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how to make your website a Google favorite

How To Get Unstuck In Google SERPs

Tips To Get Unstuck In Low Google SERPs Visibility

A high natural search rank is imperative to your small business. Significantly more than seventy one percentage of customers click on a connection on the first page of results in Google, and nearly 6-8 per cent choose one of the best five outcomes. Just 1.6 percent of individuals progress beyond the second page.

Search engine optimisation is not a”set it and forget about it” approach. Providers such as Google are continuously upgrading their search engine optimization, and you also want to remain up to date with all these changes in the event that you really don’t desire to wind stuck Page 13 of customers’ search success.

Recent Google Shake Ups

Google was particularly busy over the previous 13 months, consistently upgrading its center algorithms to match the evolving landscape of their world wide web.

In February 2015, the business declared that cell positions would take into account if it’s the internet site has a mobile-friendly port, along with a month later, it acknowledged a core algorithm shift that experienced a broad impact on search benefits. Subsequently, in October, Google announced it had developed fresh system learning artificial-intelligence identified as RankBrain, and it’s now comprised in both the three most important factors of their standing algorithm (along with hyperlinks and content).

The changes have just accelerated this year. Back in January, tracking equipment noted historically large affects in positions, and in February 2016, Google left major variations to AdWords, including the elimination of right-column adverts and also the introduction of four-ad blocks on a lot of industrial hunts. Even though this latest update was to paid out hunts, it still has substantial consequences for click-through rates on natural effects, mainly because it pushes them farther down the page.

Contemplating these normal upgrades, and also the enormous implications for every one, it truly is critical to constantly examine your SEO plan to guarantee you stay away from losing some preceding benefits you might have produced on your internet search rankings.

Frequent Search Engine Optimisation Problems

Too many little and midsize companies continue to make fatal and easily avoidable SEO errors when Re Tooling sites for search engine optimisation.

Duplicating content around webpages, failing to create specific page names and meta tag descriptions, and on occasion even writing poor content could radically decrease your positions on search engines like google or Bing. Other businesses neglect to the technical front having a overlooking XML sitemap, the poor usage of re directs, and also the absence of techniques to continue to keep robots off the site, all common flaws for businesses which don’t do their homework.

These errors all stem from the collapse to think rigorously about search engine optimisation and an individual encounter. Keyword stuffing and over-using targeted keyphrases might improve keyword significance, but nonetheless, it also tends to make it difficult for consumers to communicate with the page because the articles reads just like it had been written for a machine instead of a person. Defectively optimized images and also a desktop-only website additionally make likely customers’ own lives tougher and drive them from the content.

Mistakes in search engine optimisation can cause low positions, low traffic, low conversions, and very low sales. But the ramifications can get much worse. If you attempt to deceive Google’s algorithm with un natural traffic, then the organization may punish you by visiting your website in search ranks.

Alternatively, you ought to use Google Analytics and Google Search Console to attentively select the most effective keywords and phrases to optimize .

Building a Successful SEO Approach

To steer clear of poor organic placement, you ought to come up with a good and effectual SEO approach. Your very first step must be to hire a dependable digital advertising and advertising agency for many years of expertise at SEO. Start looking for proven effects, anyone who has ever operated a website can maintain some amount of practical knowledge in SEO, however also you want an service that may offer case studies and a very long list of delighted clients.

Once you’ve discovered a service, you have to come with each other to produce an extensive search engine marketing program. This plan will include an audit of this present site to ascertain topics and possible opportunities, and it also needs to have an overview of Google Analytics and Google Search Console data.

When that data has been assessed, you ought to examine your intended market to ensure you’re working together with the ideal keywords and phrases. Study your competitors’ key words, and also analyze search trends, the Google landscape, and also the key word instrument. Here Are a Couple of Strategies about what to do next to drive user traffic:

1. Invest in highquality articles.

Of use information should be given, but it has rarely treated therefore. Give content that is proficient, authoritative, and dependable. The information which you give is much like a”free sample” of one’s product, and if users like it, then they will return . Be sure that your content is well-written simply because no one trusts information which is littered with punctuation and grammatical problems.

You should also ensure your posts aren’t all exactly the same period. Content which is shorter than 300 words may be categorized as advertisements and must be avoided, nevertheless, you really don’t need every single page to be always a block of exactly 500 phrases as though it was purchased by a material mill. Try to publish no less than a few extremely resourceful posts of 1000 words or longer. The idea is to bring value, present yourself as a professional, be more authoritative, and also bring in your viewers’ trust. It’s not about fitting a specific content mould. Mix up your content by using videos and images along side long-form blog articles.

2. Boost your content effectively.

A strong social networking presence can be a clear but often overlooked solution to efficiently promote content. Tend not to cure your own Twitter and face book accounts like a individual domain from your internet site with a single link on your profile back to the provider’s principal web page. You want to market your content through as many channels as you can.

Your keywords should be one other main part of one’s content pro motion. Do not simply focus on standard keywords. Invest in long tail key phrases, way too. These are phrases using three or more words which may be utilised to aim your own geographical place or area of knowledge. A localized search engine marketing strategy needs to develop a core component of your content promotion.

3. Boost the UX

Even a large bounce speed is able to find out your organic search ranking , and nothing at all causes end customers to bounce like a poorly developed UX. In the event you have not already built a mobile-responsive website, you want to get this to a priority. Spend money on eye-tracking reports to learn where users are clicking, and then use that information to improve your ability and raise your conversions.

