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Why Android Is Great For On-Demand App Development

7 Unmistakable Reasons to Choose Android for On-demand App Development

Android app market more than a year ago left behind iOS in terms of volume, traction and user engagement. As statistics published by Statista revealed, android users have now 2.1 million apps to make their choice against 1.8 million apps of iOS App Store. Naturally, the large share of any app segment now belongs to the Android marketplace, and on-demand apps are no different in this regard.

For some years, there has been a boom in the on-demand app economy. From the likes of car sharing apps such as Uber, Ola, Lyft, etc., we have many successful food-ordering apps across the globe. From daily groceries to custom wearable to luxury car rental, all on-demand services are available now through dedicated mobile apps. For most of these apps, Android remains to be the preferred platform.

Here through the length of this post, we are going to explain the key reasons that made Android the preferred platform for building on-demand apps.

Android Enjoys Highest Market Share in the App Market

As we mentioned already in the beginning, Android app market offers the largest share of available apps cutting across the segments and niches. Apart from the so-called numbers, the Android app market also outgrows iOS in terms of demographic presence. Android apps enjoy a more comprehensive presence across the globe connecting remotest parts, ethnicities, nationalities and regions.

Moreover, Android also enjoys the highest market share in the two most leading mobile economies and populous countries in the world, respectively India and China. Android apps have a considerable number of users in all parts of the world, ranging from the developed European nations to Latin American countries to all parts of Asia and Pacific islands. Though iOS has a bigger presence in the US, Canada and Australia, you can find a large Android user audience in these countries as well.

Developer-friendly Play Store Policy

We all are aware of the strict and stringent iOS App Store policy, which is responsible for rejection of too many apps across the niches in every year. In comparison, Android Play Store offers a more lenient and developer-friendly approval policy that strikes a nice balance between quality control regulations and flexibility for the developers. This is why app developers always find it relatively easier to build and publish apps for the Play Store app market.

Google has never been too stringent and harsh with its Play Store guidelines. Moreover, as for publishing the app and make it live, the app marketers experience it as a much quicker option compared to the iOS App Store. This is why any new business that wants to see its business flourish with a new on-demand app can quickly build an Android app and take the untapped opportunity. While time to market is a crucial aspect for app success, faster approval of Play Store makes it easier for new startups and developers at large.

Less Registration Cost

On-demand apps mostly flourish through new business ideas or when the existing businesses try to take on the opportunity of connecting the audience through mobile apps. Naturally, budget constraints always make such startups and new app ideas to opt for low-cost development. The $25/year registration fee of Play Store in this respect comes as a winner against a hefty $99/year registration fee of the iOS App Store.

Easier and Better Customization Options

If you look at the buzzing and thriving on-demand app economy based on numerous door-step services, you can easily see how every app is trying to win the competition through better user experience. Moreover, meeting the latest feature and design trends is also a crucial factor to be appealing to the mobile audience who tends to be mostly millennials to middle-aged professionals.

Android as a platform allows you to customize with more ease, and as a platform, it is less demanding in terms of expertise and skills. This is why the broader and easier scope of custom design and development with Android apps is a winner against complexity-ridden and expertise-demanding iOS apps. Moreover, easier integration of Google account and data stored in Google apps help both developers and users to get in sync instantly.

Google Assistant

It is powered by the world’s leading search engine Google Assistant as the voice assistant enjoys unmatched access to user data compared to any other voice assistants that are in the market. This is why Google Assistant is regarded as the most versatile and powerful smart voice assistant in the digital universe. On-demand apps built and released for Play Store can easily get the power of data-driven insights of Google Assistant to address user needs more contextually. From answering customer queries in a more customized manner to prescribing more custom suggestions to users, Android apps can get a lot of smart advantages, thanks to integrated Google Assistant.

Superior Data Storage

A massive data storage offered as completely free is an excellent advantage for opting to Android. When launching your app on Play Store, you always enjoy a 15GB free storage with your Google Drive account. Apart from this, you can always opt for additional cloud storage with Google. As on-demand apps normally need to deal with a lot of customer data all through the day, they need bigger storage capacity. This is exactly where Google Play Store fits in as an option.

Multiple Language Support

Most of the on-demand apps are targeted towards the end users and customers. For this B2C model of business, app communication must accommodate multiple languages. This is where Android comes as an automatic choice as it provides support for as many as 100 different languages compared to only support for 34 languages offered by iOS.


Did we miss any other reason to choose Android for your on-demand app? Maybe, a few of them are still left out. But even the reasons mentioned above clearly explain why Android deserves to be the first preference as a platform for all new on-demand apps.

Author Bio:

Juned Ghanchi is a co-founder and CMO at IndianAppDevelopers, a mobile development company which offers to hire app developers India for mobile solutions. Juned has 10 years of experience in online marketing, especially in the tech sector.

Can you use Instagram for SEO marketing?

Tips To Become Instagram Famous

Planning To Be Instagram Famous? Tips To Help You In This Venture

Instagram is always known to have encouraged its users to just follow another one and then liking the photos. These two actions are mainly causing the users to be famous within this said community. In case, you have been striking out on this path of IG fame, then you should not fret anymore. You can always try to be IG famous by just refining the account, developing one community and then moving forward to tell a story with the help of your photos. Developing an IG platform is no joke and it takes a lot of hard work and dedicated services to gather the finest response in this regard. Now you can able to do so as the online sessions have multiple ways, ready to make you Instagram famous in no time.

