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Alvomedia digital marketing agency is launching professional Magento Ecommerce website design services for online retailers

Magento Ecommerce Website Design By Alvomedia

Professional Magento Ecommerce Website Design Service

Feature rich and open source, Magento is a popular ecommerce platform that offers everything an online retailer needs in order to grow their business. The flexibility and functionality of Magento platforms is ideal for any sized ecommerce business. At Alvomedia digital marketing agency, we understand that different sized businesses have different needs. We are able to offer a fully customized plan to suit everyone-from small to the larger enterprise client.

Ecommerce Website Design Process

The key to ecommerce website design success is working closely with what works best for your customers. User friendliness and a professional, trustworthy appearance are paramount to your online retail business. Our experienced website designers can follow your specifications and design a Magento ecommerce site that is highly appealing and ties in closely with your brand’s core values.

Perhaps the single most important indicator of success in web design  is revenue. With a well designed Magento ecommerce website, you will be making more conversions and sales from your website visitors. A beautiful design alone will not be optimized for revenue, and this is what differentiates our ecommerce website design services from the others.

Ecommerce Website Design Project Management

Alvomedia takes a proactive approach to web design services and will work closely with clients to achieve objectives. We are a fast moving agency and will push a project forward with regular communication. There is no reason to delay your ecommerce website design once a project has been initiated.

Hosting and Support for website design

Alvomedia digital marketing agency uses a fully scalable hosting service suitable for any ecommerce business. Our hosting platform can grow with your business so there is no need to stress about support and maintenance. We will take care of that with the help of the Magento support team.


To gain a better insight into your website's health fill in a form for Alvomedia's free SEO audit

Free SEO Audit Upon Request

 Alvomedia Free SEO Audit

A search engine optimization (SEO) audit of your business website every 6 months is a great way to keep your website’s health in check and spot any errors with regards to content and links. If you have never done a SEO audit for your website, here are reasons why you should perform a SEO audit:

1. Google search engines are changing their algorithms fast and you need to know if your website still complies

2. The updated guidelines for Google Search Console (previously called Webmaster Tools) may affect you

3. Good practice for SEO is changing with the digital marketing trends. One area to look into is integrating semantic  SEO with other forms of online marketing to maximize a site’s visibility

4. Your website may contain many pages of content that are no longer relevant/outdated

5. Your website needs new content-remember that fresh, up to date content is very important

6. Your website may have many redirect errors

7. Your links are bad and needs to be removed before Google penalizes you. If Google has already penalized you, please see our links removal services.

8. Your site loading speed is too slow and you may not realize this

9. Your website pages are not fully optimized and therefore your website is not reaching its full potential for rankings

10. Your site’s structure may be letting your rankings down

 Alvomedia free SEO audit areas

Alvomedia’s free SEO audit* outlines the points mentioned above and assesses the current health of your website. Is it optimized for the latest search engine updates and what areas of improvements can we identify?  We will delve into the:

  • Structure of the website to see where it is stopping your website rank higher
  • Conversion rate of the website and what improvements are required
  • Content and how engaging/relevant it is
  • Individual pages and any mark-ups to be made

To get your free SEO report audit today, fill in the Alvomedia contact form and remember to put the URL of your website in the comments section.

* Free SEO audit excludes a detailed technical SEO report. Please contact us for a detailed SEO technical report

Boost your brand today with results driven online marketing services

Alvomedia Online Marketing Services

Online Marketing Services To Amplify Your Brand

Brand centric, results driven and professional.

These are the qualities you should be looking for in a digital marketing agency. Alvomedia understands that online marketing should be aligned with your brand persona and there is no better way to achieve this than to place the brand at the centre of your marketing strategy.

Everyday, the digital world is changing. Google, the most powerful search engine in the world, changes their search algorithms to help users find more relevant websites. Digital marketing channels are becoming more fragmented, and the volume of content-both visual and textual-is growing exponentially.

It is a challenge to get your voice heard amongst all the noise. Don’t you wish your brand could rise above the noise and connect with more people?

