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How to get more Twitter leads for your business

How To Get More Twitter Leads

Tips To Get More Twitter Leads

The popularity of Twitter is growing. It has proven itself to become one of the best social networks in the world. Therefore, it is important for your business to include Twitter in your social media marketing campaigns. In fact, it is possible for you to generate Twitter business leads. This social network can be used for discovering qualified leads for making your business a success.


Social media marketing via Twitter


Twitter has a variety of features. If you wish to make the best use of this social network, you will have to find out the features that can be used for your social media marketing needs. You can use the following tips so as to make it easier to search and gain more qualified leads.

Twitter Adverts


You can promote individual tweets or your Twitter account using Twitter ads.  The beauty of Twitter ads is better targeting for users who are already following similar businesses and interested in your type of product. Businesses on Twitter can select the geographical location, time zone, budget, user interest and gender to promote themselves. The disadvantage of Twitter ads is the cost, which is relatively steeper than other social media marketing methods. You will need to pay for each follower as a result of seeing your Twitter ad.


How to use Twitter ads to gain Twitter business leads

Research your hashtags and keywords


It is certain that you will find your targeted consumer base and audience on Twitter. After all, it is used by over 300 million people every month. You will have to take advantage of this huge reach by searching out your audience actively and engaging with them.

In order to do so, you should first make a list of hashtags, as well as keywords, that are related to the name of your business and products. You can also take note of the competition and the hashtags used by them for their businesses and products. With the list you just compiled, you can conduct a simple search.

Through the results, you will be able to locate potential and prospective customers who are possibly interested in your products and business. You should start engaging with them by getting their tweets shared or mentioning them in yours.

Using Twitter search bar you can find what popular hashtag to use for your social media marketing campaign

You can make use of the advanced search options in Twitter to filter the results and target in a more specific manner. After all, you may want to target customers based on their location and proximity to your retail store. You can even use the search filters to find people who are tweeting about you or looking for products that you sell in real time. You can make use of this feature to reach out to those people and engage with them. You should not forget to look out for influencers.


Find out the interests of your customers


It is important for you to learn more about the interests of your customers so that you can improve your digital marketing campaigns. Twitter makes it easier for you to search out the interests of the customers. After all, people love to talk about their interests, lifestyle choices, motivations and a plethora of other topics. You will have no problems in making use of these pieces of information for your social media marketing needs.

While searching for your customers, you should also pay attention to the other topics they tweet about. This allows you to find out more about the possible interests of your targeted consumer base. You can use the common hashtags you have found to understand more about the audience. By understanding the demographics of your audience, you will be able to improve your marketing campaigns.

Start Twitter contests


Voting contests can be very effective at garnering the attention of your customers and improving engagement rates. However, they can do more. Voting contests allow you to gain invaluable insight into your customers. You can also increase your mailing lists which can be another way of gaining leads. The contests can also help you to learn the preferences of your customers with respect to your products and services.

In order to make the best use of contests as a lead generator, you must offer a suitable prize. The prize should be related to your business or it can be one of your own products. The prize can act as an incentive for people to participate. Moreover, it will attract those who have a genuine interest in your business and products.

Share interesting content on Twitter


Content marketing is essential if you are trying to make use of social media networks for generating leads. Of course, you need to modify the content based on the network you are using. For Twitter, you can opt for trivia, quotes and even questions to get the maximum number of shares. Of course, you must ensure that the entire post fits in the character limit of Twitter along with the appropriate hashtags and possible comments from your customers while retweeting. For many businesses, content marketing is the hardest thing to accomplish on Twitter since the competition for user’s attention is fierce. The best thing is to schedule Tweets using social media marketing tools for the optimal times and outsource content creation to a digital marketing team.

Make use of Twitter Cards

Using Twitter cards you can create more impressions for your brand to increase Twitter business leads

Twitter cards can be invaluable for your business as it allows you to add multimedia such as images and videos along with textual content such as product descriptions. You will require a website developer who can attach the code to your website. There are many cards out of which one has been specifically developed for helping you generate leads. Called Twitter product cards, they can give your prospects and customers the information about a particular product. You can use them to collect emails for further leads.

How to measure the ROI of SEO in 2017

How To Calculate The ROI Of SEO In 2017

Measuring The ROI of SEO

Not all the companies on the web are e-commerce. If you are not selling anything online, how do you determine revenue generation for your website? By doing SEO marketing or search engine optimization, you increase the popularity of the website on various digital platforms. But calculating the amount of revenue that search engine optimization is generating for your company is important to make sure that you are spending your marketing budget wisely.

You need to measure the ROI of SEO regularly. To do that, you can track the progress using online tracking tools like Google Analytics and Positionly. With these tools you will not just be able to analyze the amount and quality of information on the site, but will also be able to analyze traffic patterns, increase links, and also enhance the number of sustainable traffic. Above all, it is possible to increase revenue by improving your website’s SEO.


