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10 Growth hacking tips you need to know for your business and digital marketing

10 Growth Hacking Tips You Need To Know

Growth Hacking Tips For Your Business

Ever since Sean Ellis coined the phrase, ‘growth hacker,’ people running startups are calling growth hacking their method of growing a business. Of course, methods employed in growth hacking are nothing new. Anything related to growing a business quickly and in a scalable way can be described as growth hacking. A true growth hacker obsesses about business growth and will find data driven and creative ways to achieve it. When we think of growth hackers, we often think of mavericks who think outside of the box; AirBnB and Uber are startups famous for their growth hacking methods (and high valuations).

What are the growth hacking methods you can apply to your business? With a little creativity and tracking, your business will benefit from the following growth hacking tips.

Effective growth hacking tips you can use

Growth hacking tips you can use for your business

Growth hacking tip 1: stand out from the rest

Getting attention is key for growth hacking. Create an exciting persona for your brand and differentiate yourself from the start. What is your unique value proposition UVP? Does your content reflect how exciting you are as a brand? If your content marketing looks bland chances are your target customers will not see it. If your brand has a message that divides consumers, now is the time to be bold and make your message outrageous!

Growth hacking tip 2: test like there’s no tomorrow

Multivariate tests, A/B testing for email marketing, split testing; testing everything to refine your digital marketing is what growth hacking is all about. Every test should lead to improvements-after all, you are focused on growing big fast.

Growth hacking tip 3: streamline the process

Automation and technology is your friend in growth hacking. Use time saving software and automated marketing to get the bulk of emails/content posting/customer segmentation out of the way. Reserve your energy for the next tip.

Growth hacking tip 4: customer acquisition

Customers equals more sales. You must be proactive in customer acquisition for growth hacking. Referral schemes, behavioral advertising, limited time offers, follow up emails, introductory products, freebies, prizes and contests are some ways to gain customers.

Growth hacking tip 5: user generated content

Have satisfied and loyal customers? Let them market for you; customer generated content on social media, testimonials and videos are effective. Some examples include user generated video hauls on YouTube, photos on Instagram, live video streaming for your business events and even bloggers in your market niche. User generated content has a ripple effect on your brand visibility.

Growth hacking tip 6: think niche

Getting lost in the noise slows down growth. Going niche will draw highly targeted customers to your business. Create content for niche industry forums, sites, bloggers and social media platforms. The key is to be very knowledgeable about your business and stay true to your brand persona.

Growth hacking tip 7: know the demographic and competitor data

Knowledge is power in growth hacking. You should know more about your customers and competitors than anyone else. Applying insights from competitor and customer data will serve you well in your digital marketing efforts.

Growth hacking tip 8: puff yourself up

You may have a small team and no email subscribers yet. The world doesn’t need to know. Market your business as if it was the hottest startup around; big up your talented team and talk about the latest successes on social media. You don’t have to go over the board and start throwing lavish launch parties-give the impression of confidence in every piece of content you create. Act as if you have a billion dollar valuation and live up to your products/service claims.

Growth hacking tip 9: follow up

All your life you’ve been told to show up, how about follow up? Following up emails and reminding customers about their purchases/special offers will result in more sales. Consumers get distracted easily, however they are still partial to suggestions. Remind them of a time limited offer or new stock in your online store.

Growth hacking tip 10: reach out to established, complementary companies

By tapping into the customer base of another complementary business, you will gain more customers. When approaching a complementary business for partnerships, emphasize the mutual benefits and what connections you can bring to the table.


Video content to gain more leads for your business can be accomplished using Vine social media platform

How to Use Vine to Gain More Leads for Your Business?

Generating More Leads For Your Business Through Vine

It is common to dismiss Vine as an unusable tool for digital marketing purposes by businesses. After all, you can only create videos that are six seconds long in order to get them posted through Vine. In an age where long form content is encouraged, short six second videos seem to contradict all the content marketing advice. Be that as it may, you can still make use of the social network to generate leads for your business.