Get to develop your IG platform first:

You better choose one IG name, which is noted to be catchy and easily made recognizable at the same time. For that, you need to consider the content type that you are willing to share with he said the world. After that, you have to choose a name designed to embody the theme well. Having that promising IG name is the one reflecting the personality is one great way to attract followers, willing to share the interest level.

  • In case, you are finding it hard to pick up one name for the IG account, then you might want to try out the name generator for a change.
  • On the other hand, if you want you can always use underscores and some of the other symbols when asked for. These are great ways to just improve the IG name by just making it quite easier for you to read.
  • But, it is always mandatory for you to try and keep the symbols to just 1 or 2. So, you can use some other symbols, which are easier for you to search by name.

After you are done with the selection of your IG name, next stop is to upload one artful profile photo. For that, you might want to have one creative photo of yourself and not of any other object. It will help people to have a face over the name you have selected. In case, you want to be quite famous, you should not just mind putting a few of the personal things right on IG.

Time for your IG theme:

Choosing the name and picture of the IG profile is not the end of the story. You have o be thorough about the theme you are planning to portray through your account now. To learn about that, it is mandatory to log online at Blastup and get some help instantly in this regard for sure. For the theme, you better consider one fascination, hobby or even a desired aesthetic.

  • After that, your main aim is to keep the IG content within the said theme. Make sure to add engaging information about the theme to profile page and always be sure to post nothing but relevant captions while uploading new videos and photos.
  • For example, if you are a food lover then try focusing on the food-related images. Then similarly, if you are a fashion-centric person, on the other hand, then you can focus more on the styles, colors, and trends.
  • Do you think you are into a celebrity at this moment like Beyonce or Shakira? If so, then make sure that your IG profile is all about that person. You might further come across new fans of that celebrity and then turn to make a community of its own.
  • Sometimes, you might love to role play. During that case, IG is a perfect place to work on that. Role play seems to be a major character and you can join some of the other role-playing communities, once you have come across them.

When you are through with the theme, next stop is to develop one niche market. For that, you have to think of sharing what option which the other world is not thinking about right now. Keeping the IG account unique will definitely ensure that the followers are here to stick around. It means they are not going to move to any other IG account to find content like yours, as the ones you are posting are completely unique.

Time to know about the IG filters:

Once you are through with the content, next are the videos and images. Here, you have no other option but to be rather creative. For that, learning about the IG filters beforehand is the only way to prove the level of creativity you have. Trying to become a pro by just taking various photos and then using filters is the first step towards success. You will come across so many filters, which can easily enhance the dim lighting and can further increase the current depth of some selected colors.

  • You have to make sure to preview the photo you have clicked on multiple available filters before you end up selecting one. Don’t follow others as you get to be unique in this regard.
  • Having some of the uniform colors and effects on most of the photos is always a perfect way to develop one major aesthetic over here.
  • Moreover, ending up using way too many different forms of filters can often make the profile look too tacky.
  • Some of the IG users might choose to not use filters at all. it is one of their greatest tactics to highlight the natural beauty associated with the photos they have clicked for now and willing to post. You can share that notion as well.

If you want, you can easily use one separate photo editing app. These built-in filters might be cool but limited to some extent. So, with the help of these additional apps, you can end up getting more depth to the content. You can try installing one well-reviewed photo editor from the app store and then breathe some new life right into the feed.


Instagram is a great social platform to gain followers and conversions for your brand. It is one of the most visual inbound marketing methods out there; follow the tips above to start leveraging your Instagram account.

Author Bio

Walter Moore is a notable management consultant and digital marketing expert. He is an experienced digital marketer and has helped e-commerce businesses in all niches gain with his effective marketing strategies and guidance.

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8 Factors To Determine The Cost Of Developing An App

8 Major Factors That Determine the Cost of Developing an App

 There was a time when people used to dream about using top-notch technological solutions in their day-to-day life.

But with the flow of time, things have changed incredibly in an unimaginable manner.

Sitting back in 1990, no common man would have thought that someday or the other they will be getting their jobs done just by tapping twice or thrice on their respective smartphones. From managing their tasks to scanning their important documents, today people rely on their phones just for anything.

But today, they do. And they are so used to it nowadays that they even ask for more.

And, that’s the same in the case of mobile applications as well. and, being one of the most hyped smartphones in the world, iPhone, has been holding its crown strongly but staying ahead of its competitors in a very consistent manner.

But staying ahead of your competitors requires a lot of effort and that eventually pulls off cash from your pocket. And, that is why people look forward to the way they can use their budget of building iPhone apps, wisely.

And as I can assume that you are here for the very same reason, tighten your seatbelts as we are about to take off.

  1. Analyzing the Concept

You might be the most creative person in this world but if your ideas are not technically possible in bringing them to life them my friend, your creativity is of no use in this technical world.

If your idea is not technically possible to imply, then things might be like your client would reject such an idea that’s so abstract.

So, you should be very cautious about all this stuff and you should always follow the do’s and don’ts to cast off the major risks and to make the cost reasonable enough.

  1. Planning Accordingly and Analyzing the Requirements

Planning each and every inch of your project is very important. If you miss out on stuff or if you just feel like neglecting something that you don’t think is important enough to emphasize on, then it might eventually harm your business in a good number of ways.

But here in our company, we plan each and every part of your project by analyzing both the businesses of yours and of your competitors. And, yes, that is where your strategic planning should start from.

And, when you are about to be built iOS application has been planned well enough, then it will surely get a strong positive response right from its launch and will spread into the market just like fire does on dry leaves.

And, as you already know, it feels great when somebody discusses for the growth of your business, however, it feels vastly improved when they talk about your prosperity and work. We are the individuals who help you to make incredible progress through your business applications.