Enhance the structure of your site, as well. Give each web page a distinctive name along with a meta description, and keeping Google as well as your end user in your mind to guarantee you’re refining for both parties. You also ought to pose relevant inner linking. Not only will this ensure it is much a lot easier for users to navigate your site and discover the information they need, however it is also going to give you the capacity to distribute users out of your top-performing pages and down the acquisition site.

4. Be self-critical about SEO

But don’t only break your laurels when you have implemented those plans. One of the most important actions in search engine optimisation is usually to be most self-critical to guarantee you are always shifting your own offerings.

Track data via Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and standing applications. See which webpages will be performing worst and best and ask yourself about the gaps between those webpages. What are the defectively doing landing spots doing wrong? What would be your best pages working right? How does one take all those lessons and roll them out across the remainder of your website?

It is the right time to rethink your search engine marketing plan. With search engines updating their search algorithms on this normal basis, you can not only put it and forget it. Now you need a thought, strategic, and reactive method of continue to keep your organization near the cap of the market.

Guide to finding the best SEO expert for your business

A Search Optimisation Strategy Without Keyword Stuffing

How To Boost Your Search Visibility Without Keyword Stuffing

We are in the age of uncertainty the moment it regards keywords. Utilizing these in content is still crucial for search engines to interpret subject matter and relevance, but relying too heavily on sprinkling these buzz words into your articles can land you in serious problem.

The Google Humming Bird upgrade in 2015 suggested a deepening shift toward Deadly search from the race for caliber search engine optimisation. Google’s algorithms increasingly prioritize natural terminology routines over standalone key terms, which makes keyword-stuffing approaches flatter at best. Packing your content with some particular words or phrases, irrespective of circumstance, is not simply unsuccessful, but it’s also capable of actively damaging your chances of rank favorably in the lookup benefits.

With key word prominence and visibility out of the picture, lots of marketers are somewhat unclear about how this would effect their articles plans. Assessing the newest hunt arena means more than simply locating a new tactic — this means raising the bar onto your own content and focusing on keyword relevance, not devoting.

The Conclusion of the Black-hat Era

Google categorizes keyword stuffing like a blackhat SEO tactic that violates its webmaster tips. The search engine may either penalize your site manually as it experiences keyword-saturated content, either and also your rankings will need a hit with the next Google Panda upgrade.

Panda analyzes websites for caliber , S O 500-word posts full of gibberish plus a handful of vital phrases don’t make the grade. Google makes use of Panda to drive high rankings for websites that offer fantastic user experiences, so that is in which you should spend your funds.

Along with drawing the ire of Google’s ranking algorithm, long-tail key words also makes your content sound autonomous and awkward. Consider this case from Google:”We sell habit cigar humidors. Our custom made cigar humidors are handmade. If you’re thinking of buying a customized cigar humidor, remember to contact our custom cigar humidor pros at”

As a customer, you are probably rolling your eyes as the tactic is still so transparent. Keyword stuffing is similar to the search engine optimisation equivalent to some pushy car sales man — the strategy is therefore in-your-face it makes you get rid of fascination with both the merchandise and manufacturer name new.

Disregard the Key-word System

But do not throw out your keyword strategies only nevertheless. Even with Google’s new actions, keywords can still factor positively to a internet search engine rankings provided that you don’t utilize these to extra. Contain applicable key terms in a sense that makes sense to Google and also your end users, join this with long-form, high-quality content that is useful, and they’re going to push your ranks increased.

Use the following strategies to Remain on the Great sides of the two Google along with your own crowd:

1. Be cautious of keyword intention.
When optimizing site content, concentrate on the intent behind your search phrases. Why are you currently onto the page? Can they leak naturally inside the written text?

Make sure to use long tail keywords too. All these are phrases of more words that let you to focus on certain audiences along with your own content. As an instance, instead of”dog grooming solutions,” you may use”dog walking services in mid town Manhattan.” Longtail keywords enable Google to get one of the most important results to users, plus so they generate a lot more qualified traffic for the organization for a consequence. It’s a win throughout.

2. Produce articles.
Do not forfeit importance for that sake of keyword stuffing. Persuasive, comprehensive articles which instructs and motivates readers will win daily. People search particular thoughts, and therefore do not crank out dumb, generic posts packed with awkwardly keywords. Prioritize quality, and also the remainder will accompany .

Content promotion’s recent increase provides a blessing to a search engine optimisation tactics. When you’re presently producing considerate, participating work, the keywords naturally occur during the text. This mix makes it possible to pass Google’s expectations assessments and enables one to get before prospects.

3. Maintain content that is fresh.
Update your existing supplies with fresh stats and anecdotes, and repackage it to get different programs. A white-paper you published a couple of months past can offer a great base to get a webinar, and also a popular site article could ignite a fascinating Twitter chat.

Develop an editorial calendar to get producing new work as well. Search motors reward fresh content because newer posts signify that your internet site contains true, uptodate information.

4. Review conversion and engagement metrics.
Monitor your conversion and participation amounts from your landing pages to be sure that the page name and metadata from the internet search results reacts with people’ needs when they just click. In the event you see significant dropoff, re work the material and meta data appropriately.

The function of search phrases and phrases in search engine optimisation may be evolving, but it is not moving away. Intelligent keyword utilization is still a highly effective approach to get to users, but Google’s ever-increasing inspecting approaches is raising the grade of content over the internet — and that’s a excellent thing. Whenever you’re not worried about key word stuffing, you’ll be able to re focus your time on producing great content that joins you together with your audience in a purposeful way.

