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What Is Cloaking?

What Is Cloaking?

Showing certain IPs a different landing page to the main money site is called cloaking. By redirecting and segregating traffic sources, marketers can shield their campaigns from spying competitors and other intrusive networks. There are many services available now which gives you access to a software and training manuals to implement cloaking for Adwords, PPV, affiliate links and other marketing channels such as social media.

What does proxy servers have to do with cloaking?


Proxy servers are used in cloaking alongside multiple accounts for Adwords or affiliate marketing. Two URLs are created; one for approval in the mainstream adword campaign and another to show targeted audiences. Using non-cloaking methods, the Ad would not be approved due to the URL and keywords used. Your Ad will redirect viewers to the landing page of an affiliate website.


Therefore, it is important for cloakers to gather information about IPs, manual reviewers and the behaviour of website visitors. The algorithm for cloaking software is updated all the time to exclude real visitors from bots.


Are cloaked ad campaigns unethical?


First, we need to define unethical for an ad campaign. For some it can mean an unfair advantage in Adwords; for others, it is lowering the quality of Ads. Links leading to junk websites does not provide value to the search engine user. The aim of search engines such as Google is to create a great user experience for audiences and advertisers. Are cloaking ad campaigns unethical for advertisers-clearly not for the advertiser using cloaking techniques; they intentionally want to circumvent the Ad campaign rules set out by Google.


Misconceptions of PPC cloaking


Many marketers associate PPC cloaking with older Adword accounts, evading manual reviews and IP redirects. There is more to cloaking as IPs used by review bots change all the time and third party review services are used by big search engines. The truth about cloaking is gathering enough data to avoid a review of the money site’s real URL.


Another misconception about cloaking ads is that it will not last. This depends on how diligently the cloaking methods are implemented and updated for changes in review bots. It can cause an ad campaign to be banned immediately or left to run indefinitely.


What is the long term ROI of cloaking ads?


The long term ROI of approved ad campaigns is always greater than banned ad campaigns. Ensure that your ad campaigns are approved, and your ROI will be greater in the long run.


Will my company Adwords account be banned for cloaking?


Any Adwords account will be suspended for failing to comply with Google’s Ad campaign rules. The Ad campaign rules are set out in the Google Adwords guidelines for advertisers. If your Ad campaign complies with the guidelines and passes the bot reviews then it will not be banned.


Will Alvomedia assist me in cloaking my ad campaigns?


Alvomedia London marketing agency are certified Google Partners and will assess advertising campaigns on an individual basis. We pride ourselves on finding creative marketing solutions for our clients but will respectfully decline any ad campaigns that are inconsistent with our business and moral ethics. Please contact us at to discuss further or fill in the form below.



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