Ways to measure the ROI of SEO marketing


Do you want to calculate the ROI from SEO marketing? Given below are some ways to do that:


Increasing non-branded organic traffic


If the amount of traffic to your website is increasing, it is a good sign that your company is growing. It also means that the keywords used for the company is well-matched with the search engine results. It is definitely important that the website should be visible to the people who are searching for your brand and company, it is also important that the business is visible to the people who are searching for a similar business with non-branded keywords. To do that you need to browse through the non-branded keywords that drive traffic. Check the acquisition section of the Google Analytics. You need to check the Keywords and then, the Organic report.


Separate the traffic gained from branded and non-branded keywords


In order to separate out the branded keywords, you can easily separate the traffic that is being brought by the branded and non-branded keywords, and select ‘advanced’ on the Organic report. Now, select, ‘exclude’ from the first drop-down menu that you come across. Then select containing to all the different versions of the brand name. To check whether the marketing plan with a non-branded keyword is working, you need to check the number of new visitors to your site. You must know that customers who are already familiar with your business would use branded searches. Thus, branded organic traffic is the group of people who are already familiar with your business. You must use a combination of Google Analytics and Positionly to be able to filter out the traffic according to your need. This is a good way to understand which keywords are driving branded, organic traffic. You will be able to understand whether the business is growing new traffic or only the existing. You can also get an idea whether your website is being visited by both existing and new visitors.

Track the number of inbound links


Inbound links are important for search engine optimization. When there is another website similar to yours in SEO marketing through inbound links, Google considers what the company is expert in and then rank the respective site accordingly. Increasing the different kinds of inbound links to the site is one of the most effective ways to gain visibility on search engines. As a result, your website can enjoy more traffic, better ranks, and increased revenue. That is the reason you need to regularly track the number of inbound links over a period of three, six, and twelve months. You should analyze the type of content that is bringing most number of traffic to the website. If you find that a particular type of content, for example, eBooks and white papers have brought in more traffic, you should repeat those to duplicate success often.


Measure the quality of website traffic using bounce rates


To get the best ROI from SEO, you need to bring quality traffic to your website. You should never use high risk SEO (that will incur penalties) strategies to drive traffic to your website. A high amount of traffic is definitely important for the success of your website in search engines. However, it should be quality traffic that gets converted to customers. If the traffic to your website does not stay or find the contents of the website relevant enough, the bounce rates of your website will increase, which will have an adverse effect on the success of the website. Quality traffic to your website will find the contents meaningful and will purchase the products and avail what the company has to offer. You can track the behavior of the traffic on your website using the ‘Audience’ section of the dashboard of Google analytics and checking the behavior report. You can also measure the quality of traffic to your website by calculating the bounce rates of the site. If the bounce rates are high, it means that the sites lack quality traffic. If you can see a high ROI from the website, it means that a large number of traffic to your website is getting converted to customers.

It is definitely your choice how you want to measure the ROI from the SEO marketing campaigns that you are launching. There are different metrics that are really effective in highlighting success. For more information about measuring the ROI of your SEO marketing campaign or for a consultation to set a SEO campaign one up, contact

The most effective SEO tips for video

SEO Tips For Video Content

Why SEO is important for your video content

You need multimedia elements in your website if you want to attract and retain the interest of your customers and visitors. Of course, you will also have to opt for search engine optimization processes so as to ensure that your multimedia items show up during relevant searches. While you can hire companies offering SEO services to get your images and videos optimized, it will be better if you learn how to do it yourself. Video SEO will be more difficult but critical nonetheless as videos take over images in popularity.

Video SEO tips to apply to your content


You can use the following tips to help you in optimizing your videos for your SEO and digital marketing strategy.


Your video content should be valuable


Videos are also a form of content. Just like the other components of your content marketing strategy, you must ensure that your videos provide some useful information to the viewer. If the content is great, you will not face too much of problem in ensuring a higher rank for the videos.

At the same time, it is not very difficult to make good content for videos. One of the misconceptions about video marketing is that it requires a professional with high end equipment and editing skills to make it work. Anyone with a smart phone or laptop can record and make videos. It does not have to be expensive either. You can make videos which help your customers solve their problems, provide entertainment or new information.


Make it easier to search for your videos


You should take all your videos and create a video gallery. The gallery can act as a source for all your video resources. Moreover, it will provide a center from which your users can search for videos easily. Of course, you need to set up the gallery in a user-friendly manner so as to maximize the benefits for yourself and your users. Organize the videos into categories and add tags. This makes it easier for your users to search for videos. At the same time, the navigation is improved as well.

Ensure that each video can be played on its own page. Creating a page filled with embedded videos will create more problems than it will solve. It becomes very difficult to locate a specific video when there are too many embedded videos in a single page. Moreover, if you create a separate page for each video, it improves the SEO. Search engines will be able to index each video individually, which increases the chances of getting a high rank. It will be an improvement to the user experience as well.


Implement interactive elements in your videos


Every time a person watches a video, you get an opportunity to make a sale by providing the right call to action. This is made possible by the implementation of interactive elements in the video. There are many kinds of elements that you can implement in the videos such as surveys, quizzes and, of course, links. These can be used to reach out to the users at the correct time and ensure that they take the correct action.


Use relevant metadata for your video description


Metadata can be extremely beneficial in getting better ranks for your videos. Therefore, you should ensure that your videos have rich metadata implemented into the code. This helps you make the best use of your video gallery. Additionally, videos are a great way to make use of those valuable long tail keywords which are difficult to implement otherwise.  In each of the video pages, you should implement hidden tags into the HTML code.


