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Pharmaceutical SEO

Pharmaceutical SEO

Search Engine Optimization For Pharmaceutical Companies

As one of the most regulated industries in the world, pharmaceuticals meets challenges in being approved by the US Food & Drug Administration and search engine optimization. Although organic SEO is important to pharmaceutical companies, it is a widely misunderstood area of online marketing. In contrast to paid marketing or advertising, SEO will be an ongoing effort for all pharmaceutical websites.

Experienced London SEO consultants such as Alvomedia will discuss the pharmaceutical SEO goals and KPIs with the client from the start. We aim to align all SEO strategies with the pharmaceutical company’s brand, business goals and KPIs. If the goal is to increase organic search engine traffic by by 20%, we will show you a forecast of conversions and visibility for different targeted keywords. If you are serious about getting ROI for your pharmaceuticals SEO, this is a vital process.


Pharmaceutical website audit for SEO


If you have an existing pharmaceutical website, then a site audit is essential to identify all the areas of opportunity for success. Our thorough audit will identify technical SEO errors, off-site and on-site content in addition to user friendliness of your website across different user devices. We will conduct a competitors analysis into their keyword choices and any paid search engine marketing efforts. In pharmaceutical SEO, it is vital to create audience led content that would earn the diverse domain backlinks you need for better rankings.

Our pharmaceutical SEO strategy breakdown:

  • Thorough audit of an existing website for all technical/off-site/on-site aspects
  • Strategy ideation to increase visibility, conversions, meeting KPIs and other business targets
  • Competitor analysis of other pharmaceutical websites
  • Key-phrase analysis for relevance, search volume and target audience
  • On-site optimization plan to improve title tags,keyword rich URLs, avoiding duplicate content problems with ISI (Important Safety Information), meta data, alt image descriptions, inclusion of trademarks.
  • Link development to optimize diverse domain links-from affiliates and anchor text ratios.
  • Content ideation to content creation phase; adding relevant content with highly linkable assets.
  • Monitoring KPIs in pharmaceutical SEO-tracking from baseline performance report. We will report to clients any positive changes in the organic search traffic and conversions.


Increase your revenue with pharmaceutical SEO


Whether you are a pharmaceuticals business selling to other businesses or to the public, we can help improve your bottom line through SEO. We will look at your current situation with traffic and conversions to gauge the best, most achievable outcome for your SEO. Maybe you have issues with the conversion funnel and conversions once traffic comes through your landing page. Maybe you have problems with the website design, requiring A/B testing your call to actions for better conversions. At Alvomedia London SEO company, we integrate SEO with website development to ensure that your website has all the attributes to optimize conversions once traffic is being directed to the website. 


Integrating Pharmaceutical SEO with social media and PPC


Integrating social media and PPC with SEO are effective ways to improve your pharmaceutical brand awareness and leads. Alvomedia’s team can help you set up social media accounts for your brand, create content and target the right demographics. Our PPC can really supplement your SEO efforts so that you get the best ROI for your spend.


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