In order to make use of Vine properly in your business, you should first explore it thoroughly. You need to learn how to adapt yourself and your social media marketing messages to the time constraints. If you manage to make appealing and interesting videos in spite of the time limitation imposed, you will find Vine to be a particularly great way to increase the leads and reach of your business.

It is possible to engage with your targeted audience with such short videos. You can even use them for educational purposes in addition to providing entertainment to customers. As long as you are creative, you will find Vine to be an excellent tool to attract the attention of your audience. Of course, you can always attach a tweet or social media link URL to the Vine video and make it a part of your social media marketing strategy.

Product demonstrations using Vine

You can use the six seconds of the Vine video to show off a new product or feature to your customers. The time can also be used for showing the customers the features of the product or how to use it. In the Vine video above, HTC demonstrates the ease of their mobile customization-heightened by creative effects! Short tutorials are another great way to use the six seconds. If possible, you can also use the video to show the product in action. Make the video accessible so that your customers do not have any problem in understanding the product. If in doubt about the clarity of your Vine video, ask people to view it and give feedback. If they do manage to grasp the features and usage of the product, you will find it easier to convert the audience into paying customers as they will have become qualified leads for your business.

Go behind the scenes with Vine

There is nothing that people love more than to get behind the scenes, be it a party or a company. People want to know more about your business such as the place you work or the processes that occur in such locations. They would love to know more about the way you create the products or the games you play in the office. You can easily give the customers a short tour through the six seconds of the Vine video. The video can show a quick glimpse of the workspace or a brief introduction to the factory. It is also possible to shoot short introductory videos for each member of the team. You can even show the viewers a typical day at your office. This can be great if you are trying to impress potential employees along with your prospective customers.

Declare promotions with Vine videos

The short format of the Vine videos makes them perfect for showcasing any promotional offers or events that you have in the pipeline. A Vine video will be enough to generate the interest amongst your target audience and prospective customers. Utilize the six seconds of the video to inform them of the basics of the promotion such as the maximum discount within a time limit available. Use the videos to tell your customers the locations where the offer is available and how to take advantage of it. If you have trouble fitting your promotional message within 6 seconds, then your promotional message is too long. State clearly; what is the offer, date and place for your audience to take advantage of the offer and become leads for your business.

Tell your business history with Vine videos

People love to know more about companies before they purchase anything. At the same time, existing customers will enjoy learning more about their favored brand. Therefore, you can make use of Vine videos to tell the story of your company. The videos can be a short lesson on the history and the background of your business. Bits of information such as the founder of the company, the reason behind the foundation and notable achievements can be broadcasted through the medium of a short video. In the Innocent Company Vine video above, they have incorporated humor in the launch of their new coconut water: “We’ve cracked it.” Energy drinks company Red Bull even filmed a short video about flying, to promote the slogan-Red Bull gives you wings!

Of course, it is possible that you may not be able to provide the adequate amount of information in just six and a half seconds. Therefore, you should attach links to your other social media profiles where such information is given in much greater detail such as Facebook and Twitter. Alternatively, you can make a series out of the Vine videos to increase interest in them. You can share the videos on important dates to make them all the more interesting. For example, you can create and share a Vine video about your founder on the company’s foundation day.

Do not forget the call to action!

Of course, you will not be able to generate any significant amount of leads unless you implement a proper call to action. Without it, your customers will rarely take the necessary step for conversion. You can place any call to action that you feel is suitable. For instance, you may want your customers to place an order to sign up for your newsletters. Either way, it is essential that a call to action is placed.

You should not be afraid to try out Vine videos as part of your digital marketing strategy. After all, you may become so good at it that it forms the core of your marketing activities.

