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Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO

Why Do Ecommerce Websites Need SEO?

Can ecommerce SEO really increase the bottom line? Absolutely yes-effective SEO used in conjunction with content and website UX can optimize conversion rates for ecommerce businesses. Search engine optimization increases the traffic, authority and leads for your ecommerce website. When used as a long term digital marketing strategy, SEO for ecommerce sites can be really cost effective.

The widespread use of mobile devices and payment gateways has created more opportunities for ecommerce businesses to create engaging content. SEO can help to build relationships with customers through optimized content and help the search engines to understand your complex site’s structure better. Instead of just an online shopping storefront, your website can be an engaging point of contact with new and existing customers. The biggest misconception about ecommerce SEO is that it is all about keyword-rich text describing your products. Effective SEO is much more strategic and integrates great UX with semantic fields for search and other channels of marketing.


Using 301 redirects in ecommerce SEO correctly


301 redirects are concerned with expired URL. When you use 301 redirects correctly, you are telling Google to rank this page instead and your visitors that this is the new page. It is the nature of ecommerce websites to have new product pages, URL and content all the time. If your products are generic, you can reuse URL and retain that page’s authority.

Every ecommerce website will have product category pages that are great ranking potential on the search engines. It is worthwhile to strengthen these with evergreen content that can help future and existing customers. By ensuring that your website has the right content architecture, internal linking structures and 301 redirects, you can optimize your ecommerce website for users.



What can Alvomedia do for my ecommerce website SEO?


Your ecommerce business is unique so Alvomedia London SEO agency will use a customized plan for your SEO. We will consider your ecommerce:

  • Industry
  • Target customers
  • Competition
  • Unique selling point
  • Product descriptions
  • Integration with social and other channels of marketing
  • Website design and UX
  • Duplicate content for products
  • Marketing objectives
  • Website structure and technical SEO

One of the biggest mistakes that ecommerce websites make is to let photographs do all the talking. A product photo alone does not tell the search engines what your page is about; your optimized content will put everything in context.  Alvomedia will complete a thorough analysis of your ecommerce website and add optimized content to your pages. It may surprise you that some of your products will sell better as a result of optimized content using different keywords!


Alvomedia link architecture for your ecommerce SEO


User friendliness is the priority for linking architecture; it also informs the search engines about how your website is organized/linked with different pages. Context, and user friendliness lies at the core of linking architecture. Alvomedia will plan your linking architecture to achieve user friendliness at every level of parent category/product pages.


Ecommerce SEO starts with a user friendly linking architecture



Alvomedia ecommerce SEO and conversion optimization


Can Alvomedia help my website acquire more customers? The answer is yes-we can! Improved conversion and sales is a great effect of fresh, unique content, optimized pages and website UX. Now the question is: can you take care of all the new product orders?

Some things we can do for your ecommerce SEO/conversion optimization:

  • Integrate social media with different product pages
  • Management of social media/creation of fresh social media content
  • Encouragement of user generated content
  • Ecommerce website redesign for optimal UX from landing page to check out
  • Organization of website for upsells/cross sells etc
  • Optimization of internal search engine in ecommerce sites
  • Help you see how people behave on landing pages, category pages and product pages
  • Optimize your images for alt text; A/B testing use of imagery
  • Optimize your ecommerce website for mobile devices
  • Optimize your ecommerce website for security/encryption
  • Fix any 404 errors
  • Assess how your product, category pages are performing the SERPs

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