An online marketing agency that works with your business goals

Alvomedia online marketing agency wants to know what goals you have for your business. Once we gain an understanding of your business goals, we can implement a customized marketing strategy.

A customized marketing plan has several advantages for your business:

  • It analyses your business competition and the marketing tactics they use
  • It can find more effective ways to establish your brand reputation
  • It can allocate your business’ target audience and hone in on the marketing
  • It can make your marketing spend more cost effective
  • It can monitor results for marketing campaigns to get the best results

A full service online marketing agency

Alvomedia has integrated teams of marketing professionals to maximize your online marketing campaign. These day, businesses need an integrated online marketing plan with SEO, PR, Pay Per Click, smart analytics, user friendly website design and strategic social media marketing to dominate. Your business success is our success-get in touch with us today.

Alvomedia digital marketing agency creates custom made niche content for your content marketing needs

Alvomedia Offers Niche Content Marketing

Stress-free Niche Content Marketing

In need of high quality niche content? Alvomedia digital marketing agency can provide your business with customized niche content that does not compromise on quality.

Our professional online marketers are skilled in researching and tailoring content for different business industries. Effective inbound marketing requires content strategy and we can execute this for you too.  Alvomedia’s in-demand writing is exemplary compared to many other content creators. Our writers have an attention to detail and mind for engaging readers. Niche content that is expertly written and interesting will improve your reader’s conversion rates and get you better rankings on the search engines for your niche keywords.

Depending on your niche content marketing needs, Alvomedia offers 3 different packages:

  • Basic niche content creation (up to 4 pieces of unique niche content-at 500 words each-plus social media distribution at £500)
  • Business niche content creation (up to 8 pieces of unique niche content-at 500 words each-plus social media distribution at £800)
  • Advanced niche content creation (up to 30 pieces of unique niche content-at 500 words each-plus social media distribution at £1800)
  • Customized niche content marketing plan 

Niche Content Marketing Services

Alvomedia’s niche marketing services also include:

  • Articles and blog posts to establish authority in your niche
  • Writing for your website
  • Newsletter writing
  • Professional editing
  • White papers
  • eBooks
  • Case studies
  • Video production

To discuss the niche content marketing you require, get in touch with us at or fill in our contact form. 

Customized niche content strategy

Niche content creation goes hand in hand with a good content strategy. Alvomedia can help to identify the most effective content strategy for your niche content.

Stress free niche content creation

Time is a valuable resource for any niche business;a busy schedule can make content creation difficult. With the help of Alvomedia, you can start boosting your brand reputation through content marketing from today.


Alvomedia best website designs 2015 celebrates the most beautiful an functional responsive websites

Alvomedia Best Website Designs 2015

Best Website Designs 2015

Great website design starts from the site architecture and affects the way visitors explore the site. Many people equate great website design with the aesthetics but it is more than that. Utility and usability are factors that determine which websites are ranked higher on search engines for SEO and deliver a seamless user experience.

Profit oriented websites have call to actions that other websites will not have. In deciding which are the best website designs for 2015, Alvomedia looks at the function, purpose and content of the website. Graphics are secondary in this year’s considerations because they do not add as much value to the website as function and usability.

The factors that we take into consideration include:

  • Mobile friendly design (in the wake of Mobilegeddon, responsive websites are better in design for mobile devices).
  • High quality content-the information provided is well written and professional
  • Highly relevant content-the content provided on the website are relevant to the key words; the demographic of visitors and the information they need.
  • User friendly page structures-having breaks between blocks of content
  • Intuitive browsing-the website is easy to navigate and layout is clear without much explanation
  • Convenient browsing-information can be found quickly and buttons are visible to scroll pages
  • Simple self explanatory design-reducing the cognitive load for better site browsing
  • User engagement-include video content and visually striking features
  • Clarity-clarity in purpose, content and design

70 Best Website Designs 2015

Best Website Designs In The Online Food Order Industry

Eataly website design

  1. Eataly-Clean, modern and intuitive website design. Eataly is an online selection of Italian groceries; search and shopping within the site is simple.
  2. Dine In-Simple, clear website that is both functional and visually appealing. Dine In is a fine dining take away concept for people to order from the best London restaurants.
  3. Deliveroo-Modern, intuitive and engaging design. Delivery from great local restaurants in as little as 32 minutes.
  4. Majestic Wine-informative, relevant and intuitive to use. Wine purchasing made simple online
  5. Wiltshire Farm Foods-informative, engaging and easy to use. Frozen meal home delivery made simple.