Marketing Lessons From Tinder

5 Awesome Marketing Lessons From Tinder

Useful Marketing Lessons From Tinder App

With a user base of 50 million, and 85% of that between the ages of 18-34, Tinder has become the preferred dating app of millennials everywhere. You can call it tacky, even offensive (choose to swipe left or right to pictures you find hot), but you can never call Tinder boring.

Tinder is a location based dating app launched 15th September 2012, based on the theory that social discovery was a lot less awkward when two strangers wanted to meet each other. There was no other social app like Tinder at the time built for the purpose of meeting strangers in your immediate neighborhood. Although dating apps existed, they didn’t take advantage of the location and social networking features Tinder had. What marketing techniques did Tinder employ, or more to the point, how did it grow so fast?

Here are the marketing lessons from Tinder we can all learn from.

Marketing techniques that helped Tinder to grow

Marketing lessons from Tinder dating app

1. Tinder offers a novel and gamified user experience

Users of Tinder can swipe left or right, look through many dating prospect’s profile within the shortest amount of time and are rewarded by reciprocation from their admirers. The addictive factor is high with Tinder, due to the fun and gamified features. In this great article by Convince And Convert, gamification is effective in motivating and engaging users. By letting users pick one date after another, Tinder dating creates a feeling of competitiveness and empowerment. The average user spends 90 minutes on Tinder daily just to play on the fast user interface. Tinder is not the only brand nor will it be the last to engage users with gamification.

2.Tinder introduces new norms in dating

With increasing numbers of Tinder users, the idea of localized dating becomes the norm. Users don’t feel stigmatized for using such a casual dating app and the huge numbers of desirable Tinder users makes this app seem more acceptable. If Tinder attracted a less desirable userbase, it would not be as popular as it is today. Social validation through peers and normalization of the app all helped Tinder to grow.

3. Tinder markets to specific demographics

The founders of Tinders marketed to a small and specific group of people in college campuses. They knew who their target demographic were, and focused on making the user experience great for them. By refining the user experience for their target users, Tinder was able to compete with and surpass any other dating services they were using.

4. Social networking features of Tinder provided fuel for growth

Tinder uses Facebook, Instagram and other forms of social networking to grow their user base. When a Tinder user knows that their Facebook connections are using Tinder, they are more likely to contact them for dates. Tinder uses user’s profiles on Facebook to create a compatibility profile on Tinder. Instagram integration also allows users to see what photographs their love interest likes to post.

5. Word of mouth marketing is highly effective

Tinder uses word of mouth marketing to gain brand equity and build credibility with their users. According to a study by Nielsen, 92% of consumers believe friends and family more than all other forms of advertising. As more people joined, the greater the brand awareness for Tinder. Tinder’s global expansion is entirely reliant on their impressive client retention and word of mouth marketing.

With the right digital marketing strategy you can gain more Instagram followers for business

How To Get Instagram Followers For Business

How To Get Instagram Followers For Business

With 300 million active users on Instagram, there is huge potential for businesses to reach wider audiences that could potentially be purchasing customers. The Facebook acquired photo posting site is most popular with 18-29 year olds (53% of users) living in urban areas (28% of users). If you are a brand that targets such demographics of customers, then Instagram could be a valuable social media channel for you to amplify the presence of your product or service.

In recent years, social media influencers such as fashion and lifestyle bloggers, brand names and celebrities have had huge impact on consumer’s intention to buy. Influential fashion blog Man Repeller have increased cross over audiences for H&M and TopShop by 26% and 25% and it is projected that audience reach could reach 223% if  the blogger collaborated with River Island. Instagram is a visual rich content platform and industries that sell using high quality visual content can generate more revenue if they target users of Instagram. Visually driven industries such as fashion, travel, lifestyle, hotels, real estate, luxury goods and food all have the potential to reach millions of potential customers on Instagram.