Make use of video transcriptions


Your rankings can be significantly affected by transcriptions. If you wish to make the best possible use of the video content, video transcriptions should be added directly to the HTML code of each of the video pages. Transcriptions will allow the viewers to read the contents of the video. While this is beneficial for the users, transcriptions will also ensure that the pages become rich with keywords to improve the overall rank.


Use your own domain for hosting videos


This is the best way to increase the SEO value of the videos. By hosting your videos on your own website, you can markedly improve the results of the overall SEO campaign. Of course, the video platform, you are using for it, should be able to create a video sitemap within a subdomain in your own website.


A video sitemap is essential


In order to boost the results of your video SEO campaign, you should create a video sitemap and configure it in the proper manner. You can use a video platform that can configure the video sitemap automatically. This will reduce a lot of effort and worries in the long run. Of course, each entry in the sitemap should have a link to the video page attached.


Allow users to embed


You should allow your viewers and users to add your videos to embed their videos into their own websites. As your videos get embedded into other websites, you will be increasing the number of inbound links that your websites gain.


Outsource video SEO if you have other things to do


Hire a digital marketing agency that provides video SEO and free up more time to work on other parts of your business/content creation.

what are the great misconceptions about hiring digital marketing services?

Misconceptions About Digital Marketing Services

Using Digital Marketing Services

“There’s no way I’m going to outsource work to a digital marketing service!”

The workload is overwhelming for an online business. A bootstrapping mentality means the founder has to do everything him/herself-including content creation, SEO and working on the business. There is simply not enough time to implement everything. What can they do to take their business to the next level?

The answer is staring them in the face: they should outsource their digital marketing to a digital marketing agency as soon as possible!


Myths about digital marketing services


There are many misconceptions about digital marketing agencies to deter businesses from hiring them. As the workload gets heavier and heavier, the business may suffer unless marketing is being delegated. Here are the most common misconceptions around:


1. We can train employees to do digital marketing with expertise


Training your employees to do digital marketing will take up your most valuable resource-time. Online marketing seems easy to implement, but it will take an experienced marketer to get it right the first time. Businesses can benefit from the expertise of digital marketing agencies with years of experience. In addition to skills, digital marketing agencies can view your business from a different perspective.


2. Digital marketing is inefficient compared to hiring sales teams


Digital marketing helps to establish reputation and online authority for brands. Salespeople helps to close sales. Digital marketing generates leads using content creation and consumer behavioural data; sales converts individual leads into paying customers. A growing business requires the specialist roles of both digital marketing and sales.


3. Digital marketing agencies won’t understand our niche business


No matter how niche the business, digital marketing agencies can research and gain a good understanding of the audience and competitive landscape. Yes, there are bad marketing agencies who do not care at all. Don’t let the bad apples ruin what could be the best collaboration you can have for your business. Serious digital marketing agencies will learn quickly everything they can about your business and align their marketing plans with the long term goals of the business.


4. Digital marketing agencies will control our business


There is a world of difference between telling you how to run your own business and acting as a strategic advisor. Good digital marketing agencies will suggest the best ways to market your products and ask for your thoughts before implementing them. Contents will be reviewed and any final decisions will be made by the business owner in light of all the recommendations.


5. Digital marketing services do not deliver


Perhaps the worst misconception of all is that digital marketing services are useless and do not deliver on ROI. There are bad apples in every cart, however the good marketing agencies are worth their staff’s weight in gold. For many businesses, learning to do digital marketing is outside of their comfort zone. The time could be better spent elsewhere. A good digital marketing agency does everything quickly and efficiently; they free up time for the business owner to do more. That retainer fee may seem expensive, but making mistakes and losing out to competitors is far more costly.

Quick SEO tips to optimize your website

Easy SEO Tips For Your Website

Simple SEO Tips For Every Website

There are so many things written about search engine optimization, or SEO, that deciding on the best SEO strategy becomes confusing.  Phrases such as canonical tag indexation creates more confusion for the website owner. The main concern for any online business is to attract leads and convert them in paying customers. If only the means of getting there is as simple as theory! Organic SEO is an effective way to draw more traffic and boost sales for your business. Here are some simple tips you can use right away!

1. Create high quality content

Did you hear about the article spinner spamming to get more links? Articles that are badly written and does not seem to be created by a human being, are sussed out quickly by Google. Every year, Google algorithms is becoming more sophisticated. The purpose of a search engine is to help people find relevant and high quality content. If your content is not good enough for your intended audience, then it is not good for SEO.

Creating 1 piece of high quality content is worth more than 10 average ones. High quality content will help you gain more shares and links from other websites- making your business rank higher on search engines.

2. Create content frequently

High quality content has to be created consistently and frequently in order to get you better rankings. Your audience will love consuming the content you create on a regular basis and you may even gain a loyal following from your daily/weekly content. If you struggle with creating content frequently, you can outsource this to a professional content marketing agency. The agency will create niche content specific to your industry and help to distribute it.

