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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing services by Alvomedia digital marketing agency

Email marketing is a very effective way to engage with your new and existing customers. If you have a great product or service to sell, email marketing is the most direct way to get your target customer’s attention. For delivering the right marketing message at the right time, email is the best channel to build on existing relationships and yield higher conversions for your business.

The power of email can be leveraged for any digital marketing strategy that you have. It is a measurable method of marketing and also cost effective for the results that you will attain.

Mobile Optimized Email Marketing

If you operate an online retail business then you will know how important great customer service is to retaining customers. One of the ways to reward loyal customers is through customer loyalty programs; email marketing is an integral part of any customer loyalty program. The emergence of mobile optimization and social media in the last decade means your email marketing has to keep up to date with what your customers want.

Mobile email will account for 15 to 70% of email opens, depending on your target audience, product and email type according to “the Ultimate mobile email stats” (2015). More than a 30% of consumers will read emails exclusively on mobile devices and over 71% will delete the email if the mobile email does not look good. At Alvomedia London digital marketing agency, we can design and code emails so that it is mobile optimized, engaging and better targeted for your customers.


Fully managed email marketing campaign

Email marketing revolves around the customer database collected by a business. By segmenting the customer data, your business can deliver more personalized and targeted emails at the right time. Many companies are personalizing emails based on purchase frequency to great effect. After all, what customer doesn’t want to know that their favorite product is on special offer?

Using A/B testing methods, Alvomedia can optimize your email marketing campaign

The art of email marketing involves customer database analysis, CRM, crafting the right message, design in HTML and results analysis. It is a constant process of refinement to retain customers and improve the conversion rate as a result of sending the emails. If you require a fully managed email marketing campaign. Alvomedia London marketing agency can:

  • Generate email ideas and strategy for your company
  • Help with content authorship and wireframing
  • Create email designs and build it
  • Test email inbox and browser for the campaign
  • Implement the email sending
  • Help with report and analysis

The best thing about email marketing is the ability for your company to build a relationship with customers. You have a number of ways to integrate this with your overall digital marketing campaign to improve the customer experience. Email segmentation and personalization is the way forward to achieve greater brand loyalty and drive conversions. Alvomedia will help you every step of the way in achieving this.



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