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Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Reputation management services by Alvomedia will present your company in the best light

A company is only as good as their reputation in this cut-throat world. A good reputation is a hard earned commodity that deserves to be safeguarded at all costs. When companies stumbles upon an incident, they have to rebuild trust with their customers, stakeholders and the general public with PR services and online reputation management. If you are a company facing negative press or needs to deal with crises. Alvomedia’s reputation management services can mitigate further damages to your reputation in the marketplace.

Reputation Management By Alvomedia

Professional and fast to act, Alvomedia London marketing agency can help your company handle media interviews and prepare spokespersons for broadcast. When a company faces a reputation crisis, a confident press office is required to defend the company.

Even when there is no crisis, companies are recommended to have ongoing reputation management. The benefits of active reputation management include:

  • Making more revenue than business competitors with a worse reputation
  • Resilience during downturns in the market
  • The ability to bounce back from PR setbacks if their reputation has been good before
  • The ability to retain talent within the company
  • Better relations with the public and investors/suppliers/shareholders

Active reputation management will not prevent crises from happening, but it will mitigate the damage for the future of the company trading.

Reputation management on social media

Bad news spreads fast via social media, which is why constant monitoring of the social media channels is vital to quench any negative comments about your company.

There are two ways to actively manage your social media reputation:

1. Positive communication with audiences on social media. This will build trust and create a better image for your company. Good news about a company can spread just as fast as bad news-be sure to spread the good news whenever possible.

2. Fast reaction to any negative news about your company. When bad news spreads on social media, it can ruin your reputation in a matter of days. Fortunately, you have a short timeframe to address any complaints or publish content on social media contrary to the bad news. When a crisis erupts on social media, Alvomedia recommends a 24 hour social media management service to handle any comments from the public.

Online reputation management

Alvomedia can improve your company’s online reputation through:

  • Constant monitoring for mentions and conversations online.
  • Online crisis communications.
  • Online PR strategies.
  • Addressing and challenging any defamatory or unsubstantiated content online.
  • The Right to Be Forgotten and Google Removal applications

For more information and to find out how Alvomedia can help you maintain a great online reputation, contact info@alvomedia. You can also fill in our contact form under the contact page.

Ongoing reputation management

Alvomedia can customize online reputation management to suit your company’s needs. Our strategies involve social media monitoring, crisis mitigation and challenges to any defamatory content about you online.

Challenging and removing content from Google

Negative content posted online about your company can damage your reputation even when you are unaware of it. Some companies fail to see the connection between negative content and why their customers are leaving them. If you leave negative content about you unchallenged, your customers will soon believe that they are true.

Alvomedia negative content removal services include:

  • Removal of negative images and information
  • Dealing with copyright issues online
  • Removal of links and navigating the areas of law around it
  • Defence against internet trolls
  • Challenging any defamatory/negative content online
  • Defending our clients from personal threats online
  • Application for Right to be Forgotten on Google

Removing negative content from Google

Finding negative content about yourself or your company online can be distressing enough without having to apply to Google for removal. Alvomedia has knowledge in the legal side of content removal from Google and can help you remove defamatory comments or images found online. We can challenge negative content on personal websites, social media, review sites, and forums where your customers are more likely to look.

Our online reputation management services extends to individuals as well as larger companies with bad content written about them. In recent years, the rise of review and forum sites has made reputation management all the more important. Online reviews can bring business to your company or it can take it away. Many business owners are affected by bad reviews that may not even be from genuine customers.

When faced with bad reviews from genuine customers, companies are advised to address them sincerely and in a timely manner. In the UK, companies must comply with the consumer and competition laws. You can read more about the CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) and UK online reviews here.

The Right to be Forgotten

Alvomedia will assess your eligibility for an application under the Right to Be Forgotten and help you make that application. The Right to be Forgotten comes from a ruling in May 2014 from the European Court of Justice about a Spanish Case involving Google. Within the EU, outdated and irrelevant personal information may be removed from Google. People can apply for the Right to be Forgotten using the removal request tool created by Google. The online form requires formal ID such as an EU passport and driving license, the website address of the link requested for removal, the search term and reasons why you think the link is irrelevant and not in the public interest. Please note that the ruling only applies to individuals within the European Union and not to companies.


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