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Cloud computing meets NuoDB

It is likely that you have heard about cloud computing, but you may not understand what it means. This is a type of computing that is done via a remote network of powerful programs and computers. Many companies use the cloud to store their information or to gain added processing power to run their programs.


Understanding cloud computing

When users access the cloud’s storage space, programs or data with their devices over the internet, they are engaging in cloud computing. Many people use the cloud on a daily basis without knowing that they are doing so. For example, people who access Facebook and other social media platforms from their devices are engaging in cloud computing because these services are stored in the cloud. Other common cloud services include Netflix for streaming, Microsoft Office online, Google Maps and many games services. Cloud storage is, also offered by numerous providers.

Cloud storage

When you or your business store files such as videos, images, music or documents, doing so can take up valuable space on your devices. With cloud storage, you are able to store your data remotely and then access them using the Internet. By contrast, local storage involves storing your data on your devices themselves.

Cloud storage can provide a good way for users to store and backup files and documents of all types. If your device breaks, gets lost or is stolen, you won’t lose the data that you have stored remotely. This can be very important for such things as a business’s important information so that it can quickly resume its business in the event a disaster occurs. Cloud storage is available to work across multiple types of devices, including tablets, mobile phones, laptops and personal computers.

When you use the cloud for computing, you store your functionality and data in the cloud. This means that you will be able to save the space on your hard drive while also being able to access your data from anywhere that you have a compatible device and an Internet connection.

Cloud databases vs. NuoDB

While cloud databases offer multiple benefits, they have some limitations. They offer an option to pay as you go and are normally more scalable than are on-site relational database management systems, or RDBMS. However, cloud databases limit your ability to be flexible because they anchor you to a single cloud provider. On-demand scaling may also be limited because cloud databases are often built on the traditional relational database system architecture. NuoDB provides some distinct advantages over cloud databases. It offers a significant level of flexibility and scalability and does not lock you into a single provider. You can also perform SQL data management tasks in the data layer and enjoy elasticity combined with performance and reliability.

Founded in 2008, NuoDB is highly versatile. Its database systems are compatible with many different platforms, and it works well in the cloud. NuoDB is an SQL database that is ACID-compliant. It is easy to scale and can be tuned to meet the demands of customers. It is also elastic and technologically advanced so that it can be used by companies to tackle today’s demands while also being prepared for the demands they will have in the future. 

The advent of cloud computing has greatly expanded the technological capabilities of individuals and businesses alike. When you choose NuoDB, you can harness the added features and power to effectively accomplish the tasks that you need to complete.


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