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Tips to building a website for your small business

Why UI And UX Is Vital For Your Digital Strategy

The Importance of UI and UX Design for a Digital Marketing Strategy

It’s a well-known fact that both paid and organic media strategies can bring a certain level of success, but even with these components in place, you should also pay close attention to the look and feel of your website when promoting products, services and your brand. Your aim should be to create designs that users will find pleasurable and easy to use, that are optimized for converting leads, and this is why UI and UX design are the key areas evaluated when aiming to improve performance.

Colours matter

UI design will aid the visually-stimulating UX design on your website by guiding users to contact points through the use of colour, shape, and custom icons. By adding a third, striking colour to your site, important points can stand out which users will see and interact with.

Using limited or similar colours can disguise navigation options meaning that your all-important contact information, forms, and buttons won’t be seen, so make better use of conversion opportunities.

Keep pages simple

The right font can add a touch of something new, fresh, and unexpected to your content, there is however a limit though. Try to stick to the same font throughout the entire website. If you decide to use more than one font, combine similar fonts so that they pair well and complement each other as mixing several types of fonts can confuse and distract users from the content. Standard fonts can be read easily which is the most essential role of a font, branded fonts can be used but be careful to maintain clarity, try bold and italic variations for visual appeal.

Videos, sure!

Videos are a great way to convey information and bring entertainment to a website. Users access the content from different devices however, so make sure they are able to access videos and that they won’t use up a lot of data on mobile devices for example. One way to tackle this is by not having the videos automatically play when loaded, the added benefit is that users feel in control and are not distracted from other important areas. Another thing to consider is the loading time of your video which affects the loading time of websites across different platforms.

Test out your designs

If you apply any changes to your website, make sure you allow new users to test it out before implementing it. This can get you some great feedback from a user’s genuine first impressions which will be the most valid indicator of the current UX of your site. You can monitor their interactions and ask for personal feedback to get the best insight.

As the people behind this master degree in interaction design explain, future designers will continually revolutionise communication and user’s experience which relies on experimentation as much as on tested, proven methods.

A few clicks only

UX designers need to create a meaningful experience that is also relevant to their users. Understanding what your users need, what they value, their abilities, and also their limitations will help you to carve out the best way to respond to their needs and questions, and the most challenging task is for that to happen in only a few clicks.

Don’t make users fumble around searching for answers, information should be clear and easy to find. There should be consistency throughout your site, for example, have a navigation bar in the same place and in the same style on every page, portraying familiarity and giving quick access to relevant information.

Keep pages clutter-free

Easy navigation is the cornerstone of great user experience, make sure to guide the eye’s attention with elements that are arranged effectively and allow for flow, visual hierarchy matters here. Sections should be well organised which always make use of headers, menus should be perfectly visible as well as images and links to other pages.

You can also consider using bullet points and to also break down the content so that it’s easier to read. Always choose usability over aesthetics if it comes to a tough design choice as a nice website appeals, but usability converts.

It’s crucial to make a meaningful connection between your website and your users through an engaging and memorable experience, and at the same time help them get the information they need with ease taking care not to miss opportunities for conversions.

UI and UX design have yet to witness truly exciting developments in the future. Bearing in mind that your website should constantly strive for accessibility, usability and graphic balance will help you build successful strategies for promoting your business operations .

What are the 7 SEO mistakes to avoid in 2018?

Where and how to run whitehat offers in 2019

Places And Tips On How To Run Whitehat Offers In 2019

In our world Artificial Intelligence (AI) is getting serious, and companies like Facebook and Google are investing hundreds of millions to make it happen. It is not wise to do blackhat marketing anymore.

If you are an affiliate, you know what I am talking about. Sending bot traffic, submitting fake email addresses to lead generation forms and promote aggressive pops, etc. These methods are dying and have no future whatsoever.

Ok, so what should you focus on?

Whitehat affiliate marketing such as clean lead generation offers. My readers usually ask me, how can we know if it’s whitehat and a clean offer? The answer is simple and I am not kidding; would you tell your parents or partner about it? If yes, go ahead, if no, you got the answer!

The best whitehat offers are lead generation ones. It is an evergreen type of marketing that has always been around and will always be there. As long as there are businesses out there that need new customers, the lead generation offers are a healthy market to jump in.

However, not all lead generations types are whitehat. Affiliate marketers are so sneaky and clever too.

Here are examples of whitehat lead generation offers:

  1. Loans
  2. Auto-Insurance
  3. Life-Insurance
  4. Home Warranties
  5. Spa and Massage
  6. Mortgage
  7. Refinance
  8. Lawyer/Legal
  9. Air Conditioning and Heating

The list goes on and on. Pretty much any business that needs a legitimate lead is a whitehat lead generation.

Greyhat and Blackhat examples:

  1. Adult apps
  2. Porn websites
  3. Sweepstakes like; you won an iPhone!
  4. Get Rich Fast
  5. Magic pill or drink for diet

To make it clearer for you: whitehat is when you tell your leads exactly what they may get from providing their contact details. In contrast, blackhat is when you deceive your leads and provide them fake promises.

Where are the best places to find whitehat lead generations?

  1. Recommended Affiliate Networks

There are tons of affiliate networks that have good lead gen offers, you can do your own research in Google or better at OfferVault. I will mention a few of the legitimate networks that I have dealt with:

  1. A4D
  2. AdCombo
  3. Leadbit
  4. MaxBounty


Once you sign up and get accepted in any of the affiliate networks, you will be assigned an affiliate manager.

