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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media management services by Alvomedia

Social media is an integral part of any digital marketing plan because it will help you build wider connections with consumers. Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter are some of the networks with hundreds of millions of active users per month. Even if you are the world’s most niche business, you are bound to have customers using social media. There is no way around it-social media marketing can reach consumers far and wide.

With so many social media networks available, finding the right one to reach your target audience is the real challenge. After assessing your target customers and business objectives, Alvomedia London digital marketing agency can define the best social media channels for your business. Our social media marketing services can help you control your message across multiple social media platforms and amplify what your brand is all about.

How our social media marketing team can help

Social media disasters happen to good companies. Just see the #epicfail hashtag for some of the most disastrous social media marketing. The key to social media success is listening and engagement. Your social media followers do not want to hear a sales pitch all the time-they want your brand persona to come through and for their voices to be heard. If you are wondering how to build a brand and listen to your customers at the same time, let Alvomedia guide you with our social media consultancy.

Alvomedia social media consultancy

Many companies want to connect with their customers but don’t know how. Connection is not a series of sales pitches about products and services. Promotional content has to be used sparingly in social media, because people do not trust them that much. Instead, consumers are looking for

  • Responsiveness to their problems
  • Valuable content that can help them in some way
  • Personality

It is very tempting for companies to let a social media agency do everything for them. A professional London digital agency will be able to develop a strategy that is aligned with the business goals. However, your customers will still want to hear your voice. Alvomedia will work closely with your company to find the right voice and approach in social media engagements.

Brand management on social media

Building a brand on social media is a time consuming endeavor.  After securing the right username, you have to find the right voice in communicating. By controlling your message and voice across all social media channels, you will have a consistent brand presence.

Alvomedia social media monitoring will follow conversations about your brand and let you contribute where it is needed.

Paid social advertising

Paid social ads on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn can boost your brand’s visibility on social media and generate new leads. Alvomedia will work with your advertising budget to promote your content on social media.

Social PR

Alvomedia has contacts with publishers, journalists and influencers who can help make your content go even further. The goal of any social PR is to build a fan base that actively shares your content to wider circles of people. Our social PR services can make your brand the center of attention on social media.

Social Media Reporting & Analysis

Social media analysis will help to inform any future posts on social media. Alvomedia can use the data from visitors on social media networks and see how they are linked to your website visitors. We can track the number of conversions as a result of clicking on your posts on social media and what percentage of traffic came from social media sites.

Cross Channel Promotion

Consistency and coherency are vital in making you brand more recognizable across the web. Alvomedia’s cross channel promotions can help you achieve the brand recognition you need.

Targeted social media marketing strategy

A social media marketing strategy is only as good as the consumers it targets. In order to reach your demographic of customers, your strategy has to use the right tone and focus on the relevant social media channels. A social media marketing plan is futile if it does not add brand awareness and generate revenue. When executed correctly using analysis and monitoring, social media can deliver measurable ROI for your company.

Alvomedia social media marketing solutions include exposure on the bigger networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube,Twitter, Flickr, StumbleUpon, and Delicious. We can also devise a viral marketing plan.

Improve your social media presence

At Alvomedia London marketing agency, our staff are all users of social media platforms so we know how to position your company on social media. Maintaining a 24/7 social media presence is necessary and a time consuming endeavor that is best left to those with the time to manage it.


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