  1. Creating Wireframes

Now, this is one of the most vital aspects when it is about mobile application development.

In the technical part, user Interfaces or UIs, and in the other parts, user interactions or micro-interactions are undoubtedly some of the major factors that need to get considered while you are planning to craft the UX for your about-to-be-built mobile application.

Also, the factors with mobile application development change when the platform changes and when it is about iOS applications, things become even more diverse and complicated to take care of.

But in our organization, we leave no stone unturned which discussing the aspects of building the best user experience for your iOS mobile application.

  1. Designing

From the beginning of the era of mobile applications, the aspect that has been considered as the main priority was the look and feel.

But there are developers who usually perform very poorly in these areas and as a result, their applications used to get poor reviews from its users.

And, that’s the very same reason why mobile applications have such a huge rate of uninstallations. Yes, mobile application users barely spend two to three minutes to decide whether they are going to use that particular application any further.

And, I feel you have already figured out what that particular deciding factor is. If not, let me tell you. It is the same look and feel factor.

So, if you wish to build an application, make sure that the applications consist of very good quality images and user experience. If not, then I’m afraid that your newly developed precious mobile application of iOS is going to face the same fate as its fellow mobile applications did.

Yes, your users or downloaders will instantaneously delete your app from their handset and won’t even regret about the same.

  1. Development

This is the step where all the coding or programming stuff takes place that coordinate with your UI and UX designs depending on the functionality factor.

So, after you are ready with the designs of your mobile application, you need to focus further on creating a very robust architecture for the forthcoming development phase. And, if you are looking forward to hiring a mobile application development company, then do check if they have skills enough to create the best architecture for your iOS mobile application.

Be very cautious about your mobile application programming as any loopholes or wrong codes can lead to creating major issues to your mobile application. And, as a result, those major issues will eventually pull back the iOS mobile application from going live.

The developers you hire always need to be very careful and attentive towards your iOS mobile application and their coding needs to be accurate as you cannot take up the risk of delaying the stage of going live.

Also, mobile applications have a lot of peripheral aspects like in-app purchases, incorporating 3rd party tools, web services development, backend development, payment integration and a lot more, also need to be taken special care of as they attract huge budget. And you would never wish to spend any more amount on them.

  1. Testing Multiple Times

Tell your iOS mobile app developers to follow strict rules while they are working on your iOS mobile application.

We while working on iOS mobile applications, always perform unit testing and along with that we also prefer making the mobile application go through quality testing before actually delivering the iOS mobile application to our clients.

And, if the demand for automated testing comes from the clients, then we also do that for them to make sure the application that we are providing is working fine enough.

  1. Going Live

In this ultimate stage of going live, mobile applications require going through several actions that act simultaneously and are apparently much necessary to target customers who come from various regions with equally different tastes and opinions.

Brand management, Search Engine Optimization, print media marketing, creative content, social media marketing and a lot more like these are considered as the primary factors that are important in targeting customers of various diverse groups. And, not just these tactics are tough, but they are also much cost attracting when it is about engaging customers.

As the application goes live, it gets handed over to the customer or the client who had proposed to create it for his business.

And, post delivering the development team usually assures about the technical validity as well as the deployment of the application.

  1. Maintenance

If the iOS mobile application that has been built goes Live does not imply that the venture is finished once in for all.

The customers need to include new highlights, overhaul UI/UX and so on a regular basis in understanding to criticism got from different partners to connect an ever-increasing number of clients to their application. This stage additionally includes a cost factor related to it.

We give start to finish answer for Mobile Application and deal with after conveyance backing and upkeep. The maintenance and support team gives all essential help in terms of commitment for your Mobile App.

Simple Application with No Complexity (Table Based): By and large this sort application incorporates API Integration, Simple UI/UX, Map-view, Simple Search and so on.

Medium Complex Application: It not just incorporates all the fundamental highlights of basic yet it additionally includes some more highlights like UI/UX-Tablets support, Social Integration, Several Roles, Filters and so forth.

Highly Complex Application: It likewise incorporates every one of the highlights of Simple and medium unpredictability applications yet, in addition, incorporates highlights like Integration with outsider administrations, Custom Animation, Advanced Filters, Payments Integration, Chat include and so forth.


So, with this here I come to an end of my list of the major factors that are quite vital in determining the cost of developing an iOS mobile application.

I hope this article of mine has helped you enough in solving your questions and if you still have any queries left, you can just give us a call directly or just book a 30-minute free consultation on iOS mobile application development.

We are an iOS mobile application development company with 80+ expert designers and developers serving 1000+ happy clients with user-happy products.


Author Bio

Derek Luise is working as a Jr. content writer and blogger with Appzdevelopment. He can be seen blogging about Android Development, iPhone Development and many more.

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How To Build A Powerful Network Online

Tips To Building A Strategic Network Online

Any professional wanting to secure new clients, climb the career ladder, or increase their brand awareness would be smart to utilize the power of online networking.

There are numerous platforms online that can help people from all walks of life to form personal and/or professional relationships in their industry.

If you want to forge long-lasting connections with professionals in your chosen field, learn how to build a powerful network online.

Understand How to Build Relationships

It will be impossible to network effectively if you don’t know how to build relationships with others. Even though you are connecting with people online, you’ll still need to know how to introduce yourself to others, build a rapport, and close a sale.

If your company depends on connecting with your clients, such as network marketing, you must aim to master both face-to-face and online communications to grow your business. To do so, you should get in touch with Toni Vans.

Provide Value on Your Social Profiles

To form connections with professionals on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, you must aim to provide people will value on your social pages.