The best way to start is ping your affiliate manager on Skype and ask them about the whitehat offers they have at the moment (that are performing well).

You do not want to sound too generic or like a newbie to them.

Therefore, you can use a phrase like the following with them:

  1. What are the best lead gen offers that are performing well the last 30 days in the UK?
  2. What are the top 3 insurance offers in USA for May?
  3. What are the top 5 lead gen offers in terms of highest EPC?

EPC stands for Earning Per Click which indicate how much affilaites earn everytime a visitor clicks on the offer link.

  1. Spy Tools

I have used many spy tools, some for whitehat offers and others (guilty) for blackhat stuff. I have found no tool is even close to Adplexity. They have a separate spy tool for the following offers:

  • Mobile
  • Desktop
  • Native
  • E-Commerce
  • Push Notification
  • Carrier

Here is a cool video from Mobidea explaining in details how to use Adplexity.

It is also worth mentioning the following tools:

  1. Conference and forums

If you are crazy about affiliate marketing like me, you’ve got to go to at least one conference. You will make so many connections that will ease your way into affiliate marketing.

The best affiliate marketing conferences and forums (in my opinion) are:

It makes a hell of difference to meet people in person. While many newbie affiliates struggle to get accepted in affiliate networks, in those conferences, affiliate networks are literally begging you to join their platform.

Why? Because someone spends money and time to attend a conference, he/she must be serious, even if they are newbie.

Alternatively, you can join affiliate marketing forums and simply ask for whitehat offers, you will get responses from many people there.

I recommend only STM – Forum ($99/month) and AffLift (Free and paid options) if you are new in the affiliate market world. However, if you know something about affiliate marketing, I recommend the new forum IamAffiliate ($49/month) by IamAttila.

If you do not have money to spend in their monthly subscription fee, check out my affiliate marketing blog. I share everything I learned free of charge.

Ok, now you’ve got some whitehat offers to promote, what next?

You need to drive traffic. I found the best traffic source for lead gen is the giant Facebook.


Because you can laser target your potential lead like no other platform. Facebook knows so much about us. In fact, Facebook knows more about us than we know about ourselves.

Go ahead and signup in Facebook advertisement platform if you do not have an account already.

Create a business Manager and add account. I will not go into details here because there are thousands of blogs that explain these steps in details.

For example, here is a beginner guide from AdEspresso that will outline to you all important steps you need to take to start your first campaign on Facebook.

And simply start creating campaigns and testing your offers.

I would also strongly recommend you to join the Facebook group Advanced Marketer by Depesh Mandalia, he shares very important tips about Facebook every day.

The one thing I recommend you to do is to have an opt-in page between Facebook and the offer link.

Something like this one:

whitehat affiliate offers


You’ve got to capture their email addresses before you send them to the offer so that you can promote them by email later on. Email marketing is very effective and cheap traffic too!

I am surprised that many people do not do that, they simply buy traffic from Facebook for an offer. But what will happen when a visitor doesn’t buy? You’ve lost him forever! So capture that email.

To wrap up:

  • Find a whitehat lead generation that is proven to work
  • Create an opt-in page to capture email addresses and redirect to the offer page
  • Run Facebook campaigns to the opt-in page
  • Email the leads about the offer or similar ones in the same niche

Let me know what you think of this post! If you have any questions, please comment below or hit me up here.


Zidan AffiliateGhost

Zidan has graduated as a communications and electronics engineer but never worked as one. He tried a lot of online businesses from self-publishing, freelancing to drop-shipping and affiliate marketing. He finally found success with affiliate marketing and fell in love with it. He, now, helps people like you to become successful in affiliate marketing too.

Tips to attract your target market now

How To Boost Business With Google Seller Ratings

Boost your business with Google Seller Ratings

The term Google Seller Ratings has been hovering around the online market landscape for quite some time now. Experienced marketers are well versed with the term. If one keeps close tabs on the latest market trends, then utilization of Google Seller Ratings is certainly one which is prevalent these days.

Earlier, Google Seller Ratings was considered merely an extension regularly utilized distinctly by internet business/retail sponsors. Of late, be that as it may, marketers in different ventures have been exploiting Google Seller Ratings and receiving the reward of enhanced conversion rates and hence, increases revenues.

What is Google Seller Rating all about?

Google Seller Ratings display online business ventures with high appraisals (above 3.5 stars) collected by Google from trustworthy sources. It’s a mechanized expansion that is determined by utilizing client surveys from sources that are reliable as per Google. The outcome is then shown within the content of the promotional message or advertisement.

Notwithstanding the star check, the rating incorporates the quantity of one of a kind audits and a qualifier, (for example, normal delivery duration) that is pertinent to the brand or firm in question. Google consequently chooses the qualifier, and in certain occurrences may decide not to show anything.

How can Google Seller Rating benefit your business?

Google Seller Ratings achieve quite a few things that are critical to high-performing promotional campaigns and eventually to your business –

First and foremost, they let purchasers realize that a business offers a trustworthy administration or a brilliant item. Secondly, they can significantly enhance a website’s CTR, in this way bringing down its expense per-click (CPC). Besides that, they can draw in increasingly qualified leads.

Why it is relevant?

To explain in detail, these days searchers who shop online, have grown in awareness. There is no dearth of options in terms of brand and products. So, an average online shopper does an in-depth groundwork before deciding on a specific product or brand.  And this decision is not solely based on their personal whim, but also on the previous clients’ reviews.