Is link building for SEO still important in 2017?

Building BackLinks And Google -Some Facts

Some Facts About Building Backlinks And Google

Many companies today believe backlinks to be the gold standard in fostering organic keyword ranks. It really is thought that, should they may create a large amount of connections, they can be guaranteed to rank highly on Google hunts. It isn’t important where the backlinks are derived out. Provided that as plenty exist, the business is certain to profit — right?


Backlinks are definitely essential, but Google has significantly radically enhanced its ability to distinguish amongst natural traffic and those created through questionable ways. Plenty of companies have attempted to govern positions by getting big quantities of links on low cost, irrelevant sites. When these tricksters can observe a temporary growth within their ranks, Google will soon discover and penalize them with a”guide actions .”

The key to preventing this destiny is based on realizing that which constitutes a high-quality connection, along with where you can place it.

Paying the punishment
When Google established the very first iteration of its Penguin algorithm in 2012, web-masters received seven hundred 000 messages regarding black-hat practices, and Google has since continued to proceed later efforts to control results with traffic that was bogus.

Receiving a manual activity could be hugely detrimental to a site. Not merely does it mean a website loses the majority of its keyword rankings and organic traffic, however it also requires businesses to dedicate some significant resources and time to having the action revoked. That momentary hop from the ranks might look great at time, but nevertheless, it is going to soon abandon a company facing months (and sometimes maybe years) in the search-engine jungle.

The Value of Google-analytics
Instead of gaming with search engine invisibility and looking for cheat sheets, then firms need to invest correctly in search engine optimisation to get in advance. Compared to that end, google analytics is just a necessary first step. Half of the best million websites online utilize this, which amount rises to 60% among the most notable ten 000. Its complex tools make it possible for organizations to monitor almost any increase or decrease in traffic that is organic.

By establishing up Google’s Search Console, businesses may also gain insight to vital analytics for example clicks, impressions, click-through rates, and also average Google position (as well as maintain tabs on any possible manual actions). All of this information will soon be a gigantic aid for almost any corporation’s organic SEO efforts.

What exactly the Google Algorithm is looking for
Thus, what establishes a internet site’s organic search placement aside from backlinks, and also just how do you guarantee that the firm gets that enviable front-page billing? Here are 3 Hints to Help you get started:

1. Do not rely on Your Own articles

It isn’t important which business you run — if you have a website or repository of content, then you’re shooting your search engine optimisation efforts within the foot. Together with Google assessing internet sites around the basis of skills, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness, you can not afford to your own content to be sparse.

This doesn’t just mean linking to your company’s Insta-gram accounts to your website and adding a number of extra paragraphs. Graphics are significant, however a report ran by Backlinko making use of data from SEM-Rush, Ahrefs, SimilarWeb, and also MarketMuse exhibited the significance of long-form blog articles as well, and websites which produce front page of Google possess content that exits inch 890 phrases per post.

Creating content which addresses your customers’ issues could have additional trickle-down effects as well. It may cause the others much more inclined to link to your website — improving your backlinks — and it surely will raise the total amount of time users pay on any 1 page. With visitor metrics playing an important part from Google’s search rankings, keeping your organization site up-to-date and insightful is a nobrainer.

2. Technical SEO is your Very Best friend

Significantly of the acquired wisdom about SEO focuses on content, but technical SEO is both important. Google puts great significance on protection, and in December 2015, the firm confirmedit had been correcting its indexing platform to provide preference to websites which had been safe (HTTPS, instead of HTTP).

Google additionally cares concerning website speed, also when your front page takes a long time to load, it wont create the very first page of search outcomes. By fixing broken connections, making sure clean URLs, and setting an organized information structure, you could maximize your internet site at the specialized level and also ensure Google rewards your content that is great, also.

3. User experience along with conversion rates certainly are a Major deal

Google is becoming better at understanding end people’ search behavior. For example, if a user ceases searching for a specific product after entering your website, Google may value your page on other outcomes.

To enhance those conversions, focus with your own website’s user interface and attempt to eliminate”pogo-sticking” to lower your bounce prices. If you check your google-analytics in order to find that your bounce rate is more than 35%, you will need to begin operating. B ring your best content front and centre — it really is one easy way to position consumers in the perfect direction and turn those numbers round.

We have worked with businesses that have experienced major boosts from implementing those tactics. One enjoyed a 789 per cent increase in-organic traffic on a nine-month interval, even though the other (afflicted by a manual activity penalty) saw a 225 percent increase after a strict backlink analysis saw the penalty increased.

By offering high-quality content on a well-designed, protected, secure, and optimized website, you can ensure your company likes the fruits of a high organic search ranking. Your standing will probably prosper, and customers will flock to your web page.

Alvomedia tips to combine software and digital marketing

What Is Optimising Search Experience?

Optimising Search Experience-The Future Of SEO

Many companies are caught in search engine optimisation, yet this process goes back from days gone by. Within my 15 years working together with search engine optimisation, I’ve watched the procedure stems from a black-hat spam strategy right into a devious, quality-based marketing and advertising plan –and that development hasn’t only started.

New algorithms increasingly account fully for user behaviour metrics, for example as for instance site rate, structure and mobile optimization, as opposed to just searching for key words. And marketers must follow suit. It’s time for you to leave search engine marketing in the past and embrace search knowledge optimization instead.

Individual Experience. Machine Experience.
Too many marketers focus solely on hyperlinks and positions. While these metrics have their location, they aren’t the absolute most essential elements anymore. Businesses want a more holistic approach that combines traditional practices with new methods to place customers at the center of the process.

