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Content Saturation In 2017

In recent years, the term content marketing is becoming familiar to every online business owner and marketer. Prior to the emergence of content marketing, marketing was fairly straightforward. Businesses could invest in TV advertising, radio, billboards and even the Yellow Pages. Of course, they needed a big marketing budget, but the channels of marketing was straightforward nonetheless. The content used in mass advertising was thin; marketers did not have to create huge amounts of high quality content to engage their target customers.

Because of digital marketing, and especially social media platforms, marketers have to compete for the customer’s attention. Published content is everywhere you look; everyone can publish content at the click of a button. Marketers prescribe content marketing as if it was the miraculous cure of bad marketing.

Content; content everywhere. Can businesses really alleviate their chances of marketing success by producing more content? Is content marketing overrated and pointless in 2017?

How good is your content marketing?

The problem with content marketing is most marketers are bad at it. If the aim of content marketing is to engage more target customers, convert website visits into sales and increase brand awareness, then a lot of the content you and I consume about brands have failed.

In fact, a recent survey by Forrester into B2B content marketing found that the majority of consumers thought that the content published by B2B companies were rubbish.  From the marketer’s perspective, they did not feel confident in delivering the best content. The content were simply not aligned with the company goals. There are also reports about challenges faced by marketers in implementing content marketing. Some of these challenges were lack of resources, lack of good content marketers and competition with paid promotional content.

Is content marketing pointless?

In the wrong hands, content marketing can be pointless. Without a good long term content strategy (one that is aligned with the business goals), content marketing will be counterproductive. As we know, a lot of the content online is rubbish and we forget it quickly. If a company is successful with word of mouth marketing, PPC, paid media, directory listings or reviews on Yelp, then creating content may not be the best way to reach their short term business goals.

By all means, create content if you truly believe it will help your consumers or give them a better understanding of your brand. The mistake many make is to create content for the sake of content marketing. Some companies do not have the resources right now to create content that is aligned with their business goals and they should not be shamed for using other forms of advertising.

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