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High Demand For Digital Marketing Services

By 2020, it is estimated that there will be 150,000 jobs in the digital marketing industry in Ireland alone. Demand for digital marketing services is at an all time high and demand is greater than supply. The greatest obstacle to meeting this demand for digital marketing services is the skills gap. Consumers are using multiple devices to surf the Internet; social media channels are changing and it is harder to get noticed with content. It is no wonder that digital marketing consultancies are rising to the top of the digital marketing ecosystem. Businesses want to apply fresh strategies that yield real results in sales/conversions.

Why demand for digital marketing?

Digital marketing services are in demand by competitive B2B and B2C businesses. There are a multitude of reasons why the demand for digital marketing is so great, but here are some of the main ones.

1) Digital marketing requires experience and technical skills

Before web 2.0, marketing was relatively straight forward. Printed brochures, magazine adverting, television and direct mail were effective ways to increase brand awareness. In-house staff can be trained in marketing to consumers; there were fewer channels of marketing compared to today. The explosion of social media, fast speed broadband and Internet traffic via mobile devices has changed the approach to marketing completely. In order to reach consumers, marketers have to use cross-device and multi-channel digital marketing. Areas of digital marketing specialization renders many in-house staff useless. Employees could not keep up with the specialized skill sets required to market effectively. The demand for digital marketing expertise and specialization is a direct result of consumer behaviors online.

2) Globalization/localization creates fierce competition

For the first time in history, smaller companies could compete with titans online. The Internet is an equalizer. In an age where businesses can run 24/7 365 days a year on the Internet, everyone is trying to maximize profits. Globalization and localization makes the competition fierce for every size of business. Demand for digital marketing services is growing to adjust to a global customer base and increased competition.

3) Digital marketing agencies specialize in every size and niche

Businesses large and small are beginning to see the financial benefits of digital marketing. In the last decade, small business attitudes towards hiring digital marketing services are changing. Digital marketing agencies that specialize in small business clients are becoming popular as businesses move away from Yellow Page ads and offline listings. Digital marketing service fees can be customized for smaller sized businesses.

4) Digital marketing agencies can justify marketing spend

Digital marketing agencies use metrics and reports to measure the performance of their digital marketing strategy. This is helpful for CMOs to negotiate with the CFO in allowing for larger digital marketing budgets.

5) Digital marketing is evolving

A company may hire digital marketing services for a year and realize they no longer need that service. The digital landscape is unpredictable and demand for different skill-sets fuels the growth of more digital marketing services. Furthermore, hiring digital marketing experts alleviates the stress in adapting to new trends.

6) Outsourcing digital marketing is cost efficient

Digital marketing services can help companies reach their marketing goals and allow in-house staff to do other things. Hiring digital marketing services allows companies to save time in training their own staff and the stress of keeping up to pace with changes in the digital space. After all, running a business efficiently and well is the main concern of every senior executive.


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