Best Websites Designs in the Restaurant Industry

Website design bar boulud

  1. Nobu-clean, intuitive, visually appealing website. International chains of Japanese style fine dining restaurants
  2. Gordon Ramsay Maze-Simple, easy to use for booking and finding the menu. Inspired by grills from Manhattan.
  3. Bar Boulud-Clean, elegant and intuitive website design. International fine dining chain
  4. Osteria Francescana-Stylish, engaging and intuitive. Italian dining at the highest standard.
  5. 11 Madison Park-minimal, stylish and simple to use. American style dining

Best Website Designs in the Broadcasting Industry

HBO website design

  1. HBO-Informative, content rich and highly engaging. American premium cable network
  2. NBC-Intuitive to navigate, informative and engaging. American commercial broadcast network
  3. BBC-Easy to navigate through the huge amounts of content. Appealing design. British Broadcasting Corporation
  4. Al Jazeera-informative content that is easy to navigate. Beautiful design. Doha based state funded network
  5. CNN-intuitive to navigate and find news information. American Cable News Network

Best Website Designs in the Film Industry

Website design Everyman Cinema

  1.  Fox Movies-Visually appealing and engaging design. 20th Century Fox official website
  2. BFI-Stylish, simple and easy to navigate. British Film Institute website
  3. Everyman Cinema-beautiful, clean, easy to find information. Everyman independent cinema website
  4. Warner Bros-Simple, intuitive, great clarity. Warner Bros Studio website
  5. IMDB-Comprehensive and easy to navigate. Great site architecture for intuitive use. Largest film industry database.

Best Website Designs in Tech News Industry

Website design Tech Radar

  1. Mashable-Easy to navigate, intuitive navigation.
  2. Tech Radar-Beautiful, functional and simple to navigate
  3. Wired-Stunning design, intuitive use and functions
  4. Tech Crunch-Easy to use, clear and intuitive design
  5. The Verge-Engaging design, clean and high quality

Best Website Designs in the News Industry

FT website design

  1. WSJ-Functional, intuitive design. Lively format and business tone. Wall Street Journal
  2. FT-Beautiful, business design and intuitive to use/find information. Financial Times
  3. Huffington Post UK-simple design for website with large amounts of content. Intuitive and easy to navigate.
  4. Independent UK-beautiful, functional design and intuitive browsing.
  5. Business insider-Distinction design, easy to navigate and simple to use

Best Website Designs in the Travel Industry

Kuoni Website Design

  1. Kuoni-Beautiful, engaging design and easy to use. Stylish and inspiring luxury travel website
  2. Black Tomato-Engaging, simple design and functionality. Bespoke luxury holiday website
  3. National Geographic Expeditions-Iconic, beautiful design. Easy to use and find information.
  4. Abercrombie & Kent-Simple, clean design. Function and form in this luxury travel booking and consultancy website
  5. ITC Luxury Travel-Beautiful design and intuitive navigation structure. Customized luxury holiday website

Best Website Designs in the Hotel Industry

Mr and Mrs Smith website design

  1. Late Rooms-Functional, easy to use. Easy to find information from large content volume. International hotels booking website
  2. Mr and Mrs Smith-Stylish, clean design. Functional and easy to use. Romantic hotel bookings site
  3. AirBnB-Engaging website, easy to use and navigate. Apartment hosting and renting website
  4. Trivago-Informative and clear to use. Very informative. Hotel discount booking website
  5. Agoda-Highly functional, self explanatory to use and navigate. Discount hotel bookings website