For example, publish helpful articles and share industry insights on your profiles, which will make people want to learn more about who you are and what you do.

The more valuable posts you publish, the more comments and messages you will receive, and the easier it will be to create a friendly rapport with others.

Help Your Connections to Succeed

To form strong connections with your online contacts, you should find ways to help them succeed. For instance, you could recommend informative industry books they might like to read, suggest software or tools to improve their productivity levels, or you could refer your clients or loved ones to their dependable business.

However, it is wise to do so when you are not seeking their help or custom, which will ensure you appear sincere and credible. As a result, they’ll be more likely to buy from your brand when they require your products or services.

Send Thoughtful Direct Messages

If you are interested in connecting with a professional and meeting for a coffee or lunch, you must send thoughtful, direct messages to ensure you receive a response. Take the time to develop tailored and engaging emails that will trigger their interest and encourage them to reply.

Think carefully about what you want to say, how you are going to say it, and whether you would respond to a similar message in your inbox.

Listen More Than You Talk

Whether you are connecting with people online or in person, you must listen more than you talk and naturally ask them many questions. It will prove you are genuinely interested in what a person has to say, what they do and why they do it. It could ultimately help you to form professional and personal connections.

Networking can take a great deal of time and perseverance, but it could help you to secure a new role or welcome a new client into your business.

What makes the best email for your marketing campaign?

How To Use Email Marketing For More Traffic

Using Email Marketing Strategies To Advertise And Gain More Traffic

What most people don’t know is that email marketing is quite track-able, affordable and comes handy with a higher return rate. These characteristics make it valuable for not just smaller businesses but for the medium-sized businesses as well. So, the time has come to join hands and learn more about the step by step guide on how you can advertise well with the help of email. It forms a major part of email marketing, as the official name is known as.

For the first timers, it becomes really difficult to check out the ways in which you can transform emails into advertisements. Well, not to worry as the reliable online platforms are here with the best approach around here. You have Instagram as one of the most notable channels, where more and more people rely on. Some of the email marketers even have their accounts over here. So, you can join them, be their follower, and then get closer to tips and advice in which, you can turn email into proper advertising notion. For some more advanced examples and tips, you can visit Gramista now, and will end up with some of the promising solutions around here.

The basic email marketing steps to follow:

There are some basic steps that you might have to follow when the matter is associated with an advertisement via email. Once you get to learn these points, there is no turning back from here. So, without wasting any time further, let’s jump right into details.

  • Start by preparing one list:

For the first step in this regard, you need to start by preparing the list. The email lists are used for the marketing to gather names and email addresses of all the people, well interested in receiving communications from the said business. The easiest and most promising way to gather these addresses is by adding a field to the website. It will allow the visitors to just submit names and even email addresses under the same notion.

  • Decide on email frequency:

Now, it is mandatory to decide on the email frequency that you will be sent to the list. Once in a week or every 2 weeks will be that great starting point to look for in here. Well, the final timing depends on the type of product or service you are dealing with and the kind of prospective customer range you have. Apart from that, following this basic norm will help.

  • Creation of perfect message:

It is always mandatory to create a proper message to send to the said list. Always be sure to be brief and even deliver a targeted message to the said audience. Anyone unwanted is not welcome as no one has the right to spend hours to go through a single email. So, make sure to get along with the right structure and allot only the wanted message within the list, and nothing more than that.

  • Creating follow-up messages for the email based campaign:

Do you even realize the actual meaning behind “follow up” messages? If not, then you might want to give it a try at least. These Follow up messages are known to provide ultimate emphasis on the product and might further remind customers of the said business. Here, you get the chance to send multiple various forms of emails to just pique the interest of the readers, whenever you are trying to launch any specified deal or even trying to work on a new product.

  • Polished message on the go:

The time has come to create polished and proofread based professional messages to be sent an email. It will help in adding that level of professionalism and people will understand the seriousness of your email and in turn, the importance of your company. Any form of error in grammar or spelling can prove to be rather disastrous to the reputation of the firm. So, make sure to get these points covered over here for now.

  • Send the first message to the list:

Before you even thought of getting hands on the email marketing strategy and sending emails, you might have thought of a list first. This list comprises of names of people who you want to address and sell your items to. So, after you have constructed the first email, make sure to send that to the list of the people already created. Then you have to follow them up according to the state scheduled. Make sure to work on these schedules once and for all.

Consumers always prefer emails:

The major reason why email marketing is no–brainer for firms is that consumers always prefer having emails. Most of these businesses are just working with limited marketing fees, which mean they cannot waste time with marketing options that might not resonate well with the targeted marketing.

  • Even though social media has become a major promising way for the smaller businesses to communicate with audiences, brands cannot get the organic reach they are actually focusing through these channels. Well, social media is not always the answer in this regard.
  • Email is known to provide that highly requested direct and professional medium, which will help the businesses to just reach out to the leads and customers. What is extra is that most of the customers love to prefer communicating with brands through email.

One study has indicated that around 72% of the consumers will always prefer receiving promotional messages through the idea of email. So, you can take this point into consideration and head towards email for covering your advertising needs well.

Convenient and more:

It is not hard to state that email marketing is rather a convenient option as people will not just access email on smartphones but other host devices as well. Moreover, the method remains personal and instant at the same time. Just in one short, you can get the email right into the IDs of thousands of potential clients and customers, and definitely with ease.


Author Bio

Walter Moore is a notable management consultant and digital marketing expert. He is an experienced digital marketer and has helped e-commerce businesses in all niches gain with his effective marketing strategies and guidance.