Get Instagram followers for business the right way

There is no best way to get followers for your brand on Instagram, but there are ways which will:

  • Improve the reputation of your brand in the eyes of social media users
  • Generate great shares and engagement within the Instagram community

Instagram is populated with many brands that equate great reputation with the number of followers they have. The number of followers on Instagram is a vanity metric and has no bearing whatsoever on the reputation of a brand. A large number of followers on Instagram can be bought with money, gained through spam hashtags or through social media management agencies. The number of followers a brand has does not indicate their trustworthiness, transparency or willingness to add value on social media. It is not advisable to buy your followers, use a lot of spamming techniques, bots, or outsource your Instagram management to inexperienced people.

If you gain Instagram followers for your business the right way, there will be a greater responsiveness with your customers, better engagement to let everyone know what your brand is about and ultimately more influence in user’s intention to buy.

Tip 1: Post at least once or twice a day on Instagram.

Consistency is important on social media where everyone has a huge quantity of content competing for their attention. Instagram is no different; every day, millions of photos are uploaded (40 million in 2015) under different hashtags and it is easy to get lost in the noise. Once you have set a niche subject for your account, post consistently around the clock so your followers can be reminded of your brand. The optimal number of posts for a brand could be 2-4 times a day and there are brands that post up to 10 times a day by scheduling throughout the day. As a brand, the most dangerous thing to do on Instagram is not posting consistently at all; this will make your brand appear lackadaisical and uninspiring. Other users might also base their decision on becoming followers by gauging how consistently you are able to deliver great photos related to your brand.

Tip 2: Great Photography will get more follows on Instagram.

Photo editing and learning to take better photos will help you gain more Instagram followers for business

Great photography skills will give you the competitive edge when it comes to getting followers on Instagram. When photographing for your brand you have more scope for lighting, presentation and creativity. Instagram users look for beautiful images and a brand like MAC Cosmetics leverage great visuals to get more attention and followers. If your business does not have professional photography equipment then all is not lost. Depending on the personality of your brand, informal photos could attract target users by being creative, quirky or just authentic. If you represent a luxury brand then professional equipment and skills are non-negotiable. For tips on Instagram photography, we recommend:

Tip 3: Time your posts for optimal engagement on Instagram and space out the posts.

Timing your post can optimise instagram followers for business

Instagram users do not operate the same 9 to 5 time frame as people do at work. Anecdotally, the morning and evenings are the best times to time your posts for Instagram; some brands will stick to a fixed schedule that serves them the best so a little trial and error may be required. In another study by Latergramme, it was found that Wednesday was the optimal day for Instagram posts.

Instagram followers best time to post on Wednesdays

When a brand posts something on Instagram, 90% of activity occurs within 10 hours of posting, so it is highly advisable to schedule posts for when you can engage and respond to other users. You want to catch the action in full flow within the first 4 hours of posting a new photo. Lastly, leaving an interval of time between your posts, i.e spacing them out is a technique many successful brands on Instagram use. They get followed for posting consistently, but do not get unfollowed by posting too much and clogging up their follower’s feed.

Tip 4: Emotions, Engage, Enthuse

Social media channels are great for showcasing the personality of your brand. Many brands focus on cultivating a following based on their persona; there are success stories where the brand is associated with their passionate and vibrant personality. Tourism Australia and Christian Louboutin are two such examples. Social by definition means interpersonal relationships so it is vital to fire on all cylinders of human engagement. Understanding the purchasing emotions of your customers will give you an advantage when posting content on Instagram. Customers like to feel valued and they love to share their emotions with the brand. A brand that responds emotionally will connect strongly with customers, resulting in higher life time value (LTV) of customers. Engaging with users on Instagram means responding in a timely manner, addressing issues quickly (faulty items or delivery problems), and liking other people’s pictures. By actively engaging with Instagram users, your photos will get more likes, re-posts, resulting in more brand awareness. Enthuse when users post something nice or mention your brand name in their posts. People like to be acknowledged and you will get more followers by demonstrating how much you care.

