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Meerkat app is a great way to broadcast informally from twitter social media platform

Lets Talk About Meerkat App

New Meerkat App

The Meerkat app for Twitter is getting a lot of attention recently. If you have not heard about this clever live video streaming platform then you should read on!

Meerkat app links to your Twitter account and you can broadcast yourself using live streams. The concept of Meerkat is not original, like all great app ideas, it is a streamlined version of another app that didn’t take off as well. Anyone remember Yevvo?

Live streaming is brilliant because it allows you to connect with your audience in a way that words, pictures and non live video cannot. You can schedule your video stream or stream instantly with the Meerkat app, and your audience will get notifications when it is done. Simples!

Meerkat app will not be the only Twitter live streaming app

Twitter have acquired the purchasing rights to Periscope, Meerkat app’s main competitor. Periscope is in the beta version now but it will be eventually be tightly integrated with Twitter. Who knows what the future holds for the Meerkat app, but we know that live video streaming is where it is at!

Funky Facts about Meerkat App

The Meerket app gained 120,000 users in its second week of launching. The name: Meerkat means a small carnivorous mongoose from the Kalahari desert. The Meerkat app is free from iOS apps. The founding team said that they inspired by the ephemeral nature of Snapchat, a popular photo messaging app.

Proving value for social media simply means being informative and helpful to your audience

Providing Value For Social Media in 2015

Marketing Using Social Media

In the past, social media marketing was unheard of. Following the success of popular social networking websites, it would be unwise not to engage potential customers through social media. The sheer number of social media users meant that brands could really exploit this channel for marketing. The question is, how do you connect with social media users and turn them into followers or buyers of your product?

Provide Value for Social Media Users

Businesses that only want to dabble a few weeks or months in social media will be disappointed by the results. Social media marketing is a long game, and believe me, the wait is worth it.  Creating a good social media profile is the starting point for your social media marketing. After that, you will need to nurture the relationships you build with potential customers through social media. Be a listener and provide value, value and more VALUE!

Create a Facebook Page

In 2014, Facebook users reached 1.35 billion per month. Facebook is still the largest social networking channel and fertile ground for your brand to get attention. Creating a Facebook Page will make you look more professional and let Facebook users engage with your business page through likes and comments. The ripple effect of Facebook Page advertising is great, because for every like and comment, other Facebook users will see this on their friend’s wall.  Find out your target demographic of potential customers on Facebook and make your content relevant, or interesting to them.

Tweet Valuable Content

Twitter has a reputation for being fast paced! You can connect with potentially millions of Twitter users and get your information across quickly. When setting up a Twitter account for your company, it is a temptation to tweet about your product or services constantly. Find valuable content, tips or information that your followers will find helpful. You can alternate promotional tweets with tweets that offer tips and other valuable information.

Get Down to Business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the professional version of Facebook so build business networks and forge professional connections through this channel. You can post blogs, start a discussion or reach out to potential employees, and join groups relevant to your industry. Creating a polished LinkedIn profile will make you look more professional and serious in offering your products and services.

Be Short and Sweet on Youtube

Don’t upload videos that are over an hour long. Or even, more than 30 minutes. Video marketing on Youtube is powerful but you have to remember there are millions of videos being uploaded. Shoot short videos that get straight to the point and provide both informative and interesting content. People search on Youtube for answers so get to the point.

Google+ Your Way to More Exposure

Google+ has communities of passionate users that are connected through a similar interest or profession. Once you know who your targeted audiences are, you should be able to post both informative and interesting content on your Google+ page to get their attention.

How To Write Attention Grabbing Blog Titles

Attention grabbing blog titles can generate more interest in your content

Make Your Blog Titles Stand Out

Blog titles are the first thing that catches your reader’s eye. Seems pretty obvious, right?

These days it is more important than ever to create brilliant content for online marketing platforms like content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, inbound and outbound marketing. This is not easy, even for a professional marketing agency. When you have so much to do, the last thing you need is to worry about is your blog title! What should you do?

Create interesting blog titles for reader engagement

With blog titles, you literally have seconds to make an impact. Readers simply skim through the list of suggestions the search engine throws their way. They only click on those that are ranked highly  and which seem too interesting to ignore. When I search through blogs, I always read ones with easy to understand and clear titles. How about you? Understanding how you search for blogs will inform you a lot about creating good blog titles.

Use accurate and strong language for your blog title

Using misleading blog titles is not a great idea for reader retention

To get more blog views, you need to use strong language in your titles. These can be adjectives, positive or negative words and numbers. You need to give reasons for readers to choose your content over all the others, and nothing beats the use of familiar but strong language.

Now that you have your reader’s attention,  how do you keep them for a long time, and more importantly make sure they would visit your page again?

You need to be accurate and clear about the title of your blog. Accuracy is important because your readers will feel cheated once they start reading your blog and discover that it is not relevant to the title. Remember those ads that promise to expose a dieting/get rich/aging secret? They gain your attention by making bold claims but never deliver what they promise. Your readers will feel the same if you use a bold title for your blog but offer irrelevant content. Stay true to your words and avoid building false expectations at all costs.

Insert catchy blog title phrases

Using catchy blog titles is a good way to get readers attention fast

A plain title can easily be converted into an irresistible one simply by inserting catchy phrases. These can be phrases related to the latest news or some hot gossip. People simply love reading about topics that are trending right now and you will be offering something up to date. People want to be updated and feel connected to the innovative world around them. Use this psychology to your benefit and see how it works wonders.This does not mean, however, that you will use deceptive blog titles that have nothing to do with your content. Your blog content must always adhere to what the title says.

Tell your readers about the blog benefits

Tell your reader why he or she should read your article or blog. Describe this clearly in your title. By doing this, you are giving more reasons for people to visit your page.

Optimize your blog title for SEO

Optimising your blog titles for SEO h1 heading is one of the ways to get your page ranked higher

Your blog title, or <h1>, is the part of a post that introduces your blog to the readers and likewise to the Google search engine. You will get ranked based on the title so make it search engine optimised. At the same time, be clear and concise with your title and any subheadings. Google prefers content that is fresh, relevant, informative and clear, so spend most of your time on the actual blog content.

Make your blog title concise

There is no set standard regarding the length of blog titles. Yours can be as long as 70 letters or as short as 10. It all depends on your topic so try not to fuss over the length. Just make sure that what you are trying to say is being conveyed clearly and boldly.

Software that can help your blog writing

There are many software today that can help you come up with topics and titles for your blogs and articles. Try out Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator and Advanced Marketing Institute’s Headline Analyzer. These can give you some basic help to create brilliant titles. You can use these as a base and build on them by mixing them with words that you find catchy.