Copywriting tips for SEO

The Value Of Proofreading In Content Marketing

Never Undervalue the Importance of Proofreading in Content Marketing

One of the most emphasized segments of achieving high-quality content is proofreading. There is not a writer in the world who hasn’t advocated for proofreading in content creation. No one will respond to a content which doesn’t consist of appropriate language, wording, and style.

If you still have doubts, continue reading and find out why is proofreading an essential element of content marketing.

Proper Structure

Well-organized content is what sells better and proofreading is a way to achieve proper structure.

Everything needs to be addressed from paragraph settings, line spacing, headings and subheadings to sentence structure. A well-structured text appeals to the readers’ visual senses and proofreading enables that.

Content Clarity

Without the proper use of punctuation and spelling, you won’t be able to leave an impression on the readers.

“One of the biggest mistakes one can make in content marketing is to underestimate the importance of proofreading. Even the seemingly less relevant elements such as punctuation can completely alter the point of the content,” says Julian Hendley, a content marketing manager for BestWritersCanada.

A clear and readable text asks for paying extra attention to spelling and punctuation. We all know the famous example:

Let us eat kids. Vs. Let us eat, kids.

Just one punctuation sign can change the whole concept.

Better Style

The main goal of content marketing is to get people to take action and you can’t make that happen without the corresponding way of addressing them.

Proofreading is there to help you to check if the style of writing you used will have an impact on the target audience. It will also show whether you used the style consistently throughout the text.

Brenda Meiser, a content editor for FlyWriting and TheEssayTyper gives the following advice when it comes to proofreading the style of the content:


  • Use active voice rather than passive
  • Don’t use jargon
  • Be straightforward
  • Use shorter sentences
  • Pay attention to the choice of wording



How can people take your content to be credible and reliable if it is full of typos and grammatical mistakes?

Proofreading can be your closest confidant when it comes to creating an error-free text. Not to mention that misspelled keywords can hurt your search rankings.

You can’t present your content as authoritative and expect people to have a positive reaction if they are constantly distracted by typos and the wrong use of grammar.

You can also use online tools such as Grammarly, Top Australia Writers, and Ginger, to double-check your content.


If you are including any type of hard information, fact-checking is an incredibly important step of proofreading.

People can take for granted that publishing inaccurate research data can actually result in legal issues. Not to mention that it will present your company as unreliable.

By fact-checking all hard facts used in an article, you can avoid any complications such as wide-spread errors throughout the content.

No matter if you are writing about everyday situations or industry-specific themes if you used any facts in your article they need to be checked for credibility.


These facts have a clear message about why proofreading is imperative in the content marketing strategy. Any business endeavor asks for clear and readable communication.

Without high-quality content, your content marketing strategy will never be able to have a positive effect. Proofreading is certainly one of the most important steps which will get you to the desired result.

About the author: Samantha Brannon is a blogger and freelance writer. She is also the content editor at 99homeworkhelp and BestUKWriters. Samantha loves self-education and rock music. You can connect with her via Twitter.

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8 Effective Types Of Social Media Advertising In 2019

The 8 Most Effective Types of Social Media Advertising in 2019

3.48 billion people own at least one social media profile out of which 366 million started using it just last year. Users spend an average of 2.5 hours on social media and message every day. 90% of brands use social media as a platform for advertising and connecting with their consumers. If you are starting a business, a social media presence is a must. However, wading through all the chaotic mess of ways to advertise on these platforms while ensuring a good return on investment can be a challenging task. This article features a list of the most effective ways of inbound marketing on social media as well as the trends that you should pay attention to.

  1. Choosing the right platform

All major social media platforms offer advertising options and pricing. One of the first steps you take is to pick and choose the right social media platforms that are the most beneficial to your business. The following factors should determine your decision

  • Customer base

The infographic below shows the number of users on the most popular social media platforms that offer advertising services. While most businesses have profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and Snapchat, if your budget is tight, choosing the most effective platform can take you a long way. Choose your platform not just based on the number of active users but also on the target audience. Keep in mind the following facts about the platforms before making up your mind,

  • 85% of the users on Facebook live outside of the US and Canada
  • Facebook consists of 56% males and 44% of females whose average age ranges between 18 to 34.
  • Twitter’s demographic majority consists of users between the age of 18 and 29
  • 40 million students and freshers are active users on LinkedIn whereas 61% of the demographic lie in the 30-64 age bracket.
  • Instagram has a majority demographic of youngsters and Pinterest has a higher population of females.

Budget and pricing

Depending on your budget, choose only the platforms that contain demographics that match your target customer base. The pricing options for all these platforms are available on their websites.

  • Setting up a business profile

Set up a business profile on the platform you choose, create a unique and interactive feed, get real followers and reach out to your customers. Be accessible, active and prompt with your profile for better results.

  1. Photo advertisements

Facebook offers photo advertisements along with 125 characters of text, a headline, and a link description. This allows you to feature your product, its use, and a link to your website to promote business. You can create and customize your photo advertisement through the Facebook Business Manager.

Similarly, Instagram also provides photo advertisements. These look the same as regular Instagram posts except that they have the word “Sponsored” at the top right of the post. Instagram also allows you to add a call to action button below the post to redirect interested users to your website.

  1. Video advertisements

Facebook allows you to promote video content ranging from short mobile-based video to up to 240 minutes long videos for the desktop. Shorter videos have much higher completion rates and hence you should stick to the same. Use compelling visuals and audio to increase the likelihood of completion. Instagram also lets you post videos as sponsored content and promotes this among your targeted audience. Advertisements with motion are more likely to perform well than picture ads.