When your potential customers will see Google’s stamp of trustworthiness i.e. gold stars included in your advertisement, they will establish an instant bond of trust and purchase from your brand in the name of reliability as for the quality of products. Possibly, this expanded client faith will round up an increase in CTR and progressively qualified leads.

Many novice marketers remain confused with regard to the amount of an improvement in execution one can anticipate. So, to answer them, as per Google’s statistical reports, the presence of seller ratings in a content advertisement can expand CTR up to 10%.

Other options available

Professional online marketers are mindful that there are plenty of advertisement extensions to use and more are probably being tried for future use. Some of these options, which as of now are accessible, incorporate call-out extensions, area extensions, and application extensions. With such a significant number of alternatives, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose one. Nevertheless, you don’t need to fret as different extensions can appear in one go.

Effect and execution of all the options available will rely upon plenty of components including keyword type, the industry wherein you are publicizing, and how significant your extensions are to your intended potential customers.

Adding seller ratings

Last but not least, how to add seller rating to Adwords? To be honest, there are many sources online to gather reviews. And in all probability, you are even utilizing one of them. Yet, those reviews are of no value and won’t appear as star evaluations in Google Adwords, BingAds/Yahoo if it’s not authorized by Google. There are 32 websites that are authorized by Google and you can use one of them. Many experts advise you to install a third party app that will enable you to gather the highest number of genuine reviews and showcase them in AdWords campaigns.

To wrap it up…

Google seller ratings are greatly influential in making your ads emerge from the crowd of your competitors. Setting up and keeping up the stars on your Google Ads is a generally simple procedure. These ratings will probably increase your traffic inflow, and fortify your digital footprint. All that while lessening the cost per-click.

Alvomedia what are the GDPR tools you should know about?

GDPR Tools And Solutions You Didn’t Know

Technological Innovation: GDPR Tools and Solutions You Didn’t Know

For anyone looking to improve their scale and quality of business in the European Union, one challenge you might have is meeting the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. It’s become a major part of the technological industry, and for anyone wishing to operate within or around the EU you must take decisive action.

What does GDPR mean?

GDPR is, as mentioned above, the new data protection regulation for EU citizens. Basically, it adds an extra layer of protection that will totally change how we handle, store, and use data. In the past years, data has been used as a form of free currency; we often trade our contact details and personal data in return for free access, discounts etc.

The result is, though, that most of us have ourselves plastered across the internet. We have no ability to know who has our data, why they have it, or what it is being used for. GDPR helps to add clarity to this very murky, confusing concept.

Why is GDPR necessary?

GDR is necessary because data regulation has become a major after-thought for a lot of people. It has become something we often do not care about, or think about with any clarity. GDPR, then, helps to put the power back in the hands of the people. Now, you decide what companies can store about you, what they can use that information for, and what they can utilise it with when it comes to the wider marketing campaign of their business.

Suffice to say, this is very important and should play a major role in the rebuilding and rejuvenation of your business in the long-term.

What Types of Data does the GDPR Protect?

GDPR will protect all forms of personal data. So, if you have any data on yourself that is stored on a website that you would rather it was not, you can have it removed. This includes things like personal data, payment data, contact details, addresses, usage data, and various other factors. Basically, any kind of metric that could be collected about you – your personal preferences, your usage of their website, your contact details – will no longer be kept in the same way.

Instead, you’ll be given total power over this once again. That should be very important to note, as many people are unaware of just how much power they now hold thanks to GDPR. If you wish to keep yourself free from data loss and unregulated usage, you should take a look at this easy to follow document. It should help you to understand how you can make sure you can get GDPR-compliant, and how you can ensure that data is being used in an ethical manner. According to Betipy, this includes data such as:

  • Your IP address, your location, or your cookies.
  • Any personal information relating to you i.e. name, address, ID numbers.
  • Information regarding your race, gender, sexual orientation and genetics.
  • Biometric and health-based information that could be used to identify you.

Alvomedia what is GDPR?

Top Five Free GDPR Solutions and Tools:

Complying with GDPR sure sounds expensive, but it does not have to be. With the following tools and solutions, you can sort out your GDPR compliance without having to spend a penny.


One of the best tools to look at is Ghostery. This has become very useful for many people, and it is a simple browser extension to install that works with most of the major web browsers. This will keep an eye on the use of your data, and it will ensure that you can have more control over ads and how they use your data.

Cookie Script

Another popular choice is that of Cookie Script; a very powerful tool for various reason. This is going to help with GDPR as it will make sure you comply with new EU cookie laws. This is very important, as it will help you to set up various design practices for data consent tracking that is going to be allowed within the realms of GDPR.

It’s great for making geo-targeted pop-ups, too, so that our EU-based clients can get the GDPR confirmation they require.

The Absolute Platform

The name implies it, but The Absolute Platform is a fine all-purpose GDPR compliance platform. It is one that we would recommend you check out; it’s got just about everything you need to ensure that you can secure every endpoint that is for your site.

This will help you to make sure that you are always going to meet GDPR compliance with this, helping you to deal with any non-compliance on-site and ensure everything is well structured to avoid any of the potential problems that you might have been expected. It’s great for handling risky data and ensuring your site is going to match up perfectly with modern GDPR regulation.


CNIL has become another good option for a lot of reasons, not least the fact that it is so easy to use. It’s a French data protection authority that has been put together to help make sure you can preserve data privacy as best as possible. It’s also very much useful for making sure you are fully GDPR compliant

If you worry that your website or enterprise might not fully comply with GDPR, then you should look to use this. It will give you all the help and information that you need to confirm that you are on the right track.

