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Psychiatrist SEO

Psychiatrist SEO

Improve visibility with psychiatrist SEO

Why do professionals in mental health need search engine optimization? The answer is to nurture a great online reputation, expand reach and to engage with patients in an effective manner. Imagine arriving at a poorly designed website after searching through several pages of the search engine. It does not matter how good your psychiatry practice is, the first impression is a bad one.

If you run a psychiatry practice, then you will know that there is a paradigm shift in your patient’s behavior online. Social media, mobile devices and apps are integrated in your patient’s lives. Your offline psychiatry practice is not spared from this trend; patients are now using apps to monitor their health and social media to create conversations about mental health. If you do not tap into these multiple channels of online communication, then you will become less relevant to your patients.

Psychiatrist SEO services can improve the your website's traffic and conversion rates from potential patients

In research by Pew Internet and Google Think, it was found that 33% of American adults searched online about their mental health issues and 77% of patients used search engines before booking an appointment. Patients are using search engines and digital content made available to them before making decisions. Practices serving the needs of patients have to adapt to this digital space. Furthermore, they should embrace the opportunities that the search engines and social media are giving them.

Digital marketing strategies for psychiatry practices involve leveraging the power of search engines to connect with patients. Digital outreach using authoritative websites and highly relevant content is far more effective in the long run than healthcare directories or traditional advertising.

The challenge of adopting digital and  SEO for psychiatrists

For many years, psychiatry practices have relied on word of mouth marketing and referrals for their business. There was no need to promote themselves on the internet because ‘reputation spoke louder than advertising.’ The flaw with this business model is assuming that patient’s behaviors never change. Patients are accessing content online and comparing different practices before making a decision. The competition may be great, but psychiatrists willing to adapt can reap the rewards of digital marketing.

Digital marketing empowers patients and so should your online marketing strategy. The aim of psychiatry SEO is to:

  • Inform patients about the benefits of your practice
  • Educate patients about mental health and psychiatry treatments
  • Make relevant content readily available for patients
  • Make your local psychiatry practice more visible to local patients
  • Harness the power of content to earn more trust and credibility
  • Integrate your content with website UX and social media for higher conversions
  • Establish greater authority for your practice
  • Create greater brand awareness through content
  • Build relationships with patients and other authoritative healthcare brands online
  • Improve the patient experience from booking to aftercare

Onpage and offpage SEO for psychiatrists

The greatest challenge for psychiatry practices is finding the time and knowledge to implement search engine optimization. This is where professional SEO services can step in and increase efficiency! At our London SEO agency, we implement onpage and offpage SEO:

  • Onpage SEO for your psychiatry clinic will aid the crawl-ability of search engine spiders. They will index the relevant content for your patients to find.
  •  Unique URLs will make content on your website stand out
  • Onpage SEO will define the purpose of your website and psychiatry services better
  • Offpage SEO will increase the quality of external sources connecting to your website
  • Offpage SEO will, with time, build the authority of your website by linking with local business directories and relevant websites for your psychiatry practice.
  • Offpage SEO will create a consistent brand through the correct information and contact details about your psychiatry practice.

The result will be a website that search engines want their users, aka your patients to find.

Alvomedia SEO services for psychiatry practitioners

When you have an independent practice, online marketing can open the doors to new patients. Your website, mobile app or SERP can be the first point of contact. Thus, effective digital marketing can connect potential patients with your clinic and increase your clinic’s credibility online. Your online presence can impact on your bottom line.

Patients are keen to learn more about your clinic and find out through content online. Yelp, RateMyMd and social media are just some of the channels for informing their decisions. Having an active online presence and frequently updated content marketing strategy can propel your practice to new heights. You will build trust with patients through patient centric search engine optimization.

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