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Penalty Removal

Penalty Removal

Google Penalty Removal Services For Your Website


Link building is integral to good SEO but Google algorithms updates can cause many links to be penalized. What used to be a Google approved link building technique may suddenly be hit with a penalty as Google cracks down on manipulative SEO.  If you own a websites who has been penalized recently by Google, then Alvomedia link removal service can help your website recover.


SEO penalties in a post penguin world


Google’s Penguin algorithm launched in 2012 targeted links which are seen as manipulative (offering no value to the website user other than to increase rankings). The aftermath of the algorithm was devastating for many highly ranking websites who saw their rankings plummet, and even worse, become de-indexed.

If you suspect that your website has been hit by Google penalties or are concerned about future penalties then Alvomedia London SEO agency can do a thorough audit of your backlinks. We use a specialist tool called Kerboo to analyze the risks posed by links to your website and gather some recommendations for removal.


Manual Link Removal Services


After identifying the links required for removal, Alvomedia London SEO agency will find the details of the site owner for manual link removal. This is to show Google that you are making an effort to recover from a penalty and taking that initiative.

When the website owner does not respond to link removal requests, we will create  a disavow file for Google to discount from your backlink profile. We submit the list for disavowal to your Webmaster Tools account.


Recover quickly from a Google penalty


Getting penalized by Google can be a very stressful situation for the website owner. This can impact the website’s business and any other ongoing digital marketing campaigns. Since Google penalties are targeting unnatural links to your website, you may not have control or even realize who is building links to your website. The practice of negative SEO, where a hostile competitor builds harmful links to your website is a strong possibility. It is hard to detect bad links also due to constant shifts in Google algorithms.

Google Penalty Recovery services by Alvomedia will help your website's SEO

Alvomedia can help your website recover from negative SEO and bad links. Our method is proven to work and we have a range of tools and manual techniques at our disposal. Furthermore, our link removal services will protect the links are are valuable to your SEO.

Our Google penalty recovery steps are customized for your website:

  • Diagnosis of the Google penalty
  • Back links audit
  • Risk assessment
  • Identifying and prioritizing the harmful links
  • Defining the recovery plan
  • Link removal using manual reach
  • Submit links to Google for removal using disavow
  • Risk management and link monitoring

Penalty risk management and link monitoring services


Link monitoring is an ongoing effort for ambitious companies. With so many new updates in Google’s algorithms and the emergence of hostile negative SEO, no business can afford to ignore their back links management. Prevention is better than cure, which is why successful companies are taking action before a penalty can occur.

Our prices for SEO services reflect the skills, experience and hours put into the SEO strategy. Please see the price table for a breakdown of what we offer for SEO. For further inquiries, fill in the contact form or email Please note that the price tables relate to SEO packages based on your company size. We can tailor SEO packages for your budget, business goals and enterprise size. Contact us to discuss this


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