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Dating Services SEO

Dating Services SEO

SEO & Link Building for Dating Websites

Professional Dating Services SEO

Doing SEO for dating websites and services is becoming more challenging after the Google Penguin and Panda updates. Instead of getting thousands of backlinks to your dating website, Google algorithms are penalizing unnatural looking links. This is where Alvomedia’s dating services SEO and link building can help your website’s online presence.

Alvomedia SEO agency uses a combination of semantic SEO methods and strategic link building to present your website in the most competitive way on search engines. We optimize all landing pages, onsite and offsite SEO so your dating website looks good to users and search engines.

Dating services SEO plan:

If you own a dating website, then increasing your presence through search engines is all important for chosen or targeted keywords. Alvomedia SEO consultants can help you

– Optimize the dating website content

– Improve the Meta title and description

– Optimize your dating website headings

– Optimize the website structure for SEO

As part of our strategic dating services SEO, we will target long tail phrases used for your dating website, so you have a wider reach of dating website users. It is not only easier to rank for long tail keyword phrases, your website visitors will also have a greater conversion rate.

Depending on the terms and conditions set out on your dating website, we can also help to index your dating member’s profile which will bring in more traffic. Just be sure you have a policy in place about member’s profiles being found on search engines.

Fully filled in member’s profiles can be a great way to get inbound traffic for keyword phrases. Alvomedia can help you create a unique meta title and description for the dating member’s profile pages,

Title: <Member’s Dating Nickname>, <Member’s Sex>, <Member’s Dating Location>,

Description: Do you want to meet <Member’s Dating Nickname> or other <Member’s Sex> in <Member’s Dating Location> area? Join Today!

Creating content for dating services website

When new members join your dating website, they can create content which they can give permission for Google to index.

As a dating website, you probably for hundreds of keywords you wish to rank for and targeting all the keywords on a homepage would be a nightmare! Alvomedia dating services SEO will help you create unique pages for different targeted keywords. We will look at clusters of similar keywords and optimize these along with long tail phrases for different URLs. We optimize all meta descriptions, meta titles and snippets to increase click through rates.

Outreach link building services for dating websites

Although earning organic links is becoming increasingly hard for dating websites (since not many authoritative websites want to link to them), it is much more effective to reach out to authoritative websites with high quality content. Alvomedia dating website SEO services will reach out to relevant sites from diverse domains with dating blogs, guest posts, infographics and unique PR articles. Our link building techniques are whitehat SEO to avoid any penalties, guaranteed.

Some of our dating website clients have been penalized before from dating directories and this has left a toxic footprint on their links profile. We have been able to recover their ranks by disavowing those toxic links and building links from high quality, dating niche websites.

Another problem encountered by our clients previously is the abuse of anchor texts for their dating website. They had a higher than recommended percentage of exact match anchor texts which led to a Google Penguin penalty. In addition to helping them recover their ranks on search engines, we have also been successful in securing natural links from relevant websites with a natural mix of anchor texts.


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