Ideas for video ads could include video-based learning about the products you offer, the usage scenarios or the benefits offered by the product.

  1. Stories

Stories have become extremely commonplace on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. All of these platforms offer advertising services in the form of stories. Instagram stories can feature an image or video content up to 120 seconds in between user stories. These advertisements also feature an easy to use “call to action” button to visit the relevant websites. Using interactive stickers like the poll sticker is more likely to engage the audience and decrease the cost per click on your advertisements.

Snapchat also offers story advertising that allows you to post anywhere between 3 to 20 snaps showcasing your product.

  1. Carousel advertisements

Carousel advertisements refer to those where you can swipe through multiple images to view an entire collection. Both Facebook and Instagram support this feature allowing up to 10 images or videos in one advertisement. Carousel ads are beneficial as you can show a wider variety of products or a step by step process in one advertisement and hence increase the chances of a user clicking on your ad.

Similar to photo and video ads, these advertisements are shown under the “Sponsored” feature. When creating carousel advertisement designs, make sure to have them visually similar to each other.

  1. Twitter Ad campaigns

Twitter advertisements promote website clicks and engagement of users around your tweets. Twitter ad campaigns are those where you set up a campaign tweet and Twitter promotes this tweet to your targeted audience. There are two options for promotion of tweets – one is a basic plan that allows you to promote the first few tweets to a selected audience per day and the second is to choose which tweets you want to promote manually.

  1. Sponsored InMail

LinkedIn offers sponsored InMail which is a form of direct advertising. Targeted users get advertisements in their personal inbox under the title of “Sponsored”. These ads are only sent to active users on LinkedIn and are hence much more effective than mass emails. Users are more likely to click on text-based ads if their word count is 500 or lesser. The top call to actions used in InMail include “try”, “free” and “apply”

  1. Youtube Advertisements

Youtube advertisements are videos that are played before or after content a user chooses to watch. You require a Google AdWords account to create and publish Youtube advertisements. There are three kinds of formats of video advertisements,

  • TrueView – Automatically played before, after or during a video. Users have the option of skipping the ad after five seconds.
  • Bumper – Appear at the end of a video, are unskippable and have a maximum duration of six seconds.
  • Non Skippable – Played before or during long videos. Users do not have the option of skipping these videos and the maximum duration is 20 seconds.

Social media advertisements are a great way of spreading awareness and promoting your products to a wide and varied audience. A few of the business results of social media advertising are as follows,

  • A typical Facebook user from America clicks on an average of 8 ads per month.
  • Twitter promoted ads with videos save 50%on the cost per engagement.
  • 42% of millennials and 50% of Generation Z consider social media to be the best sourceof advertisements.
  • Social media advertising revenue is at around 51.3 billion USD and is forecasted to grow at 10.5% annually.
  • 76% of US consumershave purchased a product they found through social media advertising.

No other medium of advertising has the same potential of reaching the masses as social media currently does. So start designing your advertisements today!


Author’s Bio:

Harold is a passionate writer. He enjoys writing about the latest trends all around the globe. Through his writing, he hopes to influence as many people as possible to help build a beautiful world.

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How Critical Thinking Made Me A Rich Entrepreneur

How Critical Thinking Helped Me To Grow Millions?

The best job in the world isn’t in becoming a financial advisor, lawyer or even a medical doctor. The best job is in being your own boss.

And the good thing about being an entrepreneur is that you are not constrained by the degree you obtained in school, your age, influence, etc.

But too many people are unaware of that fact.

The thing I enjoy the most about being an entrepreneur is the sense of freedom and creativity it gives me. I get to create things out of nothing and watch them develop into something big.

I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

That being said, starting your own business and turning it into a profitable venture isn’t easy by any stretch; even an internet-based business.

It took me very many sleepless nights, unflinching dedication, hard work and a couple of disappointing moments.

All these while, one thing that has contributed to my success the most is critical thinking.

I developed an optimistic mindset

You need to equip yourself with a core set of abilities, but developing an optimistic mindset is perhaps the key to unlocking your path as a successful entrepreneur.

According to a 2016 study by the University of Oklahoma, during tumultuous economic times, entrepreneurs relied more on optimism than market data, and it concluded that “collective entrepreneurial optimism is more important in predicting startups and growth”.

What this means is that intuition can be just as effective a strategy in business, even up to 90% of the time.

One of my most favorite books of all-time is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hills. The first chapter of the book basically taught me the importance of self-belief as a nitty-gritty to having a successful business.

Of course, experience does play a role in helping businesses grow, but as a new entrepreneur, you learn to teach yourself the basic skills and believe that your ‘gut feeling’ can be the right decision.

The Harvard Business School report on entrepreneurs’ behavior versus non-entrepreneurs better buttresses my point. Now, the analysts compared an equally motivated team of business founders and non-founders and measured them on a scale of 11 skill sets.

The result showed that the major differences between entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs lied not in their skills, but in attitudes.

And it makes a ton of sense.

As an entrepreneur, I have had to create my own vision and learned to come to terms with uncertainty.

As I take all the risks, funded my own new ideas, and all I focus my energy on keeping myself motivated.

I devised a method to solve problems

Nothing good comes easy is an understatement, and you’d find that out if you decide to become an entrepreneur.

If you are just starting out, chances are, you will have to handle most or all of the work yourself. From admin to inbound marketing, you learn to wear many hats.

In fact, the first couple of steps you take as a new entrepreneur will likely bother around solving problems and believe me, there is no shortage of it.

The truth is that problems come in different forms, so there is no ‘almighty formula’ to make them go away.

