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A valuable SEO trend this 2019

If you want to increase your ranking, you must know the Newest SEO trend this 2019. This SEO trend will help you to improve the results of your website.  SEO is part of a dynamic world in Online Marketing. The Internet has become a place for a customer who seeks services and products. For more than billions of internet user, 63.4 % of them used their mobile phone to access the internet. And according to a survey, 52.8 % of internet users believe that most of the online information is accurate and reliable. That’s why Business owner establishes and improve the online presence of their websites. But establishing a website and starting a blog is not enough for a business.  In order to maintain the ranking rate of a site, you need to adopt the newest trend of SEO this 2019. We all know that Search Engine Optimization is an online marketing strategy that becomes more valuable every year. So, in this article let me discuss to you the 5 valuable SEO trend this 2019.

What is the valuable SEO trend this 2019?


  1.    The optimization of mobile devices.

Just like what I’ve said at the Introduction that 63.4 % of internet user used their mobile devices to search what they want or what they are looking for on the internet. That’s why Last 2018 Google Launched the “Mobile first-indexing”. The reason why they launched this is that they want to encourage everyone to embrace mobile devices Perspective. Now, if you still do not have an idea in Mobile First-indexing, let me give you some useful ideas about it. Mobile first-indexing is websites mobile versions which establish to let Google crawl the web pages in mobile to search engine ranking before it crawls in the desktop web pages. Google encourage the business owner to make their websites be on a mobile-friendly mode. This 2019, It is important to have a website with a mobile-friendly version because it will help your site to allow more customer to reach you at a quicker rate.    Mobile first-indexing is proven to be beneficial for the owner of the website.

This is a complete shift from how Google treat websites in the past years. At the past, the desktop version of a website is considered as the primary version. But every year Technology is coming up with an upgraded version that’s why, Google launched Mobile first- Index that helps users to have easy access in the internet using their own mobile.


  1.    Local Search Targeting.

If you have a local business and you want to gain your visibility in the search engine then you should use the Local search engine for your local visibility. What is a Local search? It is one of the aspects of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for small business such as retail stores, restaurants, hotels and more. But you need to keep on your mind that bad data will have a big effect to your site that is why you need to have an idea about directories and Local SEO because it is the key to avoid duplicate listings. This 2019, It is important to know your local search target and to have your local strategy. Because SEO is not only for big businesses but it is also for small business.


  1.    Voice search optimization.

 This 2019, voice search optimization will dominate in the field of SEO. According to a survey 58 % of the consumer, every year used voice search to find local business information while 46 % of consumers used voice search daily for local business. It is important that a website should have voice search optimization. It is not only about the easy access but also it will help a person with a disability to know about your local business. It is really accessible to everyone. By 2020, 30 % of websites can be used without a screen. It will be possible by the use of a voice search engine which allows users to browse the web page and know information without scrolling through desktops or mobile. This is a new technology which many people think that this is the key to accessible and successful future.


  1.    Writing High content.

When it comes about websites, we all know that we should put a high and unique content. One mistake in the past of many webmasters is about the content. They write and post content but they don’t assure that it was created with guidelines. In writing a high content, we should have a goal on it. We should set some guidelines and put an appropriate keyword to help your websites increase the ranking rate. In SEO, content is important. Having high-quality content can earn backlinks which search engine drag in your website. If the content is optimized then it will improve your visibility that is why writing a High content is meaningful in SEO.

In addition, SEO is important in every business or websites owner. We want the best for our website or to our business. That’s why we exert some effort to learn and be updated to the newest SEO strategy which valuable this 2019. Every country has a lot of potential strategies that they used for their websites. In SEO Philippines, Filipino freelancer, team or even an agency never give up when it comes in learning. They always strive to do more or to excel from others at a cheap price. That is why many clients from other countries choose to have an SEO transaction in the Philippines and let the Filipino handle their SEO on websites. Filipino freelancers always assure that it is Quality over quantity. They want the best for their clients. That’s why they do their very best to give the best results and they don’t want their client to be disappointed. Do you know that Filipino can make a hashtag trend in twitter for an hour? That’s the reason why you will notice that SEO in the Philippines is growing every year.


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Danah Booker is a literary critic, essayist, poet and environmental activist set in Canadian province of Quebec. She has massive experience in both freelance writing and blogging, enabling her to be the writer of choice for most of her clients.



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