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7 Unmistakable Reasons to Choose Android for On-demand App Development

Android app market more than a year ago left behind iOS in terms of volume, traction and user engagement. As statistics published by Statista revealed, android users have now 2.1 million apps to make their choice against 1.8 million apps of iOS App Store. Naturally, the large share of any app segment now belongs to the Android marketplace, and on-demand apps are no different in this regard.

For some years, there has been a boom in the on-demand app economy. From the likes of car sharing apps such as Uber, Ola, Lyft, etc., we have many successful food-ordering apps across the globe. From daily groceries to custom wearable to luxury car rental, all on-demand services are available now through dedicated mobile apps. For most of these apps, Android remains to be the preferred platform.

Here through the length of this post, we are going to explain the key reasons that made Android the preferred platform for building on-demand apps.

Android Enjoys Highest Market Share in the App Market

As we mentioned already in the beginning, Android app market offers the largest share of available apps cutting across the segments and niches. Apart from the so-called numbers, the Android app market also outgrows iOS in terms of demographic presence. Android apps enjoy a more comprehensive presence across the globe connecting remotest parts, ethnicities, nationalities and regions.

Moreover, Android also enjoys the highest market share in the two most leading mobile economies and populous countries in the world, respectively India and China. Android apps have a considerable number of users in all parts of the world, ranging from the developed European nations to Latin American countries to all parts of Asia and Pacific islands. Though iOS has a bigger presence in the US, Canada and Australia, you can find a large Android user audience in these countries as well.

Developer-friendly Play Store Policy

We all are aware of the strict and stringent iOS App Store policy, which is responsible for rejection of too many apps across the niches in every year. In comparison, Android Play Store offers a more lenient and developer-friendly approval policy that strikes a nice balance between quality control regulations and flexibility for the developers. This is why app developers always find it relatively easier to build and publish apps for the Play Store app market.

Google has never been too stringent and harsh with its Play Store guidelines. Moreover, as for publishing the app and make it live, the app marketers experience it as a much quicker option compared to the iOS App Store. This is why any new business that wants to see its business flourish with a new on-demand app can quickly build an Android app and take the untapped opportunity. While time to market is a crucial aspect for app success, faster approval of Play Store makes it easier for new startups and developers at large.

Less Registration Cost

On-demand apps mostly flourish through new business ideas or when the existing businesses try to take on the opportunity of connecting the audience through mobile apps. Naturally, budget constraints always make such startups and new app ideas to opt for low-cost development. The $25/year registration fee of Play Store in this respect comes as a winner against a hefty $99/year registration fee of the iOS App Store.

Easier and Better Customization Options

If you look at the buzzing and thriving on-demand app economy based on numerous door-step services, you can easily see how every app is trying to win the competition through better user experience. Moreover, meeting the latest feature and design trends is also a crucial factor to be appealing to the mobile audience who tends to be mostly millennials to middle-aged professionals.

Android as a platform allows you to customize with more ease, and as a platform, it is less demanding in terms of expertise and skills. This is why the broader and easier scope of custom design and development with Android apps is a winner against complexity-ridden and expertise-demanding iOS apps. Moreover, easier integration of Google account and data stored in Google apps help both developers and users to get in sync instantly.

Google Assistant

It is powered by the world’s leading search engine Google Assistant as the voice assistant enjoys unmatched access to user data compared to any other voice assistants that are in the market. This is why Google Assistant is regarded as the most versatile and powerful smart voice assistant in the digital universe. On-demand apps built and released for Play Store can easily get the power of data-driven insights of Google Assistant to address user needs more contextually. From answering customer queries in a more customized manner to prescribing more custom suggestions to users, Android apps can get a lot of smart advantages, thanks to integrated Google Assistant.

Superior Data Storage

A massive data storage offered as completely free is an excellent advantage for opting to Android. When launching your app on Play Store, you always enjoy a 15GB free storage with your Google Drive account. Apart from this, you can always opt for additional cloud storage with Google. As on-demand apps normally need to deal with a lot of customer data all through the day, they need bigger storage capacity. This is exactly where Google Play Store fits in as an option.

Multiple Language Support

Most of the on-demand apps are targeted towards the end users and customers. For this B2C model of business, app communication must accommodate multiple languages. This is where Android comes as an automatic choice as it provides support for as many as 100 different languages compared to only support for 34 languages offered by iOS.


Did we miss any other reason to choose Android for your on-demand app? Maybe, a few of them are still left out. But even the reasons mentioned above clearly explain why Android deserves to be the first preference as a platform for all new on-demand apps.

Author Bio:

Juned Ghanchi is a co-founder and CMO at IndianAppDevelopers, a mobile development company which offers to hire app developers India for mobile solutions. Juned has 10 years of experience in online marketing, especially in the tech sector.


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