CURL, which stands for content, consumer knowledge, RankBrain and links, are all influential things in Google’s ranking algorithm. This technique provides a model frame for maximizing the internet search encounter. The very first two CURL facets are fairly self-evident: How important is the content? And also has the web site been created with all an user-experience at heart?

However, RankBrain is a little more specialized. This really is Google’s latest machinelearning artificial-intelligence platform, which helps provide relevant search engine results for all users. While the special aspects it believes are unknown, it reveals us that Google is shifting its own algorithm’s capacity to serve like a individual.

Back links are somewhat harder than they ever was. Not all backlinks are created the same, and in the place of emphasizing quantity, it’s time to target quality. A little collection of respected, relevant and resourceful links is worth more in the modern SEO compared to a wealth of connections.

Growing Particular Client Journeys
By making sure a strong, more responsive user expertise, entrepreneurs can raise the chances the blog traffic will adhere to a call to action. And with the ordinary conversion charge for U.S. web sites at under 4 percent, it really is apparent that more should be accomplished.

Customer travels are often evolving and interrogate, and each website visitor will make her or his own course. All these steps will likely probably guarantee the Greatest possible expertise:

1. Conduct polls. Voice of buyer polls are indispensable. Ask customers and visitors how their experiences could be made better and discover Net Promoter Score surveys to detect how they are supposed to recommend you to relatives and family members. Modify your web site based on these answers.

My organization also conducts exit polls from special webpages, for example shopping carts or product or service pages. Predicated on buyer answers, we are able to direct them to a ideal notification, offer a reduction if the cost is way too substantial, start a live conversation, or offer upgraded transportation.

2. Maximize the UX. An individual experience cannot be discounted. Absolutely free services and products like insane Egg can find where visitors scroll and click, while eye tracking reports detect wherever users appear, gaze and fixate. As the co founder of LookTracker, an eye tracking technology organization, I have seen first hand how insightful it is to watch by way of a visitor’s eyes as they navigate a website or app. Likewise, experimenting with Optimizely can help discover the most powerful web site designing. All these tools offer insight to just how users participate using a site and extend invaluable feedback for developments.

A customer of ours had simply launched a brand new internet site by having a unfortunate loss in conversions. Utilizing the above products, we ascertained where users had been overlooking CTAs, shifted the structure of the site and analyzed new layouts. The site watched over 350 per cent searches, a 4.6 percent boost in traffic and also a 32% rise in regular earnings, just out of the few smaller adjustments.

3. Publish killer articles. Information comes in several styles and shapes. It might possibly be considered a long-form post that offers authoritative and detailed information, or it might be a video that breaks down a intricate dilemma into easily digestible takeaways. Whatever the content, ensure it presents your own business being a specialist in the area and offers trustworthy info. Not only does this help with clients, but but with Google as good.

But on a recent piece, we’d the lofty goal of standing on page-1 at Google by Super Bowl Sunday. With the right vision, headers, videos, key words and CTAs, this articles viewed a healthy 188% rise in viewership by kick-off.

4. Be accessible. Customers wish information tailored for their own needs, which occasionally means moving beyond conventional website info. The absolute most receptive internet sites will offer quick access to a rockstar customer victory team using live-chat capabilities, making sure that any openings from these content are quickly dealt.

Based on Qualaroo surveys for one client, we now identified that customers were consistently seeking to ask queries regarding a product. Implementing a live conversation program on its own site maybe not merely assists that this company improve its user experience however the efficiency of its client service team.

5. Maintain advancing. Just as SEO has developed, promotion entire won’t be the very same in 2020 because it is today. Never quit looking to find tactics to improve your site to meet customer needs. Examine qualitative and qualitative responses and implement changes responsively.

Every buyer journey is unique. While old SEO procedures were focused on machine encounter, the newest look for knowledge optimisation is all about supplying respect to end users. Whitehat SEO is about people, not devices. Taking customers out of this sales funnel can boost traffic, improve customer engagement and raise conversion speeds: all keys into a far greater bottom line.

Alvomedia provides a local SEO service for companies that needs to target customers through location

Local SEO Service From Alvomedia

Increase Traffic Conversions With Local SEO

With millions of websites fighting for the coveted page 1 position in Google search engines, smart companies use a local SEO service to bolster their SERP. Many studies have shown that the click through rates (CTR) of the top 1, 2 or 3 positions on page 1 of Google are much higher than websites on lower positions. It is therefore a good investment to place your business on a higher position for visibility and lead conversions.

If the benefit of being positioned highly on keyword search results doesn’t convince, then consider this:

  • More than 80% of people research online before purchasing in a 10-20 mile radius
  • Local search volume is growing at 50% every year
  • 97% of people research online for a local business
  • SEO makes up 40% of all the traffic for your business
  • 34 % of people searching for local businesses online visit that store on the same day

Local SEO service to put your company on the map


The key to local SEO success is keyword research. If your website is not visible for the keywords relevant to your business with high search volumes, it it will not reach its full potential for SEO.

70% of all organic searches will click businesses on page 1 of Google; this can mean the difference between break even and a highly profitable month for your business. Again, if your website is not optimized for the keywords that people search for, it will not make as much in sales.


What additional revenue can I gain from local SEO?


Let us take an example of a private dental clinic based in London. Let us assume conservatively that the conversion rate of people visiting the dental clinic’s website is 13% and the average customer spends £300 on dental services.