Out of all the options to consider, though, ECOMPLY might e one of the best. This is a great tool for assessing your business to ensure that you are fully GDPR compliant. It offers step-by-step assistance in making sure you can break free from making costly mistakes, whilst empowering your business with all manner of useful tools to ensure you are going to meet GDPR without having to get any legal bodies involved.

It’s also got some great project management and workflow tools, making sure that you can easily stay GDPR ready and generally more productive as a business.

What is the meaning of contextualization in digital marketing?

How Critical Thinking Made Me A Rich Entrepreneur

How Critical Thinking Helped Me To Grow Millions?

The best job in the world isn’t in becoming a financial advisor, lawyer or even a medical doctor. The best job is in being your own boss.

And the good thing about being an entrepreneur is that you are not constrained by the degree you obtained in school, your age, influence, etc.

But too many people are unaware of that fact.

The thing I enjoy the most about being an entrepreneur is the sense of freedom and creativity it gives me. I get to create things out of nothing and watch them develop into something big.

I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

That being said, starting your own business and turning it into a profitable venture isn’t easy by any stretch; even an internet-based business.

It took me very many sleepless nights, unflinching dedication, hard work and a couple of disappointing moments.

All these while, one thing that has contributed to my success the most is critical thinking.

I developed an optimistic mindset

You need to equip yourself with a core set of abilities, but developing an optimistic mindset is perhaps the key to unlocking your path as a successful entrepreneur.

According to a 2016 study by the University of Oklahoma, during tumultuous economic times, entrepreneurs relied more on optimism than market data, and it concluded that “collective entrepreneurial optimism is more important in predicting startups and growth”.

What this means is that intuition can be just as effective a strategy in business, even up to 90% of the time.

One of my most favorite books of all-time is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hills. The first chapter of the book basically taught me the importance of self-belief as a nitty-gritty to having a successful business.

Of course, experience does play a role in helping businesses grow, but as a new entrepreneur, you learn to teach yourself the basic skills and believe that your ‘gut feeling’ can be the right decision.

The Harvard Business School report on entrepreneurs’ behavior versus non-entrepreneurs better buttresses my point. Now, the analysts compared an equally motivated team of business founders and non-founders and measured them on a scale of 11 skill sets.

The result showed that the major differences between entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs lied not in their skills, but in attitudes.

And it makes a ton of sense.

As an entrepreneur, I have had to create my own vision and learned to come to terms with uncertainty.

As I take all the risks, funded my own new ideas, and all I focus my energy on keeping myself motivated.

I devised a method to solve problems

Nothing good comes easy is an understatement, and you’d find that out if you decide to become an entrepreneur.

If you are just starting out, chances are, you will have to handle most or all of the work yourself. From admin to inbound marketing, you learn to wear many hats.

In fact, the first couple of steps you take as a new entrepreneur will likely bother around solving problems and believe me, there is no shortage of it.

The truth is that problems come in different forms, so there is no ‘almighty formula’ to make them go away.

In fact, scientists say that you need to experience problems to boost your entrepreneurial thinking, and they tell us how to scale through. Or try learning it from Jack Canfield on how to keep churning it even during the most difficult times.

1.     Define your purpose

You have probably asked yourself this question many times, whether consciously or unconsciously.

This is where you ask yourself what your end goal is.

In my case, I believed that growing my business would equate more money, and so my big question was about how to scale my business.

2.     Research

Remember, I earlier said that you will be on your own when you are just starting a business, and so you have to learn to do things yourself?

Well, it begins here.

Unless you are extremely lucky, no one is going to come to you with tips on how to better your business, but thankfully, everything you need is out there.

All you have to do is find them.

I joined a network of like-minded entrepreneurs to grow my network. Luckily, i met persons who had crossed the obstacle i was battling with.

3.     Form a hypothesis

You need a working theory that will help tackle your business problem.

The thing with hypothesis, though, is that you are not always certain that it’s going to be the silver bullet you’ve been looking for, which is where the next step comes in.

4.     Experiment

Since you are not so sure about your theory, try it out, but with more than one variable.

In marketing, it is called splitting test or A/B test.

All you have to do is show your prospects different variants of what you are trying to sell, and see which ones drive more conversions.

I use this method when I want to try out web fonts and landing pages.

5.     Analyze your results and decide

After your experiment, all that is left is to look at the figures to see which method to adopt.

It’s a no brainer.

I learned to allow myself time to think

I used to beat myself any time I was falling short of creative ideas, until i found this study by MIT.

According to them, entrepreneurs do think differently from other people, and while this might take more time, it also makes them come up with more creative and logical ideas.

Think about it:

It can’t be a coincidence that both Microsoft and Facebook were founded in January, a time when students had a lot of free time on their hands, and it corresponds to Harvard’s conviction that free time births innovations.

In my experience, most of my illustrious ideas came only after I disconnected from everything else, and zoned off in thoughts.

Final words

Critical thinking means analyzing your agenda and thought-process, and of others as well.

It has been directly or indirectly responsible for my success as an entrepreneur so far.

If you were to take away all of the tools that I have in business, sales, and marketing, but leave me with just one thing, without hesitation I will choose the ability to think.

The art of creating wealth is an intellectual sport, so at the end of the day, it doesn’t necessarily matter how smart you are or the tools at your disposal, but the ability to think critically.