3.  Don’t overlook keyword research

Using Google Keyword Planner, or Keyword Tool, you can find long tail keywords (around 3 to 5 words long) that are less competitive and able to generate highly targeted traffic. For example, instead of ‘carpet,’ you can use the long tailed ‘antique Persian carpet,’ to help you attract leads with higher rates of conversion. Why is this? People searching for specific phrases already know what they want to buy. ‘Carpet,’ is such a broad term it will also attract leads that are not interested in paying more for an antique carpet.

4. Describe your website using meta data

Help search engines out as much as possible by being descriptive in your meta data. The meta data should include any relevant keywords for your content and a brief description of the content you have created. Here is an example of descriptive meta data:

Describing your content using meta data is a great way to optimize your website for the search engines

5. Optimize visuals in your content

Using visual content helps with SEO. Why? Firstly, visual content can be titled with your relevant keywords for SEO, and they can be described for SEO purposes. Secondly, people love to share visual content (infographics, photos and videos) all over their social networks. This will help to bring more traffic to your website-and make you rank higher.

6. Write for real people, not just for Google

Many years ago, black hat SEOs tried to trick Google by using too many keywords and anchor texts. The content that was created to manipulate Google was a bad experience to read. Repetitive keywords, boring content and unnatural combination of words scared readers away.

Every piece of content that you create must be attractive to your audience. In addition to creating high quality content, as mentioned above, you have to use attention grabbing headlines and compelling narratives to make readers stay. Story telling is not a recent fad in marketing-it has been in existence for thousands of years as a form of sharing, and spreading information. Companies that are able to tell a good story generate more leads and shares-resulting in better rankings.

7. Validate your website with high quality links

Link building is time consuming, so why do marketers insist on it? Linking with high PR websites have several advantages:

  • It tells Google that your website is popular
  • It tells Google that your website is worthy through association with another high ranking website
  • It tells Google that your website has authority in a specific industry

To find out more about building links, Moz and Search Engine Land are comprehensive resources.

8.Social signals matter

Once you have created content for your business, the next step is to amplify your efforts by sharing on social media. By using two or three main social media channels, you should be able to distribute your content to where your target audiences are. Active engagement in social media for your business will generate more traffic and leads for your website. This will signal to search engines that you are an authority in your industry and the rankings for your website will improve. Social media can be a powerful PR channel for your business and the long term impact cannot be ignore.

Tips on how to convert and generate business leads using Instagram social media marketing

How To Get More Leads Through Instagram

How To Use Instagram For Business Leads

The popularity of Instagram is hard to dismiss. People love sharing their photos on social media networks and Instagram provides the perfect platform to do so. This social network provides users the ability to share photos, but that too in a very stylish manner. Although there are many other photo sharing social networks, Instagram is still the most popular one.

Instagram brings with it a number of features which has helped it rise in popularity. It allows its users to take photographs with their mobile devices which can then be posted directly on to their Instagram profiles. Additionally, it is possible to connect Instagram to other social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter so that the photos get uploaded simultaneously on all social networks at the same time.

For businesses, Instagram posed a problem when it came to social media marketing. As the social network supported only images and later videos, regular content marketing tactics could not be used. However, there are strategies which can be used to make Instagram a viable tool for showcasing your business and products. Of course, you may be looking for ways to generate more leads for your business with this social network.


Generating targeted leads through Instagram


In order to generate leads for your business, you must generate interest in your services or products from customers, existing and potential. You need to create the interest before the customers take notice. In Instagram, you will have to appeal to the consumer base visually. As there are no blogs or textual posts in this social network, you will have to rely on images to popularize your business.

Instagram can be quite useful. By sharing your photos with your targeted audience, you gain the ability to create a personal visual representation of your business. When used properly, you can bring your customers directly to your business through the images. In fact, you can create a sense of community with your customers through Instagram.

There are many ways Instagram can be used to increase and gain business leads. Given below are some of them.

Share photos of your company on Instagram


How to showcase company culture with Instagram marketing

You should introduce customers to your business by sharing photos of your staff, company events and work. Photos of special company events will generate great PR and interest. In fact, it is a great way to introduce your staff and yourself to the customers. After all, your customers will love to know the talented people that are helping to create and bring the products they are buying. In other words, this method will allow you to make your brand seem more human since your customers can now associate human faces to the company. By humanizing your brand through the staff photos, you are making it more accessible to the consumer base.


Showcasing CSR initiatives


You can also humanize your brand through photographs of the corporate social responsibility initiatives or CSR initiatives undertaken by your company. Take pictures at the various events where your company is working for the overall good of the society or community. Any socially helpful work or event will be a great place to showcase the humanity of the company. People would love to know that the company they have chosen for business is an ethical one.


Promote your company products on Instagram


Of course, you should not forget to post pictures of your products on Instagram in addition to the photos of your events and staff members. Instagram can actually be a great place to showcase the products. In fact, it will be essential in generating leads and converting potential customers into paying ones on Instagram. You should ensure that you take high-quality photographs of the products. Of course, you can use the filters and editing options already present in Instagram. If you avoid putting up photos of your products, you will be severely limiting the reach of your Instagram social media marketing campaigns.