The keyword research on Google Keyword Planner shows that there are 140 unique searches for dental clinics in the London area. If your dental clinic business was on page 1 of Google, a 70% click through rate would equate to 98 new visitors. 13% conversion rate from 98 visitors would be 12 (rounded down to a whole number). 12 new customers paying on average £300 each would be £3600. Therefore, ranking on page 1 of Google for new keyword phrase ‘London dental clinic’ can make your business £3600 extra per month in revenue.

As with all revenue projections, there is some guesswork involved. Your dental business in London may have higher conversion rates than the example above; the average client may spend more than £300 each.  Being positioned for higher visibility on search engines is guaranteed to bring increased revenue in the long term. 


How can a local SEO service help?


Alvomedia local SEO services will find a variety of keywords for your business that can convert well and are relevant for your geographical location. We can customize SEO campaigns depending on your business goals-unlike many other SEO companies, we do not offer a package for local SEO. Each business will be assessed for the keywords targeted and a local SEO strategy for long term revenue put into action. We do not believe in one size fit all SEO because every business is different and keywords vary in competitiveness.

Tips for selling on social media

Tips For Selling On Social Media

Tips On How To Sell On Social Media

Are you getting the most out of your social media marketing? The chances are, you are using social media channels to increase brand awareness and increase conversions. At some point, you would have heard of selling on social media using ads and content. These days, businesses can use social media ads and engaging posts to improve website traffic. Can it get you sales directly?

Yes and no.

It is likely that a prospective customer sees your Instagram photo and decide to visit your website for a purchase. It is also likely that a prospective customer book-marks your website so they can make up their minds in the future. Social media promotions has been called many things, including ineffective, but it does attract attention from leads. 

Start selling on social media with these tips

Did you know that companies using social media marketing perform 78% better than their peers? According to Hubspot, social selling helped IBM increase their sales by 400%. It is fair to say that social media channels can be effective for companies with a strong social media marketing strategy.

When we talk about selling on social media, we mean this in the most unobtrusive way possible. There are subtle ways to get sales without resorting to annoying hard sell tactics. Here are the top 5 ways: 

1. Use Calls to Action 

‘Click here..find out us,‘ are call to actions that can accompany your posts on social media. Your audience has a clear choice, and they will like the chance to act on a piece of content. If they are not interested, the call to action at the end of the content is not intrusive.

2.Provide value in your social media content

Advice, tips and links to useful content can build better relationships with your social media audience. They want to know what benefits they can get from following your account. The ratio of offering value to promoting your brand can be 10:1. If you do the content right, it will sell your brand by itself. Great content generates conversations on social media and increase website visitors.

3.Humanize your brand on social media

Be yourself, but a nicer version. Authenticity can strengthen relationships with audiences on social media and people like to do business with people they like. It is scientifically proven that people enjoy doing transactions with people they can relate to-culturally, intellectually and with similar experiences in life.

Even on social media, your brand is not a clinical corporate account. Great brands have feelings and concerns for other people. You can build connections through shared experiences or love for sports teams/entertainment/travel. You never know who is connecting to your content. 

4.Optimize visual imagery on social media

On social medial, visual content gets the most attention. Tweets with images get 150% more retweets, 39% of B2B companies share visual infographics on social media, and video content is on the rise. Visual content is integral to selling on social media because viewers can’t resist clicking on it. Once they have invested some time to seeing the visual content, they will either reshare with friends or file it away in their mind. The human brain retain memories of visual content better.

5.Be responsive on social

Great brands know a thing or two about customer service online, offline and on social media. 24/7 social media management is a must for international brands; a dedicated social media team will make sure that queries are answered around the clock. In addition to answering customers, your brand needs to be the hub of knowledge that customers come back to. If you can be the expert and trouble-shooter, then your customers will grow to trust your brand. Sales will occur as a result of this trust. At the same time, you are learning more about your customers and using this information for better marketing. 

10 awful facts about digital marketing that every entrepreneur should know

10 Facts About Digital Marketing

Facts About Digital Marketing In 2017

Creating a plan before acting can save you a lot of time. Knowing the facts before creating that plan can save you even more time. 

Indeed, knowing the facts about digital marketing will minimize drawbacks for your strategy. Although it is tempting to jump straight in, being realistic about marketing will increase your strength to handle it well.  For whatever weaknesses it has, digital marketing is a worthwhile investment if you can weigh the risks and align it with your business goals.

What, then, are these facts about digital marketing?

Digital marketing fact 1: it is not that cheap to implement

Merely setting up a website, PPC ad campaign and social media profile is an oversimplification of what digital marketing entails. It is also an underestimation of the costs. The competition is too high for digital marketing; to remain competitive, you need the best minds and allocation of resources. Social media ads, PPC (pay per click), SEO services (search engine optimization), content marketing, coordination and multi-channel/device marketing becomes more expensive when you increase the reach and competitiveness of your campaign.

Therefore, you have to plan well and budget prudently for the process. Expenses will increase with digital marketing if you are expanding your business and reaching millions of potential customers.

Digital marketing fact 2: it is not for everyone!

Digital marketing works for some brands but not others. Some consumers are not aware of the existing market online. Despite figures showing Mcommerce penetration and more consumers searching for businesses online, there are consumers who don’t search online. These consumers find businesses from word of mouth, leaflets, the Yellow Pages, newspaper supplements and industry magazines. When assessing your marketing needs, the behaviors of your target consumers matter the most.

Do not replace your traditional marketing strategy with digital marketing.  Combine them both to create an efficient strategy to acquire new customers. Social media marketing can also be a boost to your strategy, just optimize it and use it well.

