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Dentist SEO

Dentist SEO

Dentist SEO services are integral to dental practice success

Dentist search engine optimization, or SEO, involves optimizing a dental practice website to make  it more visible to prospective clients. Why is this vital to your dental practice’s success? Every month, 59% of clients use Google to find a local business. From the organic search results, 92% of traffic goes straight to page 1.  The top listings on page 1 of Google search for dentists gets a large 33% share of the traffic.

Simply put; being more visible on Google search engines will help you acquire more dental patients. Alvomedia London inbound marketing agency understands that optimizing your dental website really means optimizing it for your patients. We use both onsite and offsite SEO to make your website rank higher when your targeted patients search for dental practices.

Alvomedia marketing agency uses both onsite and offsite dentist SEO to boost your dental website's visibility on search engines

Onsite and offsite dental SEO services

 Onsite and offsite SEO should work seamlessly to improve your dental website’s visibility on search engines. Onsite dentist SEO includes the structure of your website, website performance, the coding (CSS, Javascript), Meta tags and H1/H2 headings. Using our technical dentist SEO audit, we will find the structural errors of your website and make adjustments accordingly. Technical onsite SEO will ensure that your website is correctly crawled by Google spiders and performing at its optimal level.
Offsite dentist SEO is equally important for your dental website’s online visibility. This will tell the search engines just how credible your dental practice is. Is it linking to other, high authority dentist websites and directories? If you want your dental website to achieve the best geographical and targeted keyword rankings, then offsite SEO will help a great deal.

Alvomedia’s dentist SEO process

 Alvomedia digital marketing agency offers a results driven SEO service for dental practices. By that we mean, your dental website’s marketing objectives will be our greatest focus. We offer an affordable SEO package for all dentist websites and bespoke SEO solutions as well. (Please contact us to find out more about our bespoke dentist SEO). No matter what SEO service you opt for with us, we will help you reach your dental marketing objectives.What is the Alvomedia dentist SEO process?Dental practices can expect 4 key stages to their dentist SEO:

1.Technical dentist website analysis

 The place to start with all dentist SEO strategies will be the website. We will review and audit your current dental website with a view to make improvements. We will look at your current rankings and how each keyword is performing for conversions. In a nutshell, we will look at the errors and missed opportunities that is relevant to achieving your dentist SEO objectives. This will the stage we define our dentist SEO campaign goals and make projections for revenues.

2. Content creation for your dentist website

After defining the keywords and long tail phrases for your dental website, we will implement content creation. The content creation will encourage high authority links and aid our blogger outreach. High quality link submissions, article writing, Press Release and blogs will be used to boost your dental website’s visibility online. If you require, we can also create content for your dental website’s landing page, services pages and onsite blog. Our content creators can also create engaging infographics and videos to generate more targeted traffic for your website.

3. Technical onsite SEO for your dentist website

If your dentist website is performing badly, we can do a detailed audit and correct any meta data, headers, structural, redirects and markup schemas that impede your search rankings. Technical dentist SEO is very important as you want the optimal website structure to attract more dentist leads.

4. Dentist SEO maintenance

Dentist SEO is not a one off campaign to cement your rankings on the search engines. If only it was that simple! Ongoing dentist SEO is required to maintain your results and comply with Google algorithm updates. Google undergoes many updates and your site may be penalized for not abiding by their guidelines. This is the reason why professional SEO services requires constant monitoring and corrections.

Our Alvomedia team with monitor your dental website and make recommendations for changes when necessary.

Why Alvomedia London dentist SEO services are amongst the best

Every digital marketing agency that you encounter will be different. They will offer different dental SEO packages and strategies for reaching your objectives. Be that as it may, you will find Alvomedia to be one of the best SEO agencies for your dental website. 

Here are just some of the reasons why you should choose Alvomedia to improve your dental practice’s SEO:

Alvomedia dental SEO services will give you results

We only work with clients that have realistic goals in line with their dental website. We refuse to work with clients that want only want vanity metrics, traffic volume and misleading click bait ads for their dental practice.

What we do care about is the number of high quality leads you will get. Over 90% of our dentist clients want high quality leads and that is what we give them. Dentist SEO is an effective long term strategy that will yield results. It will help you acquire clients that are looking for and willing to pay for your specific dental treatments.

Common misconceptions about dentist SEO

Selecting the right dentist SEO services for your business is a challenge when there are many companies promising to deliver a positive return on your investment. The matter of the fact is, SEO for dental clinics requires an assessment of how competitive your keywords are, the current structure of your dental clinic website and link profile. However, here are some terrible misconceptions about dentist SEO services you should guard yourself against:

  1. Dentist SEO is cheap: There are many SEO companies promising ROI for a low price. Effective SEO requires time and a well thought out strategy. A bunch of low quality links, spun content and poor understanding of the dentist industry is a recipe for disaster!
  2. Dentist SEO is easy: Dentist SEO is easy relative to extremely competitive niches, but Alvomedia would argue that it is still a hard endeavor. No pain, no gain in SEO, especially for dentist keywords that are fiercely fought over by other SEOs. Good dentist SEO requires sustained effort and the commitment it deserves. If you want to see your dental business rise to the top, great reputation, SEO and online marketing is surely the way to go.
  3. Dentist SEO does not need good content: Great content is everything in dentist SEO. How else would prospective patients trust you? High quality content such as videos, authoritative articles and guest blogs will build your credibility.
  4. Dental clinic website design is not important for SEO: Gone are the days when you can get away with a badly designed dental website. These days, patients want to navigate dentist websites with ease, both on desktop and their smart phone devices. User experience UX and website performance are all integral to SEO and your site’s conversion potential.
  5. SEO for dentists is just some clever tricks: The purpose of dentist SEO is to improve your website’s structure and user experience. Every piece of content that you create is geared towards to helping your website visitors. It makes your content more discoverable and allows search engines to index everything better. SEO is not dark magic; it is there to add value for your clients.
  6. Dentist SEO is a one off investment: SEO must be updated for the search engines algorithms. Furthermore, it requires maintenance for your website to be visible for competitive, and profitable dental treatment keywords.

Alvomedia understands your dental website’s SEO needs

Professionals at Alvomedia have worked with dental clinics in their marketing and have a track record of successes. We can supply case studies of dentist website SEO. When we audit your website, we take into consideration your specific industry and high value dental treatments for your target patients. We look at location, competition and ranking potential/highly converting key phrases.

If you would like to discuss dentist SEO revenue projections, please contact one of our team members at We can discuss projections of dental patients and set up revenue modeling. 

For revenue modeling of your dentist SEO services please contact Alvomedia


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