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Forex Trading SEO

Forex Trading SEO

Forex SEO

Forex related keywords are some of the most competitive in Adwords and search engine optimization. This poses a problem for Forex brokers who want to leverage search engines for gain. Any Forex trading SEO, especially whitehat SEO will take time and persistent effort to achieve the SERP that you want. If you want to optimize your onsite content and offsite content for search engine results, you need to improve the quantity AND the quality of your content. This has many benefits such as increasing your number of earned links and attracting customers through targeted Forex content.

Can you compete with Gain Capital, Saxo Bank, FXCM and OANDA?


Whilst you may not have the resources for marketing like these big Forex brokers, you do have the advantage of finding out their SEO strategy and reverse engineer your way to better visibility. A professional SEO consultant will be able to analyze their back links, anchor text ratios and see what unique domains they are linking to. So do not despair if you are a small time broker; you have the very same SEO strategies as the big boys at your disposal and the crucial part is finding your true strengths in content and SEM (search engine marketing).


Why choose Alvomedia for your Forex SEO?


If you are serious about gaining profits in a competitive niche, then you need a competitive SEO strategy that gives your brokerage the exposure it needs. Alvomedia London SEO agency provides an effective plan of attack that involves both onsite and offsite SEO. We help your website create content that will attract links from sites such as, a place where many forex traders visit for up to date information. Once we create your Forex content, highly authoritative websites in the niche will be happy to link to your valuable resources. Another SEO tactic Alvomedia like to use is to install a currency tool, which will reduce the bounce rates of your Forex website and increase the number of links to it. If you want to be taken seriously as an authoritative brokerage site for Forex trading, then you will definitely need up to date industry news, charts, quotes, currency converters and strong SEO architecture. This reinforces your brand as a leader in Forex trading.

High quality Forex content


Content is integral to a SEO campaign and high quality content is especially important for a Forex firm. Content about Forex trading is technical and requires experts with a background in finance to write it. Forex traders are always looking for the latest, most insightful industry content; if you can publish high quality articles (without the obvious spammy spun style) and complement your content marketing with a few YouTube tutorials about Forex trading, then you are already on your way to higher rankings.

Once you establish your Forex brand as a brand that traders can trust, you simply maintain your high quality content and customer service.


Technical SEO for your Forex website


Often overlooked by website owners, onsite technical Forex SEO can optimize the headlines, Meta titles, internal linking structure, Alt image descriptions and website loading speed for better ranking. The point is to prime your website for the best SEO results in this competitive niche. With the best SEO strategies you can increase profits and lower your marketing expenses. Your customers will trust you more as traders only want the most reliable financial services.

What Alvomedia can do for your Forex website SEO


Alvomedia whitehat SEO agency can optimize your forex, commodities and binary options website for your targeted audience and the search engines. Here are just some of the integrated SEO services that we provide:

  • Onsite technical SEO for your Forex website
  • Offsite SEO so your Forex website has the best authority possible
  • Social media profiles and distribution of content. We engage with targeted users of social media and build your brand
  • High quality article submissions for Forex related websites; everything done manually
  • RSS Ping for faster indexation
  • High quality blog posting and forum participation
  • High PR social bookmarking for content
  • High PR and Domain Authority link building for your Forex business
  • Competitor research and analysis
  • Website UX and SEO structure optimization
  • Paid search marketing for your Forex website
  • Online reputation management

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