Gain business leads by enhancing the look of your products on Instagram

Interact with other brands on Instagram


It is possible to interact with the other brands on Instagram although it might prove to be difficult if you have just started out on the social media network. The best way to engage with others would be through the comment section. You can easily leave behind comments on photos posted by other companies and brands. This will denote that you are trying to build up a community on the social network. You may gain invaluable advice through this community. You can interact with your customer base in a similar manner.


Personalize your company Instagram hashtags


Hashtags are an integral part of the Instagram experience. You should never underestimate their importance. You should ensure that you use hashtags that make it easier to search for your business. They should also be appropriate to the photograph. Using random tags simply for their humor value will not be appreciated by the customers. The tags should be keywords that people use for searching in order to be effective for your Instagram social media marketing campaign.

Free image sources you can use for your content marketing plan

100 Free Image Sources For Your Content Marketing

Image Sources For Your Content Marketing

Content marketing cannot survive without the power of visuals. 

In today’s digital milieu, images are considered a potent stimuli to drive conversions of potentially wider audiences. The main social media channels are dominated by visuals and there is a trend now towards GIF, rich media and video content. Marketers are bedazzled by the opportunities offered by visual content marketing because consumers are very partial to visual imagery.

In a Digiday study carried out on 204 marketers, 95% of marketers said that visual content were more effective than text only content. Humans are hardwired to pay more attention to visual stimuli (60% of our brains are linked to vision) so this should not be surprising. You might think that every digital marketing strategy would be heavily reliant on visual content, but the reality is, sourcing visual content and integrating it into the content is a big challenge for marketers. Digital marketing agencies specialize in collating visual content but that takes time.

In the same Digiday study, it was found that digital marketing teams spent at least 25% of their day on visual content: generating images, editing images, formatting, embedding and posting them. On the more extreme end of the scale, some digital marketing teams use up to 75% of their daily efforts on visual content marketing. Although this is a commitment on their time, digital marketers cannot ignore the power of visual content.

Marketers face many challenges in creating visual content which is why they use free image resources

Another challenge encountered by digital marketers is the cost of producing visual content. Original photographs (not stock photography) requires professional camera skills and editing after. When time and cost is a problem for marketers, stock photography is the solution.

Visual content marketing and SEO

It is important to optimize all visual content for SEO. The use of alt descriptions, captions and even resizing it for optimal website performance has an impact on conversions. Every marketer needs to optimize visual content for their audience and for search engines to understand what the images are about.

When selecting free photo sources, it is good practice to use relevant keywords in the image descriptions and opt for high resolution quality in the images. There are so many free image sources available on the web that visual content marketing should no longer be a hassle. Of course, there are times when original visual content works better for the brand, but this is simply not always the option for a smaller business strapped for cash and time resources.

Authenticity and free image resources

Some marketers will argue that stock photography should be avoided at all cost. They argue that using the same stock images as everyone else sabotages the brand persona and makes it appear inauthentic.

Brands should always strive to be authentic but also professional. Many brands, especially in the startup phase, do not have the resources to produce professional quality images. Whether this is due to a lack of experience or technical skills with a camera, creating professional images may not be a feasible plan. Affordable royalty free images can come to the rescue for your content marketing.

Here are 100 free photo resources you can use in your content marketing:

1.       Ancestry Images – Over 31,000 old and antique prints.
2.       Animal Photos – This is your spot for royalty free images. Make sure to check the attributions required for your photo.
3.       Be Funky – A full photo editor and collage tool.
4.       BigFoto – Growing photo database from the royalty free photo agency.
5.       Can We Image – A Wikimedia search engine.
6.       Canva – A graphic design tool.
7. – Great collection of drum roll Cars!
8.       Clker.Com – A free database of clip art.
9.       Compfight – An image search engine of Flickr.

10.   Cooliris– image search interface

11.   Cool Text- Free images.

12.   Creative Commons– Part search engine, and part resource.
13.   Death to the Stock Photo – Photos for your blog posts, social media, and mock ups.
14.   Deviant Art –Deviant Art provides Creative Common group. Creative Commons art on DA by typing in “This worked is licensed under a Creative Commons” site:
15.   Dreamstime – Over 29 million free and paid images.
16.   Dryicons – More than 6700 vectors and images.
17. – One of the best tools for creating your own infographics
18.   Every Stock Photo – Over 25 million free photos. You need to look at the site images licenses before using.
19.   Flickr – Photo sharing site Flickr has a tremendous creative commons section.
20.   Flickr CC – A John Johnston website, another Flickr creative commons search engine.

21.   Flickr Related Tag Browser– a sleek web app retrieves Flickr images

22.   Foter -Over 228,860,217 free stock
23.   Free Digital Photos – This photo sharing site allows users to share their photos via social media, forums, blogs, and other medium. Read their site agreement first and stay within their guidelines.

24.   Free Form Photo Collection– Offer a more freewheeling approach to images.

25.   Free Images – 410,835 photos on Free Images from over 30,000 photographers around the world.

26.   Free Images Live- an attribution link or text credit is is required.

27.   Free Fixels– free images.

28.   Free Photos Bank – This free stock photo site is also an affiliate for Dreams Time.
29.   Free Range Stock –All of their images are a minimum of 2400×1600 pixels.
30.   FreeMediaGoo.Com –Free stock photos and high quality texture backgrounds available royalty free.
31.   From Old Books– Images from ancient times with 3500 free images from rare and vintage old books.

