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Paid Search Marketing

Paid Search Marketing


Alvomedia paid search marketing or PPC services is a controllable way to get your company up the search results

Paid search marketing or PPC (Pay Per Click) as it is better known, is an online marketing method where the advertiser pays each time there is a click through using the advert you have generated for your PPC campaign. Simply put, it is paying for clicks or impressions on your website. SEO is an organic method of generating traffic whereas PPC is a form of paid traffic. The results from PPC can be more predictable and thus easily controlled.

Why Paid Search Marketing?


  • Paid search helps you gain traffic whenever you need it
  • Search engines such as Google and Bing allows paid search to appear in a prominent position alongside other organic search results
  • The highest bidder on a keyword will get their websites shown in the 1st search result position.
  • PPC advertising is fast; sometimes it is activated and effective within the hour of setting up with Google Adwords
  • PPC campaigns can be adjusted quickly according to changes in the market condition for your industry
  • Paid search is ideal for short term campaigns in the creating buzz phase; it is good for a finite budget and finite time frame.
  • PPC is good for websites that convert as soon as the click is made. If your website sells an item on the landing page this is a very effective way to gain conversions
  • Companies make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Adwords
  • Paid search marketing is ideal for niche products or services that uses highly specific keywords or phrase.


No matter what industry your online business is in, PPC paid search marketing can greatly benefit your business. E-commerce and service related companies are good candidates for a PPC campaign. Alvomedia London digital marketing agency works closely with our paid search marketing clients to ensure that they move towards their business goals. Our London PPC experts can recommend and advise your company about different methodologies of paid search marketing.


Increase revenue with Alvomedia paid search marketing


Setup of your PPC Campaign

Paid search marketing works well for any company and at any size. Whether you are a small startup or a larger enterprise operation, you can set a budget for your PPC campaign. Alvomedia London digital marketing company will work to help develop customized PPC strategies that works for you. Your business, target customers and industry are all taken into consideration when we set up a PPC campaign for you.

PPC Management

At Alvomedia, we manage paid search marketing campaigns with an active approach. This means we constantly optimize, maintain and develop your PPC campaign. You tell us your goals-whether that is better ROI or lower cost per customer acquisition (CoCA) and we will develop the strategy for you. Using geo location and niche industry bidding we can target specific types of customers.


As a transparent marketing agency, Alvomedia believes in communicating with our clients about their PPC campaign’s progress and changes made along the way. Reporting is our formal communication with clients about their paid search marketing.


Why Alvomedia paid search marketing services?


If you are new to paid search marketing then it is too easy to get burnt by bad marketers. Marketing agencies can promise you everything under the sun and deliver nothing. PPC is not cheap, in fact it can become costly when you bid on keywords that do not justify the spend. Highly searched phrases and keywords are inflated in price but are not necessarily good return on your investment.

Our search engine marketing services are transparent to help companies justify the spend on their PPC campaigns. We know different marketing agencies compete for your money so we want to deliver measurable results when others can’t. We customize marketing campaigns to suit the budget, business ambitions and industry of our clients. Marketing is not about clicks but conversions and Alvomedia live by quantifiable results.

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