In fact, scientists say that you need to experience problems to boost your entrepreneurial thinking, and they tell us how to scale through. Or try learning it from Jack Canfield on how to keep churning it even during the most difficult times.

1.     Define your purpose

You have probably asked yourself this question many times, whether consciously or unconsciously.

This is where you ask yourself what your end goal is.

In my case, I believed that growing my business would equate more money, and so my big question was about how to scale my business.

2.     Research

Remember, I earlier said that you will be on your own when you are just starting a business, and so you have to learn to do things yourself?

Well, it begins here.

Unless you are extremely lucky, no one is going to come to you with tips on how to better your business, but thankfully, everything you need is out there.

All you have to do is find them.

I joined a network of like-minded entrepreneurs to grow my network. Luckily, i met persons who had crossed the obstacle i was battling with.

3.     Form a hypothesis

You need a working theory that will help tackle your business problem.

The thing with hypothesis, though, is that you are not always certain that it’s going to be the silver bullet you’ve been looking for, which is where the next step comes in.

4.     Experiment

Since you are not so sure about your theory, try it out, but with more than one variable.

In marketing, it is called splitting test or A/B test.

All you have to do is show your prospects different variants of what you are trying to sell, and see which ones drive more conversions.

I use this method when I want to try out web fonts and landing pages.

5.     Analyze your results and decide

After your experiment, all that is left is to look at the figures to see which method to adopt.

It’s a no brainer.

I learned to allow myself time to think

I used to beat myself any time I was falling short of creative ideas, until i found this study by MIT.

According to them, entrepreneurs do think differently from other people, and while this might take more time, it also makes them come up with more creative and logical ideas.

Think about it:

It can’t be a coincidence that both Microsoft and Facebook were founded in January, a time when students had a lot of free time on their hands, and it corresponds to Harvard’s conviction that free time births innovations.

In my experience, most of my illustrious ideas came only after I disconnected from everything else, and zoned off in thoughts.

Final words

Critical thinking means analyzing your agenda and thought-process, and of others as well.

It has been directly or indirectly responsible for my success as an entrepreneur so far.

If you were to take away all of the tools that I have in business, sales, and marketing, but leave me with just one thing, without hesitation I will choose the ability to think.

The art of creating wealth is an intellectual sport, so at the end of the day, it doesn’t necessarily matter how smart you are or the tools at your disposal, but the ability to think critically.


Roberto Garvin –

I am Roberto, co-founder of Mofluid. It is absolutely amazing to see how technology continues to evolve, from email to browsers, search engines, mobile, AI and now blockchain. I am fortunate to witness it all. Really excited to see what’s next.

Twitter – @mofluid

Facebook – @mofluid

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9 Reasons Why You Should Go With PHP

Reasons Why PHP Is The Best Developers Language For Your Website

Php is famous, and for all the good reasons. Developers pick this language and they have their explanations as well. we have this write up for those who really want to know the reasons why you should go for PHP.

PHP facing tough competition from Python

There are features that make the developers chose a particular language and we here list the most important ones as ease of learning, community support, pricing, documentation, choice of framework, and speed.

There are other factors which too provides the reason for the shift and they depend on the person or the preference of the developer. ‘

However, we cannot simply say that if a new language is introduced, the former one will disappear. There are reasons that will say that how and why the old one still remains in demand.

But, in case of Python vs PHP, you need to understand that there are reasons that will make you understand why PHP is still here to stay.

For new developers, of course, the new language will have a ton of possibilities, but you cannot erase the old language completely.

PHP is universally used, and those who have used it in the past will continue using it.

To understand the reasons, we have shortlisted the 9 pointers why you should go for PHP.

  1. PHP is easy to measure

You can drop in more servers and increase your cluster size by orders of magnitude with very little and minimum configuration. PHP does scale quite easily due to its shared-nothing kind of architecture.

So, if you want to escalate fast, PHP is will help you to get the desired results.

  1. It is connected to the web

One thing is what you need to know, it is creative, for good reasons, IMHO.  PHP is bound directly to HTTP.  But HTTP is an imperfect procedure.   You can run it in non-HTTP environments; however, it is built for HTTP.  With the communication will be over HTTP, PHP makes a lot of intelligent sense.

  1. It does not require experts

You do not need the best and the most exclusive programmers to get the job done. PHP works simply without much hassle. The best talent does come with a high fee, you need to pay for such bright talent. But in case of PHP, even the ordinary programmers do astonishing jobs. This is unique, as very few can do it.

  1. Frameworks

There is a flood of frameworks to pick from. Some do not like it, but some really appreciate it.  you need Zend Framework or Symphony something that supports a complicated, or enterprise-like application you have the likes of.  If you need something more easy or simpler you have Silex or Slim.

  1. It has the best documentation web

Every kind of function and method has some kind of documentation. With this, they have tons of examples and the fact is, not all of the examples are good, but there are enough of them that you can get moving in the right direction quite easily.

  1. It does not hit hard when fails

Unlike other languages, PHP does not need a lot of plumbing to handle the request to clean up. The fail in PHP can be brutal but it will not be its own fault together. It cleans up and starts over for each request and the good thing is, one request will not corrupt another. PHP will do it by itself.

  1. It has the best integration

PHP can play a wide-open target for anyone trying to make a play for web-enabled applications. There are many interfaces to third-party systems like MongoDB or Memcached, some of them are PHP-based like Pusher.

In fact, PHP powers a third of the web and is widely used by banks, transportation, governments with tons of business-critical applications.

  1. It is a problem solver

Technology is the enabler for every solution and not to act as a problem solver. PHP is known for this, it solves problems faster, easier and with a lower cost of proprietorship than almost anything out there.