Best Website Designs in the tech retail industry

VisusVR website design

  1. BuyTech-Easy to use, stylish design and informative. Tech buying website
  2. PCAdvisor-Highly informative, relevant content. Easy to use. PC desktop and tech advisory website
  3. BuyMobiles-Simple, clean website. Easy to find information and make transactions. Mobile retail site
  4. VisusVR-Functional, stylish, easy to use. Stocks wireless PC driven virtual reality headsets
  5. Cool Material-Simple, clean and easy for transactions. Tech gadgets for men and women

Best Website Designs in the technology service industry

Chevon Technology website design

  1. PJTec-Clean, functional, beautiful design. Web hosting, email and tech support
  2. Whitelight-Simple, functional website. Well designed and structured. tech maintenance and support
  3. Chevron Technical-Intuitive, clean and elegant design. Highly informative and functional. Aerospace technical support
  4. ZipTech-Stylish, engaging website. Simple to use and navigate. IT and computer engineers
  5. BPP Tech-Beautiful, highly informative and easy to navigate. Engineering solutions for energy technology

Best Website Designs in the Software industry

Website design teradata

  1. ETwo-Stylish, simple and fast website speed. Easy to navigate. Innovative enterprise applications
  2. HP-Highly informative, functional and well designed. Enterprise software solutions
  3. Asana-Simple, easy to use. Functional and good user experience. Email solutions for businesses
  4. Teradata-Beautiful, fast design. Intuitive use and good user experience. Agile marketing solutions.
  5. Bytes-Informative, content rich website. Relevant and easy to use. Software licensing and IT solutions

Best Website designs in the Healthcare industry

Omada website design

  1. Perfint Healthcare-Simple, clean design. Easy to use. Informative website for an innovative leader in the image guide interventional procedures such as biopsies.
  2. Omada Health-Beautiful, stylish design. Easy to use and sign up. Digital therapeutic solutions
  3. HAH-beautiful, simple design. Functional, informative and easy to use. Health support in homecare
  4. Better Health Care-Simple and engaging website, easy to use. Health care, home care and live in support.
  5. SweetTree-Simple, easy to navigate website. Home care services 24 hours.

Best Website designs in the luxury industry

Best website design cartier

  1. Chanel-Elegant and modern design for this iconic brand name. The website makes good use of graphics and intuitive user functions.
  2. Hermes-Distinctive look and design; the website is easy to navigate and find all the relevant information about new season goods.
  3. Bentley Motors-Beautiful, simple design for a luxury car brand. Easy to navigate, designed for ease and user friendliness.
  4. Patek-Smart, structured website for this luxury watch brand. Content is high quality and helpful.
  5. Cartier-Luxurious design and a good user experience. Simple to navigate and to find the relevant information about the different ranges of jewellery.

Best Website Designs in the eCommerce industry

Best website design Jessops

  1. Net a Porter-Stylish and designed for a comfortable and intuitive purchasing experience.
  2. Alibaba-Easy to navigate through large volumes of content. Informative and simple to use.
  3. Amazon-The world’s most well known eCommerce site has high quality and informative content. The intuitive user experience and clear call to action makes this a persuasive website for eCommerce.
  4. Made-Engaging and stylish website, informative content and easy purchasing transactions. Large furniture eCommerce site.
  5. Jessops-clear and easy to navigate in spite of large amount of content. Comprehensive eCommerce website for cameras and equipment
Programmatic branding is used for advertising campaigns by 62% of marketers

Programmatic Branding Report Statistics

Programmatic Branding Statistics

According to the latest Programmatic Branding Report, programmatic branding is being used by 62% of marketers for brand campaigns. The Report was produced in partnership with Quantcast and is based on a survey of 100 senior marketing professionals in the UK and US. The report reveals that brands have been trying to reach audiences online by using programmatic methods. It was found that 37% of marketers expected to increase their budget for programmatics in 2016 and 2017. The survey asked for marketer’s perception of programmatic branding and this is what they said:

  • 64% said that programmatics increased efficiency in branding campaigns
  • 58% agreed that it reduced overall advertising costs
  • 56% opined that programmatic advertising targeted the right audience in real time
  • 52% said that programmatic methods gave them the opportunity to leverage first party data
  • 52% said that they had a higher ROI from programmatics
  • 49% stated that they could build more effective cross device campaigns
  • 49% of marketers said that they could gather better data and insights to understanding their customer
  • 48% agreed that programmatic had the ability to achieve scale
  • 45% of marketers said that programmatic advertising reduced time to launch campaigns
  • 45% said that programmatic advertising helped to leverage 3rd party data

Defining Programmatic Branding

Programmatic advertising is a way to buy media space in real time; the real time bidding is a digital strategy that is set to be the main form of advertising by 2020. In 2014 alone, revenue from real time bidding reached $1.6 billion. The main benefit of programmatic buying is in the automated system that helps to target audiences and save the marketer time. In real time bidding, the marketer can set the bid price and network reach in addition to adding behavioural parameter and other customer data. In other words, programmatic advertising is a sophisticated way of targeting a defined audience and adding many variables at the same time. Algorithms help to filter target the potential customers according to behavioural data, thus giving marketers more time to work on other things.

Using data that is relevant to a branding campaign, programmatics can serve ads that are optimised at the impression level. Running targeted ads based on customer behaviours is an efficient way of promoting a product. This building of a custom pool of consumers is what makes programmatics so attractive to marketers. Programmatic advertising has been compared to the stock market in the sheer size and scale of ‘trading,’ ad impressions.

Virtually any online business can benefit from programmatic advertising. The precision of programmatic is superior to paid ads where there can be inefficiencies in targeting the right customer. It is cost effective and operates well on cross devices as well. All the mechanics of real time bidding-such as setting a reserve price, displaying unsold inventory in real time and scoring higher bids adds to the transparency of the process. Ergo, you only bid for ads that your customers want to see.

Alvomedia Marketing Agency offers digital marketing solutions for long term results

Alvomedia Marketing Agency of the Future

Reliable Digital Marketing Agency

When you mention marketing, the first thing that should come to your mind is how to build a strong relationship between the brand and potential customers. The way to do this is so simple in theory but hard to execute for many marketing experts. Building a great relationship requires integrity, delivering value and offering content that is always relevant and fresh.

In this day and age of smartphones, tablets and smart watches, access to information overwhelms us with choices. The best information must cut through the noise and give potential customers what they are looking for. Have you noticed how quick readers are to dismiss information that are found even on the first pages of Google? People are becoming increasingly selective about the quality of content they read and businesses have to take note of this in their future marketing efforts.

Increase your future brand equity with Alvomedia Marketing Agency

The world of marketing is changing so quickly on a daily basis. The change is brought about by different technologies, social media platforms, consumer behaviour and other disruptive events. A successful long term marketing strategy will require the following components:

  • Flexible Marketing experts that can adapt quickly to change
  • Marketing strategies that evolve fast with emerging technology, softwares and consumer behaviours
  • Focus on nurturing the leads
  • Focus on building strong customer relationships
  • Focus on building a brand equity that withstands tests of political, economic and social change

People are often confused by the different services offered by a digital marketing agency. If you can boil everything down to one goal of any marketing agency, it is to build your brand equity.

The world of digital marketing is changing fast, and here are some predictions that you should take account of now when looking for a marketing agency and strategy.

1. Search Engines of the future will become harder to manipulate

Let me advise you on one thing. If you want to fight dirty in marketing, then forget about long term gains in leads and conversions. The major search engines are becoming smarter about unethical marketing practices and websites that try to exploit loopholes for fast results will be destroyed.

In 2015, Google is still the most powerful search engine in the world and the different algorithms it has implemented suggest that it intends to stay for a while longer. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing, black hat SEO, spammy back links and negative SEO. Google’s Penguin, Panda and Pigeon updates took care of that.

Any future marketing strategy must be ethical and work with the search engines as opposed to against it. Many unethical marketing agencies will try to manipulate search engines for fast ranking but these agencies have no longevity for the future.