32.   Free Stock Photo– over 16,000 free images

33.   Getty Images – An elite photo company. While traditionally, they have veered away from royalty free images.

34.   GIFMaker– Free photo Images

35.   Graphic River – Part of the Envato series of online communities for internet marketers, developers, and designers. Provide 8 images every week for free on their site.
36.   Gratisography – Free high-resolution photos added every week that can be used on commercial projects.

37.   Google Advance Image-method of finding free to use image.

38.  Google Image Search- Creative Common Images.

39.   HubSpot – Provided 485 free stock photos to use for your marketing.
40.   IM Creator – The selection on IM Creator is slim compared to some of the other databases.
41.   Image After – The images seem a bit dated like the website look… 1996!
42.   Imagefree – This collection of free images was started in 2010 by a pair of Icelandic photographers.

43.   IM Free– Offers curated collection.

44.   Image Finder-Creative common photo for flickr

45.   IStockPhoto Free – A division of Getty Images. This is a weekly free list of stock images.

46.   Kaboompics- offers hundreds of free high quality photos.

47.   Jay Mantri –7 additional weekly photos every Thursday.
48.   Life of Pix – Montreal Leroy Advertising Agency is another source of free high-resolution photos that are donated to the public domain.

49.   LiveLuvCreate– Create quotes.

50.   Little Visuals – 7 Hi-Res Images zipped and emailed every week.
51.   Lock and Stock – Photography agency that provides free stock photos through their blog.

52.   Meme Generator– create your own meme.

53.   Microsoft Office – For those with Microsoft Office licenses, the photos on Microsoft Clip Art are free, Creative Commons images that anyone can use

54.   Microsoft Office Imagery-offers royalty-free clip art, photos, illustrations, animations, sounds, borders, icons, backgrounds, and more for Microsoft Office products.

55.   MorgueFile– High resolution and quality images.

56.   Multicolr Search Lab– more than 10 million

57.   NASA -Some of the best images from the space race from the place that launched the first man on the moon.
58.   New Old Stock – This is similar to Ancestry Images with new images of old photo stock posted regularly.

59.   Oskope– visual search assistant

60.   Open Photo- free images.

61.   Photo Pin –few of the images are not for commercial usage.

62.   PDPhics– Offers free images.

63. – With over 3600 creative commons stock images of places around the world.

64.   Photl– Can download up to 10MB of free stock photos everyday

65.   PhotoVisi – Turn your photos into a collage.
66.   Pic Monkey –You can edit, touch up, images with a great collage feature.
67.   Picjumbo – Over 1 million downloads of their trendy images.
68.   Pick Up Image – They claim to have the largest collection of free photos.
69.   Piktochart – With over 100 free infographic templates this is another great infographic creator.
70.   PinWords –Turning quotes into images.
71.   Pixabay –310,000 free public domain photos, vector images, and art illustrations.

72.   Placeit -Free images offered.

73.   Public Domain Pictures – 93,346 free pictures from 5,207 users online. Some photos require a release before using.
74.   QuotesCover.Com – Turning quotes into beautiful typographic images.
75.   Quozio – Another tool for quotes into images.
76.   ReciteThis – Transforming quotes into quotable images.

77.   Retriever– experimental image search tool

78.   RGB Stock –They are a newer company, and also rely upon are Dream Time for their paid photos section.
79.   Royalty Free Cartoon Characters – Amazing package of cartoon characters.
80.   Search Engine Watch Free Images – Search Engine Watch is a great place to learn more about search engine optimization.
81.   Snap Wire Snaps –7 more pictures each week.
82.   Social Image Resizer – Great tool for optimizing images for social media.
83.   Splitshire – Daniel Nanescu created this is an Italian free stock photography site.

84.   Stock Media– Free photo images.

85.   Stock Photos For Free – Over 762,474 photos from selection of 100,000+ photos.

86.– about 25,000 images

87.   Stock Vault – Over 52,000 images on Stock Vault. You are required to sign up for free, but then you are part of a community on Stock Vault of over 80,000 members.
88. – You can now get hundreds of high resolution photos every week in a snap. Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! In a snap…oh boy!

89.   Stock XCHNG-over 350,000 quality stock photos.

90.   Super Famous Studios – Dutch interaction designer Folkert Gorter shares his own free images and visual content.
91.   Timeline Slicer – Provide templates for cover pages, profile photos, and sponsored ads.

92.   Tin Eye– reverse image search engine.

93.   ToonDoo – Create your own cartoon strip.
94.   U.S. Government Photos and Images –These photos are in the public domain. Check disclaimers before using, but most government images are fair game.
95.   Unrestricted Stock –this site gives you free and unrestricted access to photos, vector images, and hand-drawn graphics.
96.   Unsplash – Receive 10 new photos every 10 days.
97. – Another useful tool for creating infographics.
98.   Wikimedia – With 24,494,843 free usable media files.
99.   Wylio – Provides image services. Only 5 free images per month.