Digital marketing fact 3: it changes with consumer behavior and technology

The fundamental principles of marketing, such as customer satisfaction and building connections remains the same. However, the mode and technology of digital marketing changes all the time. Your consumers may adopt new technology to communicate/shun certain social media platforms. Make sure that your marketing strategy really works by testing and tracking the results. In digital marketing, it pays to stay on top of all possible changes and updates of the digital world.

Digital marketing fact 4: reputation can be destroyed online

You need to be aware of activities that might destroy your hard earned connections or make a negative impression towards your customers.  You might be targeted by competitors online or consumers with their own agenda.

Be on guard and be ready for the possible negative content that will impact your business online. The way you conduct and present yourself can either strengthen your customer relationships or damage it forever. Acting with professionalism and speed can mitigate any further damages to your reputation if it is a social media crises.

Digital marketing fact 5: hacking and cyber crime happens online

People can take your information or confidential data accessible for hacking. If you own an online business that collects sensitive marketing data, this is even more risky. Hackers can take your customer’s contact details and spam them. You will need to train employees about security and DDoS attacks.

Digital marketing fact 6: it is challenging

You need to undergo the difficulty with measuring the impact of your digital marketing. You need the skills of data analysis, testing and content creation. In a survey by Adobe, it was found that 47% of marketers had limited knowledge about digital marketing; 39% said that the fast pace of change in digital marketing was an obstacle. Outsourcing work to consultants and companies that specializes in digital marketing can save you money in the end, but justifying the spend to executives can be difficult.

Executing a content strategy that is coordinated and consistent is one of the biggest challenges to online businesses.  This stems from lack of resources, skills and planning (targeting and using the right metrics).

Digital marketing fact 7: mistakes are forever on record

Mistakes are inevitable every time you do or try something new.  Some are easy to fix in digital marketing but others will harm your business. The problems with making mistakes in digital marketing is how to repair your relationship with consumers and make them trust you again. Bad content marketing, spamming customers with emails, and saying the wrong things on social media may or may not leave lasting damage. When content gets published online, it exists forever on record. 

Prepare to be flexible and improve your content or approach as you connect to your customers.  Your content marketing must be reliable, valuable and relevant to your customer with the ultimate intention of winning their trust.

Digital marketing fact 8:  hedge your bets in digital

It is hard to put your bet on your online visibility knowing that the future of digital world is uncertain.  You do not know what will happen next as the digital world paces fast.  The rapid changes cause rapid updates that you need to cope with.

You must move cautiously but quickly.  Cautiously means you should not make large investments without testing and tracking your efforts.  Quickly means you can adapt and establish user-friendly marketing at every opportunity.  That way, you can keep up with the times and boost your visibility online for target customers.

Digital marketing fact 9: consumers don’t trust advertising

Constant social media ads and promotional content that misrepresents the brand destroys consumer’s trust. Con artists can take advantage of PPC, social ads and emails to trick consumers. This can make your target customers suspicious of your brand too. In order to reassure consumers, you need to build brand reputation and stand behind the product or service that you provide. Allow for online reviews and  build up trust through engagement on multiple marketing channels.

Digital marketing fact 10: the many variables make it difficult to measure

If you’ve spent money on traditional advertising, then you’ll know your return on investment (ROI). With long term digital marketing, such as social media connections, SEO and creating content, the ROI is harder to calculate. This creates difficulties in justifying the marketing spend to a decision maker. If you are the decision maker, this undermines your confidence in digital marketing. You need to know what metrics you use to assess the effectiveness of your digital marketing and how to track the data from your campaigns.


These ten facts about digital marketing can make everyone pause before developing an online strategy. Don’t panic; these facts may challenge you to explore all avenues to enhance, improve and develop effectiveness in your digital strategy.  Evaluate your content marketing and the importance of your metrics. Knowing the worst can bring about the best in your marketing strategy. It is the stepping-stone to success.

How will social media marketing change in 2017?

What Will Social Media Marketing Look Like In 2018?

2018 Social Media Marketing Change

By the time marketers catch up with consumers, the consumers are already ahead. Digital marketing is as fast paced as it is fragmented. When a channel or device of digital marketing is trending, marketers should plan a few steps ahead. Social media became an avenue of that constant trend. Many companies are increasing their investment in social media marketing, simply because it is the trendy/prescribed thing to do. After all, marketing gurus and blogs such as this one sing the praises of social media marketing.

The fact is: social media marketing can be very effective when it is done strategically and measured for results. Every company should know their social media marketing metrics, be able to see how social media can amplify their content marketing and work towards their financial goals. 

As the saying goes, “There is nothing permanent in this world,” marketers should plan for paradigm shifts in digital marketing. The emergence of wearable devices, virtual reality and real time marketing can change many aspects of social media marketing as we know it today.


10 ways social media marketing will change in 2018 and beyond


Social media platforms are changing all the time. Emarketer even predicted that social network ad spending will reach $35.98 billion by 2017. Social media channels are bridging the gap between the ecommerce store and a social media profile.What are the other social media marketing changes we can expect in 2018?


  1. Social media marketing thrives with mobile and faster Internet


With a mobile device at hand, social media users can readily access content and real time conversations.  These days, trending topics on social media is the fastest way for news to get around. Faster broadband may become a fundamental right for people and companies will be able to reach many millions of consumers with their content. The ease of access and speed of access to social media platforms will make it the first choice for distributing your company’s content.