Tip 5: Patience is rewarded on Instagram 

Gaining attention on social media takes time as every successful brand knows. If you are an emerging brand, it will take consistent effort and posts for Instagram users to follow you. To give you an idea of time, it takes about 6 months of daily posts before you see a good ratio of followers to following. In 12 months time, it is possible to get a strong following of thousands through persistence, and in 24 months followers in the five digits. Users on Instagram mostly unfollow brands due to the following reasons:

  • The posts are uninspiring and dull
  • The photography lacks creativity or is of low quality
  • The brand posts too much and clogs up the follower’s feed
  • The brand posts too little and followers lose interest
  • The brands spam followers with hard sell messages, or annoying comments
  • The brand does not put any effort in posting original content. They reuse material from their website.
  • The brand does not respond when users like and comment their photos. This makes the brand seem dismissive
  • The brand does not stay up to date with their posts (some of the photos are very outdated)
  • The brand is unwilling to step up their game by investing in better photography and better products.

Tip 6: Link your Instagram account to your official websites

Do link your Instagram account to your official business website, your Twitter, Facebook or other social media accounts. This way, you might gain more cross over followers. Distribution of your visual content is a big factor in gaining brand awareness. Letting people know about your Instagram account is a great way to do this.

Tip 7: Reward existing and potential Instagram followers

Successful brands on Instagram are grateful for their followers and award free products using competitions. They notify followers about the competition by posting a photograph and adding the competition hashtag beneath. Walkers started an adventure holiday competition when they first launched deep ridge crisps. Loyal followers love to win, be acknowledged or receive a prize for participating so work out how you can incorporate this in your Instagram business marketing. Other brands have used a prize draw as incentive for users to follow them.

Get more Instagram followers using your brand's competition draw

Tip 8: Be inspiring and relevant on Instagram

Inspire your existing Instagram followers with content that they would find uplifting and helpful. If you are a brand in the food, travel, hospitality, luxury, fashion, real estate and design business then there are many things you can post to inspire followers and  gain new followers. Once other Instagram users see the valuable content that you post, they will want to follow to get your great content in their feed!  Valuable content depends on your brand niche. If you target customers with a passion for luxury holidays, then include recommendations for places to go, beautiful photos of holiday resorts, restaurants and luxury travel accessories. Some brands such as Victorias Secret go one step further and create a photo journal about their brands and behind the scene photos.


Alvomedia online marketing agency launches online video marketing services for businesses

Alvomedia Video Marketing Services

Alvomedia Video Marketing Services

Alvomedia is launching our video marketing services to help boost your brand. With affordable video production packages from £299, we can help give your business a professional make-over with motion graphic video presentation and other goodies.

If you have thought about reaching more people through dynamic video presentations, then get in touch with Alvomedia today to see how we can help. We use online video distribution to get your business in front of thousands of new prospects. If that wasn’t enough, you will also benefit from increased web traffic and conversions from mass video distribution.

Help from expert video marketers

Our expert video marketers have helped hundreds of businesses throughout their career. Once you get in touch with Alvomedia about video marketing, we will contact you for a free consultation and discuss the video search engine optimization for your proposed video.

The video marketing and online video distributions services you get will include real YouTube views and a professionally produced motion graphic video with your specific logo and business details.

Video marketing may seem like a relatively new area of marketing, but leaders in the industry have adopted this earlier. 70% of marketing professionals claim that videos convert better than any other medium and 72% of marketing agencies say that online videos are more effective than TV advertising! Bear in mind how affordable online video marketing can be and you have a cost effective marketing method that will make you money.


At Alvomedia digital marketing agency, we believe that videos are one of the most effective ways to help your business grow in revenue. We have the resources to help ambitious businesses and this is why we are offering a new video marketing service.