2. Ingenious Inbound Marketing methods will take over

Good inbound marketing takes time but they will convert more customers in the long run. The future of marketing favours thorough and ethical methods that literally bring targeted customers to a business website. The business will become an authority of the best information. Already, businesses are starting to create information rich blogs and videos that takes content creation to the next level.

3. Targeted Lead Nurturing will replace mass untargeted marketing

Gone are the days of sending masses of email to everyone who happens to be in your subscription list. First, inbound marketing will draw customers in using great content and then businesses can nurture a lead by providing great advice and services. Again, nurturing a lead takes time and the results are significant in the long run. Nothing beats great client referrals, testimonials and customer loyalty.

4. Responsive and adaptable web designs

A website’s landing page has seconds to make an impression. It is worth investing more time and money in designing a beautiful website that is optimised for every new technology in the future. From 21st April 2015, mobile optimised websites will become a factor in the Google page ranking algorithm. Emerging technology such as the smart watch will no doubt change the format of websites again. Always remember that a user friendly website has the ability to convert visitors, so make it worth their while.

5. Ranking Metrics will change all the time

When choosing a digital marketing agency for your long term marketing, it is imperative to see how versatile and adaptable they are to change. For example, a marketing agency that only specialises in SEO is no good for your long term marketing plans because we all know that Google change their ranking metrics. Using the right <h2>, backlinks and keywords may have less say in the ranking metrics as social media or content creation in the future. A marketing agency that uses ethical methods to improve brand image should be hired.

Alvomedia Marketing Agency Offers Bespoke Long Term Marketing Solutions

If you are a business that is serious about your image in the long run, then a marketing agency that focuses on inbound marketing, high quality content creation and moving forward with the times should be your choice. Marketing is a marathon effort and the brand equity that comes a long term and ethical marketing plan is well worth it. Adapt or let your competitors win the long game.

Proving value for social media simply means being informative and helpful to your audience

Providing Value For Social Media in 2015

Marketing Using Social Media

In the past, social media marketing was unheard of. Following the success of popular social networking websites, it would be unwise not to engage potential customers through social media. The sheer number of social media users meant that brands could really exploit this channel for marketing. The question is, how do you connect with social media users and turn them into followers or buyers of your product?

Provide Value for Social Media Users

Businesses that only want to dabble a few weeks or months in social media will be disappointed by the results. Social media marketing is a long game, and believe me, the wait is worth it.  Creating a good social media profile is the starting point for your social media marketing. After that, you will need to nurture the relationships you build with potential customers through social media. Be a listener and provide value, value and more VALUE!

Create a Facebook Page

In 2014, Facebook users reached 1.35 billion per month. Facebook is still the largest social networking channel and fertile ground for your brand to get attention. Creating a Facebook Page will make you look more professional and let Facebook users engage with your business page through likes and comments. The ripple effect of Facebook Page advertising is great, because for every like and comment, other Facebook users will see this on their friend’s wall.  Find out your target demographic of potential customers on Facebook and make your content relevant, or interesting to them.

Tweet Valuable Content

Twitter has a reputation for being fast paced! You can connect with potentially millions of Twitter users and get your information across quickly. When setting up a Twitter account for your company, it is a temptation to tweet about your product or services constantly. Find valuable content, tips or information that your followers will find helpful. You can alternate promotional tweets with tweets that offer tips and other valuable information.

Get Down to Business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the professional version of Facebook so build business networks and forge professional connections through this channel. You can post blogs, start a discussion or reach out to potential employees, and join groups relevant to your industry. Creating a polished LinkedIn profile will make you look more professional and serious in offering your products and services.

Be Short and Sweet on Youtube

Don’t upload videos that are over an hour long. Or even, more than 30 minutes. Video marketing on Youtube is powerful but you have to remember there are millions of videos being uploaded. Shoot short videos that get straight to the point and provide both informative and interesting content. People search on Youtube for answers so get to the point.

Google+ Your Way to More Exposure

Google+ has communities of passionate users that are connected through a similar interest or profession. Once you know who your targeted audiences are, you should be able to post both informative and interesting content on your Google+ page to get their attention.