Roberto Garvin –

I am Roberto, co-founder of Mofluid. It is absolutely amazing to see how technology continues to evolve, from email to browsers, search engines, mobile, AI and now blockchain. I am fortunate to witness it all. Really excited to see what’s next.

Twitter – @mofluid

Facebook – @mofluid

Tips to use SEO to help your online reputation

A valuable SEO trend this 2019

A valuable SEO trend this 2019

If you want to increase your ranking, you must know the Newest SEO trend this 2019. This SEO trend will help you to improve the results of your website.  SEO is part of a dynamic world in Online Marketing. The Internet has become a place for a customer who seeks services and products. For more than billions of internet user, 63.4 % of them used their mobile phone to access the internet. And according to a survey, 52.8 % of internet users believe that most of the online information is accurate and reliable. That’s why Business owner establishes and improve the online presence of their websites. But establishing a website and starting a blog is not enough for a business.  In order to maintain the ranking rate of a site, you need to adopt the newest trend of SEO this 2019. We all know that Search Engine Optimization is an online marketing strategy that becomes more valuable every year. So, in this article let me discuss to you the 5 valuable SEO trend this 2019.

What is the valuable SEO trend this 2019?


  1.    The optimization of mobile devices.

Just like what I’ve said at the Introduction that 63.4 % of internet user used their mobile devices to search what they want or what they are looking for on the internet. That’s why Last 2018 Google Launched the “Mobile first-indexing”. The reason why they launched this is that they want to encourage everyone to embrace mobile devices Perspective. Now, if you still do not have an idea in Mobile First-indexing, let me give you some useful ideas about it. Mobile first-indexing is websites mobile versions which establish to let Google crawl the web pages in mobile to search engine ranking before it crawls in the desktop web pages. Google encourage the business owner to make their websites be on a mobile-friendly mode. This 2019, It is important to have a website with a mobile-friendly version because it will help your site to allow more customer to reach you at a quicker rate.    Mobile first-indexing is proven to be beneficial for the owner of the website.

This is a complete shift from how Google treat websites in the past years. At the past, the desktop version of a website is considered as the primary version. But every year Technology is coming up with an upgraded version that’s why, Google launched Mobile first- Index that helps users to have easy access in the internet using their own mobile.


  1.    Local Search Targeting.

If you have a local business and you want to gain your visibility in the search engine then you should use the Local search engine for your local visibility. What is a Local search? It is one of the aspects of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for small business such as retail stores, restaurants, hotels and more. But you need to keep on your mind that bad data will have a big effect to your site that is why you need to have an idea about directories and Local SEO because it is the key to avoid duplicate listings. This 2019, It is important to know your local search target and to have your local strategy. Because SEO is not only for big businesses but it is also for small business.


  1.    Voice search optimization.

 This 2019, voice search optimization will dominate in the field of SEO. According to a survey 58 % of the consumer, every year used voice search to find local business information while 46 % of consumers used voice search daily for local business. It is important that a website should have voice search optimization. It is not only about the easy access but also it will help a person with a disability to know about your local business. It is really accessible to everyone. By 2020, 30 % of websites can be used without a screen. It will be possible by the use of a voice search engine which allows users to browse the web page and know information without scrolling through desktops or mobile. This is a new technology which many people think that this is the key to accessible and successful future.


  1.    Writing High content.

When it comes about websites, we all know that we should put a high and unique content. One mistake in the past of many webmasters is about the content. They write and post content but they don’t assure that it was created with guidelines. In writing a high content, we should have a goal on it. We should set some guidelines and put an appropriate keyword to help your websites increase the ranking rate. In SEO, content is important. Having high-quality content can earn backlinks which search engine drag in your website. If the content is optimized then it will improve your visibility that is why writing a High content is meaningful in SEO.

In addition, SEO is important in every business or websites owner. We want the best for our website or to our business. That’s why we exert some effort to learn and be updated to the newest SEO strategy which valuable this 2019. Every country has a lot of potential strategies that they used for their websites. In SEO Philippines, Filipino freelancer, team or even an agency never give up when it comes in learning. They always strive to do more or to excel from others at a cheap price. That is why many clients from other countries choose to have an SEO transaction in the Philippines and let the Filipino handle their SEO on websites. Filipino freelancers always assure that it is Quality over quantity. They want the best for their clients. That’s why they do their very best to give the best results and they don’t want their client to be disappointed. Do you know that Filipino can make a hashtag trend in twitter for an hour? That’s the reason why you will notice that SEO in the Philippines is growing every year.


Author’s Bio:


Danah Booker is a literary critic, essayist, poet and environmental activist set in Canadian province of Quebec. She has massive experience in both freelance writing and blogging, enabling her to be the writer of choice for most of her clients.


tips to make your ecommerce app a success

Enterprise Mobile App Development Trends In 2019

Topmost Enterprise Mobile App Development Trends In 2019 

When a year is about to end or a new year starts, the internet is flooded with different types of predictions. For business entrepreneurs, these predictions are meant to be the best tricks to keep themselves updated with the industry’s new norms. 

Undoubtedly, the development industry is wide and when it comes to mobile app development, it becomes more important for the professionals to focus on each aspect. Mobile applications directly interacts with the users and solves their purposes with ease and that too by offering an exceptional experience. An app owner expects exactly the same from its upcoming product that it will serve the users appropriately and leave a mark of complete satisfaction on the users’ mind.  