Our marketing include:

  • High definition video production
  • Optimized video distribution (Video SEO)
  • Targeted online video advertising to get your message in front of the right people
  • Great design and consistent corporate message

High quality video production

A high quality video speaks volumes about your business and the professional standards that you adhere to. If you want your video to shine, it must show great video production values. No, you don’t need a film set to make your business look good. You do need a great corporate image,  testimonials, product tutorials and an entertaining message to be memorable. Depending on your budget, we have the resources to produce very high quality videos for your business.

Video advertising

Video marketing is not just about producing a high quality video. You are required to distribute this online to hundreds of websites, blogs and mobile devices. Without the resources, this is a very labor intensive and mind boggling task. With Alvomedia, you can start a video campaign that is local or global in scale. The importance of targeted video advertising cannot be highlighted enough. You can only convert your demographic of customers using highly targeted video campaigns. Let Alvomedia set your video campaign up and watch your revenue grow.

Video SEO marketing

Do you a video produced already but don’t know how to market it for Google search engines? Alvomedia can help you with video SEO to maximize your video’s visibility on the search engine. Our video SEO experts will use an effective keyword and link building plan to make sure your video gets found.

Alvomedia digital marketing agency is launching professional Magento Ecommerce website design services for online retailers

Magento Ecommerce Website Design By Alvomedia

Professional Magento Ecommerce Website Design Service

Feature rich and open source, Magento is a popular ecommerce platform that offers everything an online retailer needs in order to grow their business. The flexibility and functionality of Magento platforms is ideal for any sized ecommerce business. At Alvomedia digital marketing agency, we understand that different sized businesses have different needs. We are able to offer a fully customized plan to suit everyone-from small to the larger enterprise client.

Ecommerce Website Design Process

The key to ecommerce website design success is working closely with what works best for your customers. User friendliness and a professional, trustworthy appearance are paramount to your online retail business. Our experienced website designers can follow your specifications and design a Magento ecommerce site that is highly appealing and ties in closely with your brand’s core values.

Perhaps the single most important indicator of success in web design  is revenue. With a well designed Magento ecommerce website, you will be making more conversions and sales from your website visitors. A beautiful design alone will not be optimized for revenue, and this is what differentiates our ecommerce website design services from the others.

Ecommerce Website Design Project Management

Alvomedia takes a proactive approach to web design services and will work closely with clients to achieve objectives. We are a fast moving agency and will push a project forward with regular communication. There is no reason to delay your ecommerce website design once a project has been initiated.

Hosting and Support for website design

Alvomedia digital marketing agency uses a fully scalable hosting service suitable for any ecommerce business. Our hosting platform can grow with your business so there is no need to stress about support and maintenance. We will take care of that with the help of the Magento support team.


Victorias Secret is a hugely successful American lingerie brand that has utilized digital marketing to gain more conversions

5 Digital Marketing Lessons From Victoria’s Secret

Founded in 1977, lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret is now one of the most instantly recognizable apparel companies in the world. Despite intensifying competition in the lingerie market, Victoria’s Secret is a dominant force to be reckoned with. In December 2014 alone, the sales figure for the parent company was $2.2 billion, a record for the label.

Digital Marketing Lessons From A Luxury Lingerie Brand

The real secret to Victoria’s Secret’s success is a smart marketing strategy that focuses on conversions. Behind the super glamorous façade there are shrewd digital marketing minds to propel the brand to new heights of success. Here are the digital marketing lessons everyone can learn from Victoria’s Secret.

1. Social media marketing adds fuel to the brand

Victoria’s Secret is ubiquitous on the social media channels; Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook pages generate a lot of attention and furthers the brand reach for Victoria’s Secret. With 25 million likes on the official Facebook page, 670,000 YouTube subscribers and more than 7 million followers on Twitter, Victoria’s Secret is getting the right kind of attention. Instead of posting boring promotional content, Victoria’s Secret uses the appeal of their Angels and visual aesthetics to create compelling and informative content. Audiences can learn how to work out and go behind the scenes at the latest fashion shows.

