achieving results for your prestigious plastic surgery marketing. We are a full service digital marketing company that can improve your cosmetic surgery marketing through search engine optimization, website development, conversion optimization and content strategies. Alvomedia hires London SEO professionals that have worked with many of the world’s best plastic surgeons, dermatologists, cosmetic dentists and beauty therapists in strengthening their brand and revenue.

Search engine optimization for cosmetic surgery clinics requires a synergy of great website UX, relevant content and optimization across marketing channels/devices. This is why Alvomedia offers a full suite of digital marketing services if you want your onsite and offsite plastic surgery SEO to go even further.  Search engine optimization is a means by which your plastic surgery website can appear more visible in SERPs. It is important because most patients, in fact over 90%, will search for information about plastic surgeons, botox specialists and dermatologists through search engines. If your website ranks better than your competitors on organic SERPs, then you have a better chance of acquiring those patients. In contrast to Pay Per Click (please see Alvomedia’s PPC services), organic SEO for cosmetic surgery clinics will save you more money in the long term as your business gains greater authority online.


Why choose Alvomedia to improve your cosmetic surgery SEO?


Unfortunately, there are many wild claims about what SEO can do for your cosmetic surgery business and too many unethical SEO agencies willing to take your money. Although slow compared to PPC and other forms of paid advertising, SEO should help your plastic surgery clinic gain more patients. No patients means it is simply not working.

When you choose Alvomedia to implement SEO for your clinic, you are choosing to work with one of the best companies to proactively manage and maintain your organic results in SERPs. This will help you gain new patients and a better authority online. SEO is a long term solution for your cosmetic surgery clinic and can lower the costs of patient acquisition.


What Alvomedia can do for your cosmetic surgery SEO


In digital marketing, there are quick fixes and then there are the fixes that will benefit your business greatly in the long run. A fantastic business reputation is a long term fix; website optimization for user friendliness converts more patients in the long term and SEO can give your business that boost when your patients find you online.

Achieving great results with cosmetic surgery SEO is not a pipe dream but it can be in inexperienced hands. SEO for competitive terms such as botox clinics, cosmetic dentists, plastic surgeons and dermatologists is not easy, however it can achieved with daily maintenance and good strategies. After receiving your request for SEO services, Alvomedia London SEO experts will assess your website, technical SEO and create a customized marketing report for your brand.  We will correct any mistakes that may be sabotaging your chances for search engine visibility. We will then implement a customized SEO strategy that will help your cosmetic surgery gain more patients:


Effective and customized cosmetic surgery SEO from Alvomedia marketing company


What are the monetary benefits of SEO for my plastic surgery business?


The benefits are hard to quantify because there can be spillover effects from new patients referring you to their friends! As long as your surgery reputation is good, SEO will bring you results in more patients per month. Let us say that for instance, you have 5 new patients from being ranked higher in organic SERP (which is realistic), that can translate into greater revenues per month for your cosmetic surgery clinic. Furthermore, if these patients opt for repeat treatments, you will gain more lifetime value per patient. Imagine each satisfied patient referring you to other people; the real question is will you be able to schedule these new patients in?

Here are the average prices of cosmetic surgery treatments in 2016 and their monthly search volume on Google:

Abdominalplasty-$5000 -390 searches per month

Botox-$380 -246,000 searches per month

Breast augmentation (saline)-$3500 -170 searches per month

Breast augmentation (silicone)-$4000 -10 searches per month

Breast reduction-$5500 -49,500 searches per month

Breast lift-$4200 -40,500 searches per month

Cheek implants-$2700 -4400 searches per month

Buttock lift-$4800 -390 searches per month

Chin augmentation-$2000 -3600 searches per month

Skin dermabrasion-$1300 -170 searches per month

Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)-$2800 -22,200 searches per month

Facelift-$6200 -33,100 searches per month

Brow lift-$3100 -5400 searches per month

Gastric Bypass-$20,000 to $30,000 -90,500 searches per month

Gynecomastia-$3300 -165,000 searches per month

Hair transplant-$5000 -90,500 searches per month

Laser hair removal-$300 -201,000 searches per month

Laser skin resurfacing-$2400 -6,600 searches per month

Laser treatment of leg veins-$400 -10 searches per month

Lip augmentation-$1819 -9,900 searches per month

Lipoplasty suction liposuction-$2600 -880 searches per month

Lipoplasty ultrasound assisted liposuction-$2900 -880 searches per month

Lower body lift-$7800 -1300 searches per month

Rhinoplasty-$4100 -90,500 searches per month

Sclerotherapy-$320 -27,100 searches per month

Autologous fat fillers-$1300 -90 searches per month

Radiesse fillers-$900 -70 searches per month

Hyaluronic Restylane $520 -49,500 searches per month


As you can see, the high demand for these cosmetic procedures and visibility on search engines can really benefit your cosmetic clinic.


White hat plastic surgery SEO by Alvomedia


Whether you want to target local keywords or clients from certain geographic areas, Alvomedia will implement your SEO aligned with your cosmetic surgery clinic goals ethically. We are so confident of what we can do for you that if after 3 months your website does not see any results, all your monies will be refunded. We utilize the best, proven methods to manage your SERPs rankings so you do not miss out on new patients looking for your service.

Alvomedia London SEO agency accepts 2 cosmetic surgeon clients maximum per city at any one time so there is no conflict of interest in ranking them. To learn more about our whitehat plastic surgery SEO or to request a consultation, please fill in the form below:




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