Do you know what are the factors that beautify an app and fill it with a newness? Your answer must be advanced features and functionality integration. That’s correct somehow! Besides, there are ever-evolving mobile app development trends that make an app rule over the web. If you don’t know about such trends, proceed with the blog. You will get insights into each and every single detail about the described mobile app development trend. 

Know about the latest mobile app development trends and their influence on the app development process – 

Real-time data sharing

 We are discussing the impact of the latest trends on enterprise mobile app development. Today, enterprises are able to collect the data in brilliant ways. To groom their data management, they now require a robust app. The app needs to be built on real-time data sharing and should perform outstandingly by saving a lot of developers’ time. This trend also helps enterprises attain their objectives as they are now free to focus on other business aspects rather than data management.  

  • Emerging wearable technology 

Wearable technology based devices have great significance in the individuals life. Whether it is a smartwatch, band or goggles, every device pulls users’ attraction with its powerful technology usage. According to a survey, enterprises started allowing their employees to access data and relevant apps through their wearable devices. They want to make their workers smart in terms of technology presentation.  

  • VR & AR app development 

 Virtual reality and augmented reality apps are no longer new concepts for the developers and users. But still, these are making mobile apps strong and advanced in terms of UX. Apps built on the concept of AR and VR are used by enterprises to identify the customers’ virtual needs through these apps. An app can get amplified success and admiration if it gets integrated with AR and VR technology features.  

  • User experience prioritization 

The trend is also not new but developers often ignore it at the time of mobile app development. An app’s foundation is based on better UI and enhanced UX. If it has both of these, no marketing tactic will scatter it to get maximized user base. During enterprise app development, one needs to identify the target the business target audience and identify their interest to build excellent app UX. Adopting this trend will let enterprises reap the business benefits in terms of the largest user base and optimum return on investment. 

  • Blockchain development adoption 

Blockchain is basically associated with the era of cryptocurrency. Apart from dealing with cryptocurrency, there are many other benefits that enterprises can have by using apps based on Blockchain technology. Use of blockchain makes the data centralized and secure over the web. The reasons suggest big enterprises adopt blockchain app development, so that they can create a higher level of transparency between their business transactional process.  

  • Introduction of machine learning 

By witnessing the powerful influence of AI and machine learning, small and big businesses are embracing these technologies for their unparalleled growth. They started demanding mobile apps based on machine learning technology. Their belief with this technology is becoming stronger as they perceive that they will be able to create more personalized experiences between their businesses and users. In short, the trend has the potential to stay here in the industry for many more years.  

  • On-demand app development 

 On-demand apps are the need of the hour. Every business wants a suitable app to run their business. Businesses are now also demanding mobile apps by keeping their user’s demands in mind. They consider that the apps developed especially for targeted users will serve them in exceptional ways. It’s a common mobile app development trend, which is gaining ultimate attention by the developers and businesses.  

  • Improved IoT integration 

IoT represents the world, where everything is connected digitally with each other. Whether it is a digitally integrated refrigerator, washing machine or anything else which understands users’ commands. It’s especially making all the businesses advanced by facilitating them with the IoT-enabled apps and devices. This has become a powerful app development trend and making the industrial world far easier to track and manage.  

Bottom Line: 

So far, the field of mobile app development has witnessed myriads of technological transformations. But now, with the assistance and introduction of such wonderful mobile app development trends, it has become quite helpful to create apps with advanced functions and UX enhancing features. If you’re a reputed mobile app development company, who believes in rendering quality apps to the clients, adopting the aforementioned trends will help you in great ways. 


About The Author: 

Tom Hardy is a highly experienced mobile app developer at Sparx IT Solutions. He is hard working and strives to deliver something unique to the clients. Working as an app developer, he portrays his interest in writing informational blogs on trending technology topics that help make people understand about a concept. 

What is the mindset for successful SEO marketing?

7 Essentials To Make Your Content Marketing Business Thrive

7 Tips To Make Your Content Marketing Business Thrive

We all know that content marketing has become very important part of business world and it’s dominating the digital marketing world. Traditional marketing strategies are diminished and people and business field is giving new way to content marketing with new strategies and promoting methods. Content marketing is a method and new strategically approach which is concentrated on developing and creating and distributing important and priceless applicable and significant content to impress and attract the audience.

In research we can find that large number of leading brands use content marketing to impress and attract the audience and customer. Famous and prominent brands in the world use content marketing because it works. Content marketing helps to increase the sales rate, less cost-effective and get more customers. It really helped the business world to reach in its top and helped to reach all kind of customer’s needs and passions.

It really works, so every branded company use content marketing as a strong weapon. To impress, attract, different kinds of audience and customers. In olden days companies just tried to sell their product without considering customers needs and interest but in this modern way of marketing, content marketing plays an important role because it takes consideration of customers needs and gives them valuable and relevant information of particular product which is very useful and dependable.

Marketing is impracticable devoid of great content. It’s very important to have the quality of content which will convince the audience of that particular product. Content marketing must be the part of your business strategically process and the content must be quality one. When you take content marketing the proper medium and way is very important and having a good strategy and it should be an ongoing process. In every company, they use inbound content marketing but the majority of companies thrash about with the effectiveness and success of their content strategies. So it needs special effort to maintain good quality content marketing for your business.

  1. Give importance to the company blog

The very important part of business management is professional and company blogs. The best and foremost way to promote the quality of your content marketing services is through formatting a quality and high profile company and professional blogs. Developing a blog which should show all the company practices and company related information and practices.