  1. Social media will showcase brands like never before


Social media marketing can generate conversations about a company/brand; it is like word of mouth marketing on steroids! In 2018 and beyond, social media marketing will be unparalleled in creating buzz. Satisfied customers will spread the word about their favorite brands and products will divide people more than ever. Of course, this kind of 24 hour PR has its downside: companies will need to monitor conversations on social media 24/7 and respond quickly.


  1. Visual competition on social media


With the influx of visual content on social media, it can make 2018 the year for companies to prioritize images in their content marketing. Customers recall visuals better, respond to and share visual content .  Forms of visual content such as GIF, rich media, creative videos will become trendier in 2018 and beyond.


  1. Video content will get even bigger on social media


Facebook and Youtube will dominate as the social networks for your video content. More companies will invest in video marketing when they realize the reach and value of social media channels. Optimizing video content for search engines is necessary for every company’s digital marketing strategy.


  1. E-Currency will take social media marketing to another level


E-currency such as Bitcoin and Litecoin are already adopted by many ecommerce merchants. The ease of payments using e-currency makes this an appealing way to settle the bill. 2018 may still be too early for a widespread integration of e-currency with social media but it seems to be heading that way. Paying bills on social media, booking hotels and impulse purchases may just become the norm in the next few years. Marketing on social media will encourage instantaneous purchases using e-currency.


  1. Social media marketing will be more strategic


In 2017, many companies are still coming to grips with social media marketing. Learning how to use the different social media platforms and what content to post on them is a daily challenge. With a better understanding of what social media users want and the social media marketing metrics, companies will be able to post and engage on social media in a more strategic way. Social media marketing will be geared towards ROI and improved relationships with consumers. 


  1. More personalized content on social media


Customer satisfactions tend to travel faster than advertising media. Firms that have loyal consumers surely stay on the market.  Making all the possible way of dealing more personally with the needs of the consumer will surely assure satisfaction that guaranteed loyalty. Content that are more personalized can reach its potential because it can get what they really want.   The more to get in touch with what the consumer really needs, the more it can attract and get a deal.


  1. A new social media platform will gain traction


The stage is set for a new social media platform to emerge in 2018. In order to gain traction, the new social media platform will need a lot of users within a short frame of time to make it valuable. Businesses have to keep an eye on their consumer’s behavior and adapt to new social media platforms that their consumers use.


  1. The development of the digital assistant


A digital assistant retrieves information and provide customer service to social media users. Facebook is ready to launch M on the Messenger App; this strategy tends to have more opportunities in dealing with the consumer in just one platform.  It is reaching farther to what is expected. Marketers will need to work with digital assistants for their content to be found. They will need to create content that answer queries addressed to digital assistants.


  1. Privacy is tightened in social media marketing


Privacy online is a concern for Internet users: results from a TRUSTe research found that 89% of British Internet users are worried about their privacy online. The demand for social media also creates a demand for increased online privacy. The most enduring social media platforms will be the ones that offer the most security for users; marketers will need to prioritize security in their social media marketing as well


Social media marketing will continue to grow and flourish in 2018.  The trends of tomorrow will be focus on increased social media privacy, greater levels of user engagement and personalized social media content. In order to remain competitive in the digital space, marketers need to be aware of consumer’s behavior on social media and adapt to social media marketing change. In particular, the focus should be a better user experience for consumers on social media. As a form of outbound marketing, social media is indispensable. 

What are the big SEO myths in 2017?

The Big SEO Myths In 2017

SEO Myths To Say Goodbye To In 2017

Search engine optimization encompasses a lot of processes and information. At the same time, these processes are never fixed for long. Search engines tend to bring out new algorithms and release new guidelines on a regular basis so as to serve their users better. New SEO tools are also created to make the processes easier.

Due to the rapid changes that take place and the copious amount of information on SEO, it is easy for misconceptions to form. Such myths make it difficult for everyone concerned. In order to get the best results or hire the best SEO services, you must be able to separate the truth from the mountains of misinformation available. Given below are some of the more common misconceptions about SEO.

SEO Myth 1: Meta tags should be ignored because it is not a ranking factor

While it is true that Meta tags were once used by search engines as a ranking factor, it is no longer the case. Search engines do not even index these tags anymore. In fact, Google has publicly stated that Meta tags are not ranking factors anymore. Meta tags are used to display information about the website in search results. Therefore, they can still be important as it gives you an opportunity to attract the interest of the customers by writing an appealing copy. However, do not expect them to affect your rankings.

Google has officially stated that meta tags are no longer used for ranking factor

SEO Myth 2: More inbound links is better than less

This is quite a common misconception about inbound links. Google has made it abundantly clear that it gives preference to quality. As such, it has taken steps to ensure that a higher rank is given to webpages that have inbound links of a high quality.

Earlier, people used numerous inbound links of any quality to increase the ranks of websites. However, Google has ensured that such pages do not get higher ranks anymore. Instead, it is likely that the webpage will be penalized and marked as spam due to the high number of links in it.

You should, instead, strive to ensure that the inbound links you are using are of a high quality. Limit the quantity but increase the quality of the links in order to get a good rank.

SEO Myth 3: Anchor text should be scrapped

The importance of anchor text as a ranking factor has certainly decreased over the last few years. The newer algorithms of Google do not assign a lot of weight to this factor. However, this does not mean that anchor text is no longer useable in SEO. In spite of the lowered importance of anchor text, it is still quite useful. The correct placement of anchor text can increase your chances of getting a better rank which is certainly helpful for the overall SEO campaign.