100. 123RF  –have over 15 million royalty free stock photos


Also, don’t forget to contact creative graphic designers who can give your business visual content a makeover: Graphic Design Directory
Enjoy and be creative!

Creating the right microcopy can greatly improve your website for content marketing

Content Marketing Microcopy Tips

How To Optimize Microcopy For Content Marketing

There are many facets that you have to consider while starting up a website for your business. You need to hire good web designers, SEO agencies, content developers and digital marketing services to ensure that your website is strong in all its aspects. However, newer tactics and aspects are coming to the fore and it is up to you to ensure that those features are implemented on your website. Without them, your website can fall behind the competition which can be detrimental to your business. Microcopy is one of them.

Microcopy can be easily defined as small pieces of copy. There are many small pieces of text that can be found all over a website. These minute pieces of text are called microcopy. Some examples of microcopy that your website will already be using are given below.

  • Error Messages
  • Payment instructions
  • Examples of passwords and usernames
  • Terms and conditions.
  • Security notes
  • Any instruction on the usage of the website.


Is Microcopy Important?


It is difficult to consider microcopy as a new concept since it has always been present in the websites. However, it is only recently that marketers are giving importance to this concept. Marketing analysts are beginning to understand the acute importance of this rather small item in the overall success of the website. It has been noticed that the microcopy can affect the effectiveness of the web content as well as its quality.

It is common for copywriting and content marketing professionals to overlook the importance of microcopy. Instead, they tend to place their focus on the bigger content pieces which include the about us pages, home pages and other sales texts of the website. While they are important without a doubt, the fact is that microcopy can be just as important.

In order to truly understand the importance of the microcopy, you need to take a look at the journey undertaken by visitors when on your website.

A website can be created to help you make sales, provide information or for the fulfillment of some purpose. This means, you want your visitors to undertake some particular actions on your website. You may want them to subscribe to newsletters or make purchases. Either way, certain actions are expected. Microcopy can be used to ensure that your customers do perform those actions.



Microcopy Can Guide the Visitors through Your Website


According to various studies, the presence of a poor navigation system can cause the visitor to lose interest in the website and leave. You will be losing quite a few potential customers as they are unwilling to partake in the visitor journey that ends with them becoming a lead or a conversion. This is because they are unable to find whatever they need. You need to ensure that visitors to your website do not leave.

The journey of the website visitors depends on the purpose of their visit and also on the ability of your website to guide them to their destination. This underlines the importance ofmicrocopy. Links, directions, instructions and even error messages can ensure that the visitor finds the required solution easily. In other words, microcopy is essential to increasing the returns on investment on your website.

Microcopy can guide the visitors through their journey. As such, they can be considered to be road signs. Microcopy makes sure that the users do not get lost because if they do get lost, you lose sales.


Microcopy to build trust


The sharing of personal data is still a matter of concern for online shoppers. Many are uncomfortable with divulging their private data such as payment details over the internet. There are, of course, security concerns as well.

Microcopy can be used to assure your customers that their personal data will be safe with you. You can use microcopy to inform the customers how you keep the personal and payment details secure. It can also be used to provide answers to common queries and concerns. Creating the proper microcopy can provide the reassurance to the customers on the safety of the process.


Microcopy helps in branding


Apart from its function as a journey map for customers, microcopy can make a major difference to the branding of your website. Microcopy can be used for a consistent reflection of the brand message and strengthen its overall impact. Through the consistent branding, you can assure the customers of the authenticity of your brand.


Making Your Microcopy Effective


In order to create effective microcopy:

  • Determine the aim of the content of your website.
  • Identify the ideal journey that needs to be undertaken by the visitors.
  • Check each stage of the journey and evaluate the microcopy.
  • Identify the needs and concerns of visitors at each stage and ensure the microcopy can guide them to a solution.
  • Make sure that the microcopy is creative and consistent with your brand identity

As you will see, microcopy can become an invaluable part of your content marketing when used properly.

Use the right SEO approach to boost your online business

The Right SEO Approach For Your Business

The Best SEO Approach For Your Business

Search Engine Optimization, also known as organic SEO is no longer a simple recipe comprising of placement of certain keywords in certain quantities in your articles and web content. It has now grown to a sophisticated system or algorithm which judges how relevant your content is, how user-friendly it is and how it links to other web pages.

For a brand new website, defining your SEO approach will position you well for ranking on the major search engines. It could even lead to revenue faster if your SEO strategy is ranking you for the highly relevant (and visitor converting) keywords.  Although organic methods of ranking on search engines is slow compared to paid search marketing, the returns on investment from the right SEO approach can surpass any PPC campaign in the long run.

Questions to decide your SEO approach

With every update, it is getting harder to achieve top ranking in the search engine. The algorithm is complex to understand and so the best we can do is follow a set of golden rules and advices. Here are some questions to ask yourself before deciding on the best SEO approach for your business:

1) How to perform keyword research?

Marketing methods like content marketing and social media marketing have become closely linked with SEO. Generating valuable content and landing top ranking depends solely on the keyword research. Keywords are the phrases or words that are likely to be searched by customers looking for certain products and if you want your website to be the first result that the search engine displays then you have to input quite a lot of work into it. There are tools available online that provide you with keywords or let you study certain keywords so that you can see which work the best for you.