There are a lot of assumptions which PHP is applied to solve an issue.

  1. A Huge amount of blogs

PHP developers love to blog.  Notoriety in PHP Land is actually based largely on how much you can share information with other people. Many followers are actually hooked to it and lots of people take this to heart.

What is the future of PHP?

It is the very common and popular scripting language founded in 1995. It was designed to perform several functions. But, unlike the popular notion that the essence of PHP has faded away, it is still used as widely.

It is the most popular language in the server-side programming.

If you want to know more, PHP is the most preferred language of well-known content management systems like WordPress, Magento, Joomla etc. even Python, Lua etc sis not try to make any difference to its popularity among custom software developers.

The future of PHP is secured in the future and we have reasons to support the statement.

  • Expert assistance
  • Friendly language
  • Sufficient documentation
  • The release of Version 8.0.0
  • Provides dynamic access

Final thoughts

Among all the languages, PHP has almost all the features and over-the-top benefits that every web app developer looks and want for use.

Even the information shared in this post proved that it is the most chosen language for server-side coding and other functionalities.

The perfect sign of this fact is that most of the websites and content management systems like banks, transportation, governments are based on PHP programming. This adds to the proof that there is no near sign or reason that can pull down PHP popularity in upcoming years.

Therefore, if you are worried about the future of PHP then you got to be rest assured. There is no point in looking for alternatives. We have enough evidence that its future is more secure than any other newer programming language.

Author Bio:

Brij Bhushan Singh is a Professional Blogger and Content writer. He is working with Hridik IT Consulting. In his professional life he has written many useful articles about Android Development, iOS development, WordPress, Social Media, whitehat SEO and almost all about Digital Marketing.

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How To Choose The Perfect Domain Name

5 Tips for Choosing an Ideal Domain Name

When setting up a company or organization, there are several things you need to consider.

Your domain name is one of the major things that needs careful thought before making a decision.

Choosing a domain name can either make or mar your online presence and consequently, you must learn how to choose a domain name that is suitable for your business.

If you are currently at the crossroads as regards how to choose a domain name, here are the 5 tips for choosing an ideal domain name.

1. Always Consider Your Brand Name First

When you need help choosing a domain name, consider prioritizing your brand name first. For anyone setting up a new business, the perfect way to get the best out of your brand name and the domain name is to ensure the two names match. Matching your brand name with your domain name ensures that once a customer remembers your brand name, accessing your website becomes easy.

One of the best practices of choosing a domain name that matches your brand name is doing extensive research before picking a name. Also, be innovative when choosing a domain name. You may also consider if the name is available on social media sites.

On the other hand, if you are thinking to focus on local searches instead, then you may consider to include a local descriptor in your domain name as well, such as your city or state name.

2. Avoid Complex Domain Names

While complex names may look cool and different when used as domain names, they sometimes pose problems for people who may want to visit your website. Therefore, it is highly recommended for you to go for a simple domain name. Basically, avoid the use of slangs or words with several, confusing spellings, in other words avoid complex domain names.

A simple domain name better should have the following properties.

  • Easy to type and spell
  • Easy to remember
  • Easy to pronounce
  • Short and catchy
  • Sounds trustworthy

3. Avoid Using Hyphens and Numbers

One of the known best practices of choosing a domain name is avoiding hyphens and numbers. Hyphens are sometimes regarded as one of the major indicators of spam domains; hence, your website could be seen as a spam. This may undoubtedly affect the search engine ranking of your website and give your visitors a bad impression about your business. Furthermore, hyphens are often omitted by many potential visitors. And this will lead your potential visitors to another website, possibly the website of your competitor.

Numbers on the other hand may be confusing for the people as someone hear your domain name would not be able to know whether you are using a numeric value (for instance “1”) or the spelled value (for instance “one”) within your domain name.

4.  Choose the Right TLD, .com If Available


Latest researches in May, 2019 show that .com is the most used top-level domain (TLD) by 46.7% of all the websites all around the web. Although there are no restrictions in using any of the several domain name extensions available, choosing .com as your domain’s TLD makes it easy for customers to find your website. Apart from being the most commonly used domain name extension in the world, .com offers unrivaled credibility. In many cases, many internet users find it easy to type .com when accessing a website than other domain name extensions.

Of course there may be some cases where .com is not available, then you may go with .net and .org extensions instead or maybe you may add prefixes to your domain idea to claim the .com extension.

On the other hand, if you are targeting a specific country, then you may consider using country code top-level domains (such as .ru, .de, .uk) that helps search engines to geotarget the website.

Finally, it should be also noted that, according to Google Webmaster Blog, every TLD is evaluated in the same way as the others, in other words, not any TLD has any advantage or disadvantage in search rankings.

5. Always Check the Domain History Before Registering It

Let’s say, you are on the verge of registering your domain. You’ve already found your ideal domain name, you’ve already checked its WHOIS records and seen that domain is available to register. DO NOT rush to register it, always remember to check the domain history first.

Sometimes, people may register and then gave up using domains. That’s why you should better investigate the domain’s history because of this as their purpose of using those domain names would used to be for gambling or adult stuff which may blacklist those domains in the eyes of the search engines and may make things harder for you when you launch your website.

To check the domain’s history, you may use a tool like Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine which shows you the history of the websites. You may also check whether the search engines has indexed the domain before or not with a simple search query; to do that in Google for instance, just type in and search.



Burak Özdemir is a web developer from Turkey, currently working on his instant domain name and social media username availability checker project, Turbo Domain Search.