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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing can help your business convert more sales by delivering a mobile friendly experience for customers

Mobile internet usage is increasing by the day and more consumers are searching for businesses on their mobile devices than ever before. If you do not cater to the mobile users, your business will fall behind competitors who do. At Alvomedia London digital marketing agency, we can help you find the best mobile marketing solution for your business.

Whether it is mobile applications, mobile first website design or emails designed for mobile, your business will benefit from a customized mobile solution. Alvomedia will identify your business objectives and find the most suitable mobile marketing strategy for your marketplace.

End to End Mobile Marketing

From mobile strategy development to design and marketing, Alvomedia can take care of everything for your mobile marketing. Our expertise lies in:

  • Mobile first website design
  • Mobile applications
  • Mobile marketing for your specific marketplace


High quality mobile application development

Applications for mobile and tablets can be utilized to increase brand awareness and increase sales. Every business wants to grow and we strongly believe that a conversion optimized mobile application will help to do just that.

A mobile application for your business is very different from a mobile first website design. Mobile applications allows you to communicate directly with your customers and encourage instant purchasing through real time promotional offers.

Mobile application development aligned with goals

Businesses have different goals when it comes to mobile applications. Mobile applications are very versatile and can be created in a way that is aligned with your business objectives.  If you require a game to drive customer engagement or application to select the perfect product based on your customer’s preferences, Alvomedia London digital marketing experts will be able to create that for you.

Mobile app development and UX aligned with your business objectivesDepending on your customer’s mobile devices, interfaces and mobile browsing habits, a mobile strategy can be made more responsive and flexible. In developing mobile enterprise applications, Alvomedia will identify solutions best suited for iPhone, Android, iPad, Windows Phone and Windows 8. We concentrate on user experience first and foremost, fast performance and a high quality bug free code.

Ambitious brands are already using multiple platforms for their mobile strategy and addressing different types of customers. Are you doing the same for your customers?

Mobile marketing using consumer insights

When you are designing for end users,  consumer insights is vital in seizing the right mobile opportunities. For businesses that have never defined their mobile approach, Alvomedia can define the right mobile marketing strategy for you. We can find the right message delivered at the right place, right time and at the right cost for your business. 

A mobile marketing plan is useless if it does not understand how your customers use their mobile devices. Mobile users consume content differently to how they consume content on desktops. Mobile campaigns cannot be a reproduction of desktop campaigns and Alvomedia will play to the different strengths of mobile devices.

Another element to refine for mobile marketing is the different moments in a customer’s journey. Story-telling must be done at the right time. Alvomedia is not afraid of innovating in the areas of mobile advertising and experiential campaigns.

Mobile App Store Optimization

So now you have an mobile app. How do you get downloads? The answer is to optimize your mobile app for the Apple store. Alvomedia can optimize your existing mobile app or optimize it after creating one for you.

Our mobile app store optimization includes:

  • Thorough mobile app audit of your app store page and any competitors
  •  Assessment of the factors influencing downloads
  • Ongoing monitoring of your mobile app’s performance

Rich media mobile advertisements

A Rich Media mobile ad will contain user interactive videos or images. Mobile ads with texts has limitations and one of them is consumer engagement. Alvomedia rich media mobile solutions will help your audience become more involved with your mobile ad. The mobile ad can expand, float, and collect aggregate metrics for your audience’s behavior. For ambitious companies, rich media mobile advertisements is a must as it will generate more brand awareness and have greater response.

Mobile experiential campaigns

The competitive advantage of data is knowing when to deliver your mobile ads for highest rates of conversion. By tracking consumer interaction with your mobile campaign, Alvomedia London digital marketing agency can find out areas to improve on. Our aim is to create a unique user experience that will also translate to more sales for your business


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