By consistently creating and developing high-quality blog posts which should provide important and valuable information and the customer related past experience and use full information needed by other business companies etc. Professional blogs build your image and reputation and help to increase company brand online reputation too. So in every sense content marketing is very important to promote your product and get faithful customers. By sharing your blog post on social media will gain publicity. This will help you to build the reputation of your company.

  1. Be an active user of social media

Social media is the very important aspect of any kind of business. You have maintained an active and consistent presence on social media is a positive aspect and it really helps your business to attain faithful customers. The Social Media help you to give an encouraging push to your content marketing. Social media helps you to maintain a good relationship with clients and helps to increase the reputation as a content marketing expert. Show your presence in Twitter and other linked application and share company information company blogs share industry insights. When you share your industry sites and blogs it naturally helps to increase the company relationship and you will get good contacts with others company related peoples which will surely help to give publicity and leads to the growth of the business industry. It will help you to have a relationship with other company owners and will help you to connect with different kinds of people.

  1. Organize best content marketing team

Always encourage new talents and new ideas in your business field. New ideas will help your business to reach a good position. So always hire people who know more than you. Bring together best content marketing squad you can afford. Hire free hand writers, editors and highly qualified and excellent standard and innovative graphic designers. A graphic designer is the most important part of content marketing business. The designs play an important role in this business. It should have the capacity and capability to attract clients and other business agents. If you have found the best team then give them the freedom to do whatever they want. By giving them that freedom of work they will not feel any kind of stress and they can easily establish their ideas without much delay. Supply them with a positive surrounding in which you can work collectively with them as a highly successful team. And you can run your business without much stress and your experts will come up with lots of new and creative ideas which will help your business and you can create a high-level content for your agents and clients.

  1. Diversify your content

Content marketing is not a single-handed business. In such business lot of different kinds of people and different kinds of customers involves. So to get the best result you have diversified content marketing, to reach different kinds of people and customers. You will not be able to capture all your audience through a single medium. By diversifying you can reach all kinds of audience and you will get the best result and best returns.

  1. Keep regular touch with your clients

For a successful content marketing business, you have to keep a regular relation and rapport with your clients. By frequently emailing your clients and have a phone conversation it will make your client confident about your work and about your hard work. You have set up a regular survey and monitor about your clients. You have to find out whether your clients are satisfied with your work and with your services. And also you have to check whether they are getting good result and output by your content. You should get all data from your client’s whether it is positive or negative. If you get negative comments try to improve your work and get new ideas and try to make it more effective and make it more innovative. So client’s satisfaction is very important to have a successful business.

  1.  Influence your client with new information and expertise

As I already told clients are important parts of our business management. We have impressed our customers with new and innovative ideas. By giving them new information and expert knowledge they will be attracted towards your content marketing business. Mainly we have to impress clients and they have impressed their customers if their customers feel happy and attracted in return your client may feel satisfied and attracted by your works. So try to impress them with your new qualified settled employees if they are impressed by your new talented employees. You may have well talented and well-developed employees best writers these are your business assets and it’s the best way to impress your clients. You can also invite other customers to get new ideas from certain games and survey. Everything is very important in the business field.

  1. Familiarize yourself with changes

Everything changing rapidly and according to that we have to change our ideas and way of presenting it. Content marketing strategies changes frequently and according to that we have to change and accept new changes. If you are not following the changes and you will not able to achieve what you want and you will leave behind. So always wholeheartedly accept changes and try to employ such agents and workers who are thoroughly familiar with new trends and new technology then you will be able to attract your clients and can achieve what you want.

As we all know content marketing is a long-term process and we may not get what we expect in a short period. You have to wait and you have been patient. You have to focus on quality and efficiency of your content marketing. Always accept changes and follow the changes that exist in that period of time. Never resist changing. Also, apply video content marketing which is highly standard one. When you organize video content use highly qualified innovative graphics and designs to achieve the target. For content marketing, it’s not compulsory which medium you are using but to have good strategies and having consistency in your work is very important.

Author Bio.:

 Priya is a Technical SEO at : Digital Marketing Company.  She has 3 years experience in SEO, content marketing, and campaign management. she’s devoured every scrap of knowledge about search marketing, and applies it daily as Technical SEO at Hopinfirst.

The SEO benefits of video content marketing

7 Engagement Marketing Lessons from Successful Video Bloggers

7 Engagement Marketing Examples From Video Bloggers

Are you looking for tips to help you become successful in your video blogging? This is a trend that people want to explore because of the promise of income and fame that goes with it. But video blogging is not that easy especially if you are not familiar with its marketing side. This is not just about making a great video. It is also about making sure that people will be able to see it and it will be presented to a maximum number of individuals. To help you become successful in your video blogging, here are some of the most important tips you should consider:

Treat People Like People

People have emotions and they are not merely checking your blogs to get information. This is the first consideration that you need to take. The video blogs that you are making are for people. In your video, you should address your audience directly. To be able to do this, you should act like the person is in front of you and they are looking for something they can easily understand.

With this in mind, it would be easier for you to create a content that will be perfect for your audience. All successful video blogs have common characteristic, it addresses people directly and considers their feelings and possible reactions. Give your audience the feeling that the video is made for them. Before you think about being informative, think of the best way to address your viewers first. People easily get bored especially when they are watching something that they cannot connect with.