2) What affects the ranking?

Many factors enable the search engine to estimate the ranking of the sites. The basic aim of the search engine is to provide the best results to the user, and this best is based on certain indicators. These indicators can be the keywords, user experience, meta data, quality of content and the relevance of the content. Along with these focus on your links as they would act as references provide about your webpage from others. The search engine interprets these as popularity measures. So if a site is linked to numerous others, it has better chances of getting the number one position. This is kind of a give and take scenario; you have to help other pages to get help for you.

3) How to keep track of success?

For best results, it is always better to contact a marketing agency that will help you with your digital marketing and keep it all SEO optimized. But how would you know if it is working? What are the parameters you should look out for? Keep an eye on the direct navigation, referral traffic and search traffic. This will tell you which strategy is proving to be more productive and will enable you to take informed decisions in the future.

4) What are some useful SEO tools?

To have efficient and relevant web pages, search engines contribute a lot. They provide a number of free resources to the website owners so that they can optimize their SEO and create high-quality content with maximum emphasis on user’s convenience. These resources include sitemaps, robots.txt, meta robot, rel=”no follow” and many more. You can avail the benefits of these tools and analytics through Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Center, Moz Open Site Explorer amongst others.

The 3 powerful SEO tools you can use today to improve your digital marketing

3 Powerful SEO Tools For Your Business

Powerful SEO Tools For Your Business

There is no doubt about the importance of getting your website ranked with the help of SEO services or your own SEO strategies. Of course, if you have the best tools at your disposal, you will be simplifying your digital marketing campaigns and efforts by a significant margin. You can easily find a huge number of tools which can be of help in your SEO campaigns on the internet. Out of them, you need to locate the best ones. Given below are some of the most powerful tools you can use for your SEO campaigns.


Moz-Open Site Explorer


Moz is a complete platform filled with powerful SEO tools. The users have an active community which can help you significantly. You will be provided with lots of valuable information which can boost your SEO.

The On-Page Grader is one of the best tools that Moz has to offer. This tool can be used to audit of your on-page SEO as well as your keywords on the basis of 30 different criteria. You can generate a report which will outline recommendations you can use for improving the performance of SEO.

Moz is a powerful SEO your business can benefit from


The Keyword Difficulty and SERP Analysis Tool will also be of use. This tool can be used to find the top ten rankings for any keyword. The tool will also assign a difficulty score for each keyword. The Rank Tracker Tool can be used for finding out the rankings in search engines for those keywords. The rankings can also be tracked.

Apart from the excellent tools, you can find a wide range of content on various topics related to digital marketing. Of course, the active community will be a source of knowledge as it is staffed with SEO experts and marketers. The extensive resources make it easier for you to grasp the basic and advanced concepts of SEO easily.


Raven SEO Tools


Raven offers a number of tools that provide you with an in-depth understanding of your SEO. The user-friendly nature of their interface makes it easier to use the tools which have powerful features.

The Website Auditor tool from Raven is very helpful. It can be used to run site crawls and produce a simplified report which can help you identify the critical sections which need to have their SEO improved. The report can pinpoint the exact areas which need to be improved upon from an SEO perspective.

Raven is a SEO tool that allows you to research keywords and other useful data


Another invaluable tool provided by Raven is Research Central. This tool uses the data from trusted sources in to analyze various aspects of a website such as stats, page authority rank and link totals amongst others. You can review details such as the quality of the site, total number of links, areas where the competitors rank and the site design apart from others.

The Backlink Explorer can help you view new links that have been added in the last 30 days. You can check each URL or the entire domain of those links. If you have invested in link building efforts, this tool will be very beneficial for you as you can keep track of link changes with the passage of time.

Like Moz, Raven also offers and excellent blog for SEO. You can get loads of tips and advice from experts. In fact, the blog can be an invaluable resource for learning more about SEO and the various methods you can practice.




SpyFu can quickly become an essential tool for your SEO needs thanks to a number of unique features. These features will be especially helpful if your business is operating in a highly competitive environment. There are quite a few SEO tools offered by SpyFu. However, most of its tools are meant for tracking the rankings. These tools can help you see the complete connection between the rank and the impact on your bottom-line.

SpyFu is famous among SEO experts as it offers a very necessary function for a good SEO campaign. This function will allow you to download the keywords used by your competitors and also find out which of their ad copies are converting. SEO experts advocate the use of SpyFu in conjunction with other SEO tools that provide a more comprehensive coverage. The combination will be very useful when you are trying to implement an ad campaign with Google AdWords.

Spyfu SEO tool for powerful keyword research

You get unlimited access to a number of useful tools. With them you can perform searches for keywords, find out the results for your backlinks and get detailed history reports on organic rankings amongst others. You can get useful suggestions and recommendations for your SEO and AdWords so that they can be used better. You will love Keyword SmartSearch, which can be used for getting valuable keywords and detailed reports on their performance.

There is no shortage of tools that you use for your SEO marketing efforts. The ones given here are just some of the best available currently.