SEO Myth 4: XML sitemaps is a ranking factor

XML Sitemaps are an important part of any website. However, they have absolutely no bearing from an SEO viewpoint. The sole purpose of these items is to help the search engines locate the content of your website and get it indexed faster. They are not considered as a ranking factor by Google.

SEO Myth 5: You will see the benefits of SEO in 6 months

This is a major misconception. It is impossible to run a successful SEO digital marketing campaign by optimizing your website and content only once. Search engines keep updating their algorithms on a regular basis. Therefore, the processes you have used to optimize your website and gain a higher rank might be rendered useless or less effective. At the same time, your competition will be optimizing their websites and they may overtake your rank. Therefore, you must ensure that your SEO services are continuously keeping up with the changing times and ensuring a steady and high rank.

One of the biggest SEO myths is maintenace of SEO is not required. Your website's organic traffic will drop without sEO maintenance

SEO Myth 6: Guest blogging is not effective

The fact is that marketers and experts often contribute blog posts and articles for a variety of reasons such as knowledge sharing. They are not always looking to promote themselves or create links. This behavior is taken into account by Google. Therefore, if you use guest posts, your website is not going to be penalized.

On the other hand, it is important to ensure that the frequency of contributions is moderate. Contributing too many posts in a short period of time may raise flags and attract a penalty from Google. You should also ensure that your posts do look like spam. In other words, your posts should be devoid of keyword stuffing or extensive usage of anchor links.

SEO Myth 7: SEO is dead because of voice search

There are many who claim that SEO is no longer useful. However, nothing can be further from the truth. The fact is that SEO is affected every time the algorithms are updated. If the SEO processes are not updated to reflect the changes, there will not be any effect whatsoever. This causes many people to claim that SEO is dead.

You should avoid believing these myths if you wish to make your digital marketing campaign successful. Research the facts and use the best methods to improve your website rank.

Video marketing tips you can apply for your internet business in 2015

Video Marketing Tips For Your Business

Video Marketing Tips Worth Trying

The trend for online video marketing is on the rise. There are many companies that are doing marketing for their products and services using video content. And, the best thing is, video works wonders in attracting and engaging your potential customers. The Forrester research found out that advertisements and promotions in the form of videos were more likely to get good ranks in search engines than the conventional web pages and blogs.

There are quite a few reasons for entrepreneurs to use videos marketing their products. One important reason for doing so is that creating and promoting videos these days  is cheap and convenient. Anyone can create videos using their smartphone or affordable recording device. Professional video equipment and props are not required to create engaging video content. Moreover, once uploaded on the Web, this type of content remain forever on the Internet and is accessible to potential customers forever. Most of the social media sites allow video sharing. Thus, the videos you create can be uploaded to social media websites where millions of eyeballs watch your content. Just use the right content strategies for posting and promoting your video content. Given below are a few important and effective video marketing tips.


Provide an informative title for your video


Just like the headline of a news article and the topic for a blog post, the title of videos too should be attractive and interesting. It can help to pull the most traffic towards the video on the video sharing sites. You should not forget to add relevant keywords in the title. This would help to get better organic ranking in search engines faster. When people are searching for a video like yours, it will be easier for them to find it if you are using the right set of keywords and a relevant title.

Using informative titles and video description is a great way to optimize your video marketing for search engines

The quality of your video content should be improved

The type of video content that you create should be interesting, short, and informative. Even if you are uploading long video content, the quality of it should not deteriorate. Make sure you are providing valuable information to your viewers. You can teach them various things using video tutorials and can also provide them with important information about your brand or company.”How to” videos are powerful in attracting viewers. Through the videos you post, you will be able to showcase your knowledge about a product or a service. This high quality video content can help the growth of your brand and company. If you search for well known entrepreneurs in YouTube, most of them have a YouTube channel and playlist of videos. Remember, the video sharing site is maintained and managed by Google – the most popular search engine. So, you must make it a point to do some serious video marketing for your brand.

Include the URL of your official website in the video. After the shooting is done, when editing, make it a point to put URL in the end credits or bottom of the video. You can add text boxes inside the video and showcase your website URL. Adding URL to the video is a great way to get a maximum exposure.


Video marketing highlights your brand


Video marketing is very important for companies who are doing extensive branding for their products and services. On the video screen, you need to put your company’s logo and slogans. If not throughout the running time of the video, the logo and the slogan should be there at key points inside the video.

When writing the description for the video, you must make it a point to provide the link you’d want to drive the viewers to. No entrepreneur should miss this opportunity and should provide the links to the website to the video that he/she is using for branding.

You must make it a point to upload the video both on the other video sharing sites and also on the official website. Having interesting videos on your company website will reduce the bounce rates. Moreover, you can be sure that the visitors are taking an interest in the products and services that your company is dealing with. Google algorithm also tracks the number of times a video has been viewed by the audience and based on that, the position of the link on the search engine is decided. Posting the video on multiple sites increases the chance of it being viewed by a maximum number of potential customers. Thus, the video will have a lot of views, which is good for the ranking of the video URL on the search engines.

There are many things that you can do with a video format. You can promote your business and brands through it in the most interesting and engaging manner. Instead of just filmed content, you can also upload slideshows, screen captures, and PowerPoint slides on the video sharing sites.

Remember, the benefits of video marketing are many. It has been found in a survey that around 81% of the senior marketing professionals use video content for their marketing programs. And, around 52% of the employees watch work-related videos. Thus, you can be sure that video marketing will work for your company and company image.