2. Email marketing campaigns yields great ROI

Victoria’s Secret emails bring value to subscribers-exclusive coupons, sneak peek at new collections and members only shopping events are the perks of signing up. The key to retaining email subscribers is to provide something beneficial, and Victoria’s Secret understands this. Members are reluctant to unsubscribe for fear of missing out.

Compared to other methods of digital marketing, email marketing is still the most effective for return on investment. According to an EConsultancy survey, 68% of companies rated email marketing’s ROI as good to excellent. On average, companies attribute 23% of their sales to email marketing. If Victoria’s Secret’s focus on email marketing is anything to go by, it is essential for anyone’s online marketing strategy.

According to 2014 surveys of digital marketing, email marketing is still considered the most effective for ROI

3. Choose a user friendly website design

Victoria’s Secret has a user friendly website with easy navigation and strategically placed call to action buttons. Despite the glamorous image of the brand, the website design is simple and intuitive to use.

Website design for good user experience is vital to Victoria's Secret's success

4. Conversion optimized mobile marketing

Victoria’s Secret has mobile apps for Android, iPad, iPhone and the iPod. When it comes to boosting their mobiles sales, the lingerie brand uses many different ways to convert. Digitally enabled catalogs and interactive quizzes for mobile users to participate in are especially effective in converting leads into paying customers. After answering a mobile quizz about bras, the mobile user is directed to the stores in time for Valentines Day. Furthermore, there is a mobile chat feature that allows Pink Nation members to socialize with one another or have exclusive access to fashion shows.

5. Know your target audience and stick to it

Since the brand’s conception, Victoria’s Secret have always targeted attractive, affluent and fashion forward females as customers. The launch of a new sports range in 2014 has widened their appeal to health conscious customers as well. Despite a backlash from feminists and plus size models-most notably the Lane Bryant #I’mnoangel campaign, Victoria’s Secret never loses focus of who buys from them the most.


Boost your brand today with results driven online marketing services

Alvomedia Online Marketing Services

Online Marketing Services To Amplify Your Brand

Brand centric, results driven and professional.

These are the qualities you should be looking for in a digital marketing agency. Alvomedia understands that online marketing should be aligned with your brand persona and there is no better way to achieve this than to place the brand at the centre of your marketing strategy.

Everyday, the digital world is changing. Google, the most powerful search engine in the world, changes their search algorithms to help users find more relevant websites. Digital marketing channels are becoming more fragmented, and the volume of content-both visual and textual-is growing exponentially.

It is a challenge to get your voice heard amongst all the noise. Don’t you wish your brand could rise above the noise and connect with more people?

An online marketing agency that works with your business goals

Alvomedia online marketing agency wants to know what goals you have for your business. Once we gain an understanding of your business goals, we can implement a customized marketing strategy.

A customized marketing plan has several advantages for your business:

  • It analyses your business competition and the marketing tactics they use
  • It can find more effective ways to establish your brand reputation
  • It can allocate your business’ target audience and hone in on the marketing
  • It can make your marketing spend more cost effective
  • It can monitor results for marketing campaigns to get the best results

A full service online marketing agency

Alvomedia has integrated teams of marketing professionals to maximize your online marketing campaign. These day, businesses need an integrated online marketing plan with SEO, PR, Pay Per Click, smart analytics, user friendly website design and strategic social media marketing to dominate. Your business success is our success-get in touch with us today.

Alvomedia digital marketing agency creates custom made niche content for your content marketing needs

Alvomedia Offers Niche Content Marketing

Stress-free Niche Content Marketing

In need of high quality niche content? Alvomedia digital marketing agency can provide your business with customized niche content that does not compromise on quality.

Our professional online marketers are skilled in researching and tailoring content for different business industries. Effective inbound marketing requires content strategy and we can execute this for you too.  Alvomedia’s in-demand writing is exemplary compared to many other content creators. Our writers have an attention to detail and mind for engaging readers. Niche content that is expertly written and interesting will improve your reader’s conversion rates and get you better rankings on the search engines for your niche keywords.