Use Visuals (Videos)

Videos are perfect for blogs. Many people do not have the drive to read a long article. To shorten your presentation and to make sure that you are still informative, you should add videos to your blog. It is easier for people to understand something that is being explained to them in video. This is why most bloggers would consider this option most of the time.

Videos or other visual presentations are also helpful for you in increasing the number of your followers. It attracts people especially if it is created in such a way that will provide exactly what they are looking for. Always remember that photos and videos can easily catch attention.

Clarify the Call-to-Action

If you are trying to introduce your brand with the use of a video blog, call-to-action is very important. While it is really recommended for you to start with a catchy introduction to be able to get the attention of the audience, you should not forget to add a call-to-action at the end. There are simple and easy ways to ask your audience to check your brand or to buy your product. “Click here”, “visit this site”, “call us” and “send us a message” are just few of the simple ways on how you can redirect your audience to the main point, which is to recognize your brand.

Innovative Ways to Connect with the Target Audience

Who is your target audience? This is a very important question that you need to answer before you start making your video blog. There are also innovative ways on how you can easily connect with your target audience. People who are searching for a video, article or blog that they want to see will be using keywords. With this, you need to know the proper keywords that will put you on top of the list. Aside from using keywords, you should also try other strategies such as choosing the proper words or language that this certain group of people will be able to understand. Remember that there are different ways to address children, adults, men and women.

Use Social Media Strategically

Social media is very important in video blogging. It is a marketing tool that can bring you success if used properly. You can utilize Facebook and even Instagram to get more audience. You can post a link that will lead to your website. For your post to be easily gets the attention of social media users, you should consider a short but catchy title. Consider something that people will easily get the interest of target audience. Make it look attractive but make sure that the content is also worth the time of the viewer. A video blog with great quality will certainly make you successful.

Include Real-Life Examples to Build Trust

When people look for a blog to read, they are not simply checking everything. If you want them to trust you, prepare something that is truthful and based on real-life experience. People would love to hear that the solution you are offering has already been proven to be working. It would also be great if you would let them know that the situation they are in now is not isolated. Always keep in mind that there are some people who are hard to please. With this, add some evidences, facts, statistics and real-life stories in your video.

Be Authentic

Authenticity is the one that will keep people coming back. If you are trying to look for a way to keep people trusting whatever you are posting, you have to be real. Do not pretend to be someone who is not really you. This way, people will know that you are sincere in providing help with your blogs. Being authentic will increase your chance to be recommended as a reliable blogger.

Video blogging can be fun and it can be successful if you know exactly how to utilize social media and other inbound marketing strategies to gain more viewers.

5 most effective ways to promote a product online

Tips To Choose A Well Reputed Web Design Company

How Could You Choose A Reputable Web Design Company?

Over the past few years, the game of the internet has changed dramatically. With an increase in online e-commerce sites, there has also been an increase in their supporting activities. One of the activities that serve as the backbone of any online business is web design creation. Different agencies bring together their designing experts to draft exceptional web page for the business units. The organization doesn’t have to hire expert designers as their employees. In fact, the task gets accomplished in a quick span of time with the help of the best web design company in New Jersey. New Jersey Web Design Company helps you create a beautiful and user-oriented website that helps in building the brand name of your business.

Designing the look and feel of the website is the first and foremost step, which decides whether the visitor will convert into a customer or not.

However, the main question is that how will you differentiate between an average and best web design company?

The below-mentioned tips entail some key points to remember while deciding between various web design companies

Engage in the Interview Process

After listing your favorite companies, now is the time to set up an interview process with them. In the process, you will get to know about their niche & industry experiences. Match their skills with your expectations. A company that knows and understands your business would be able to fulfill your needs properly.

Review the Client Testimonials

 A business shall always put forward the positive side of their organization. They pose in front of the clients as web design experts. But how valid is their argument? Have they really performed well?

Perhaps, the confusion can be alleviated by talking to just a few of their past clients and reviewing their work. By analyzing their opinion, you’re able to make a sound decision that whether a particular organization is suitable or not.

Ask about Content Viability

We understand that web designer is more inclined to the look and feel of the website. Their major focus remains on the placement of buttons, colors, shapes of objects, etc. However, these aspects don’t deny the invaluable significance of content.

It’s become important for a company to have an equal interest in content optimization. Reason for this is that if the information isn’t seeking attention, then an impressive layout will have zero effect on the readers. So, like new jersey web design agency, which has a skilled set of designers, who coordinate with you appropriately in all contexts.

Pricing Matters

Do you know that there are two ways to look at the prices of such digital marketing media agency? Firstly, your company has a limited budget to spend on each activity. So, you automatically reject those agencies that go beyond your budget.

Secondly, your company has sufficient budget to hire top skilled agencies. However, there are few companies that charge below your budget level, however, you strongly reject them all. Now, why is that? The reason could be that the agency is still in the growing phase. Also, they might not able to compete with the moving pace of competition.

Just keep in mind, competitive pricing of all similar agencies is important. If there are any major deviations in the price, first check the validity of that agency. After that take a step forward.

Ask Who Will be Personally Responsible for your Website

When you work with an agency, you don’t want them to say that they are responsible as a whole for your success.

Instead, you want to get the name and contact information of a representative, who is personally accountable for seeing that your site gets the attention it needs to succeed. You should have one point of contact, who can answer your questions, update you regularly on your progress, and discuss revisions to your current strategy if required.



 With all of these aforementioned points at your disposal, you can now make a good choice for a web design partner for your business. In this scenario, New Jersey web design agency makes sure that they can work with you appropriately.