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The Importance of Checkout Page Customization for E-Commerce Websites and The Way to Do It

For creating efficient and attractive WordPress websites for online shopping, web designers have to be extra careful to ensure that users have a satisfying online shopping experience besides supporting a robust search engine optimization campaign.   Shopping online is very attractive because of the comfort one derives by doing it from home, and shoppers can spend as much time as they like to compare products and price to take the most well-informed decision. For that to happen, the web design has to be such that shoppers can go through the entire cycle of purchasing without stumbling at any step especially during the process of checkout.

The checkout process should have a few steps that are easy to comply, and the checkout link should be easily visible. If the checkout process is lengthy and complicated and if shoppers discover at the end that the product is out of stock, it can leave a profound negative impact on buyers who might get wary about revisiting the site. Providing the best shopping experience is the ultimate goal of any web designer by ensuring that the checkout process is smooth and easy. Keep reading to know how you can customize the checkout page and make both shoppers and website owners smile.

Create the ideal checkout page

For creating the perfect checkout page, you have to concentrate on three areas.

  • The design and layout– By looking at the web design and page layout, shoppers decide whether they feel like shopping on the website that could give them a fulfilling purchasing experience. Pay proper attention to this aspect by following good shopping cart practices that include clearly explaining the steps of checkout process so that it leads shoppers towards a satisfying experience.  Leave sufficient white space in the design and create layout that builds confidence in users.
  • Optional registration– To ease the process of shopping which is the only goal of visitors to the website, do not force them to go through any process of registration. Shoppers would find it a waste of time. Even if it is necessary, getting it done during checkout is a better way of doing it.
  • Make the checkout process visual– When buyers can visualize the buying process from the time they put items in the cart, it makes them confident that they are moving in the right direction towards completing the purchase. For converting the actions into visuals, take help of animation and graphics that requires fewer clicks to complete the process.

Also, below are a few more things that you can do for checkout page customization.

Inform availability promptly

Before customers proceed to buy, you need to inform them about the availability of the product by indicating the quantity available because the information would help in their decision. If something is not available, tell them about expected availability and even think of providing a pre-order tab that gives them an opportunity of assured buying ahead of time.

Provide easy options for modifying orders

The online shopping experience is often fraught with mistakes that shoppers commit when selecting the items or at any stage of the purchasing cycle. In most cases, it happens because not all customers are tech savvy or comfortable in using keyboards with the same degree of convenience. Accepting the fact that mistakes happen, allow customers to correct the wrong entry so that they can proceed quickly towards positive conversion.

Wishlists provide the elbow room

Customers take time to make up their minds about purchasing any item, and you should allow them the time so that they can conveniently rethink the decisions to prepare the final buying list. To match with the customers’ buying behavior, provide a wish list or allow them to add items to the cart, which they can alter at the last moment if needed.  By providing more elbowroom in taking decisions, you are enhancing the shopping experience.

Mention contact information on the checkout page

No customization of the checkout page is complete unless you provide the contact information where customers can reach you for any concerns, comments or questions. Mention the contact information prominently so that they can contact you through conventional methods of phone, e-mail or live chat. The more options you can give, the better it is.

Show the final price

While customers decide on the basis of the product price, they would also like to know the total price of the product including taxes, duties and other charges. Show them the final price before they leave the checkout page. Maybe, someone would like to change his/her mind by looking at the figures.

Provide online support to customers that would seem like holding their hands whenever they are stuck at any point of the purchasing cycle. Create an efficient but simple design of the check out page without any distractions so that customers can pay all attention to buying.

Author bio: Craig Macmillan is a web designer who has extensive experience with WordPress websites for e-commerce platforms. He is an indispensible team member for any search engine optimization campaign that his company undertakes. Blog writing attracts him, and he is active in the social media.  


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