Depending on your niche content marketing needs, Alvomedia offers 3 different packages:

  • Basic niche content creation (up to 4 pieces of unique niche content-at 500 words each-plus social media distribution at £500)
  • Business niche content creation (up to 8 pieces of unique niche content-at 500 words each-plus social media distribution at £800)
  • Advanced niche content creation (up to 30 pieces of unique niche content-at 500 words each-plus social media distribution at £1800)
  • Customized niche content marketing plan 

Niche Content Marketing Services

Alvomedia’s niche marketing services also include:

  • Articles and blog posts to establish authority in your niche
  • Writing for your website
  • Newsletter writing
  • Professional editing
  • White papers
  • eBooks
  • Case studies
  • Video production

To discuss the niche content marketing you require, get in touch with us at or fill in our contact form. 

Customized niche content strategy

Niche content creation goes hand in hand with a good content strategy. Alvomedia can help to identify the most effective content strategy for your niche content.

Stress free niche content creation

Time is a valuable resource for any niche business;a busy schedule can make content creation difficult. With the help of Alvomedia, you can start boosting your brand reputation through content marketing from today.


Alcohol brands are using the hyper targeting tools on social media to advertise their products to audiences over the legal age of drinking

Big Alcohol Brands Embrace Digital Marketing

Shift From Traditional Advertising To Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has helped many big brands reach wider audiences across different channels but for age restricted brands this has not been a smooth ride. State regulations about advertising to minors has prevented big alcohol brands like Patron from jumping on the digital marketing wagon. Social media, with its millions of under-age audiences was simply out of the question.

The traditional forms of advertising for brands, such as television and native magazine adverts are effective, but the recent successes of social media marketing has shown online channels to be even more effective for reach and influence. Facebook and Twitter allows age targeted ads, and alcohol brands are starting to realise the possibility of reaching audiences over the legal age of drinking. In 2015 alone, alcohol brands Pernod Ricard and Patron has increased their marketing spend on social media.

Alcohol brands sees potential in digital marketing

This year, Newcastle Brown Ale has launched funny Facebook videos targeted at California and Las Vegas markets. After eliminating spends on traditional advertising. Newcastle Brown has been using digital as their new channels of advertising. The brand realised the potential of digital marketing and turning viral videos into real sales. The change from mass advertising to hyper focused ones may prove to be the most cost effective.

Alcohol brands can scale local using digital marketing

Wanting to scale local and use programmatic advertising is something that Heineken does to push sales. ‘Open Your City,’ a series of 60 seconds music video, is the summer 2015 campaign used by Heineken to target cities New York, Los Angeles and Miami. Heineken also partners with Tubemogul, a programmatic targeted video player to direct ads towards very specific audiences. Targeting the right people is the most cost effective way for any brand to spend on advertising. Of course, brands have to fine tune for differences in geographic locations.

Periscope and forays into virtual reality

With 3.4 million fans on Facebook and 213,000 followers on Twitter, Patron is not a small brand on social media. However, it is the marketing on Meerkat and Periscope that has garnered Patron more attention. Patron gave audiences behind the scenes look on Periscope and a virtual reality story about the making of Patron has increased interest in the brand. In 2015, Patron increased their digital marketing spend by 30% with the help of Golin and Razorfish. Meanwhile, Pernod Ricard increased their company budget on digital marketing by 50% over the last few years and are putting age and geography targeted paid social ads to increase sales.

Location targeting with digital marketing

Geo targeted advertising is helping alcohol brands zone in on their desired audience. Made Real Vodka, a startup spirits brand in New York will use geo targeted ads to find their first customers. Far from being a fad that alcohol brands are taking part in, geo targeted advertising. virtual reality and age targeted marketing are signs of things to come in the alcohol retail industry.