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Directing your own e-commerce development journey towards success

Every storefront is vying to start their website or e-commerce site. Reaching out via an online platform expands the revenue channels and boosts business cash flow. There are millions of small, medium and large businesses all across the country. This means a million websites and e-commerce sites. Among these businesses, a huge percentage does not have their sites yet. They are still looking for website development companies to take charge of their e-commerce site development process.

Each new business and old enterprise without a website is a new opportunity for ecommerce development teams across the states. In fact, e-commerce development services are booming thanks to the increasing need for e-commerce sites and business websites. The presence of dedicated services helps newbie entrepreneurs focus on their business process for faster growth. It helps already established business owners to sleep soundly at night, knowing that experienced and trained developers have taken charge of their website design.

E-commerce has been booming for quite a while now. Over 1.79 billion people currently shop for their daily needs. They contribute to over 23% of annual growth every year. The rate of change is accelerating as more people are shifting towards mobile platforms for daily shopping. Amazon is still one of the leading e-commerce platforms in 2018. However, over 40% of the searches are right now coming from voice searches with the assistance of Siri, Cortana, Alexa and other voice assistants.

The beginning of all website development company stories

Almost all website designers and developers once started as a lone wolf. Freelancers are a breath of fresh air to many cash-starved businesses, but for your clientele to grow, you need to invest in a proper online portfolio. What can be a better portfolio for a website developer than a website of their own? So, tarry no more! Get started with your own e-commerce website business by designing the first business platform (website) for yourself.

The beginning is simple – start like any other business online

Just like any other business, your business will need a name. An e-commerce website development business should start with an appropriate name that insinuates the nature of the business. Now, you need to find a name that none of your competitors are using and register it. The key to choosing a name for a successful business is remembering the online search friendliness of it. Remember to choose a name that is somewhat obvious, yet not too common. This will naturally help you with your SEO Miami efforts once your e-commerce development service website goes online.

Next, as you must already know, you will need to secure a domain name for your site. This domain name can be your business, or it can be something related to your business. Keep is easy and simple to spell. For example – if your business name is Mark Website Design and MarkWebsiteDesign is not available, you can try something like WebDesignbyMark or WebsiteDesignMark. This will keep the domain URL relevant, memorable and legible to both bots and human users.

Invest more in software to enhance customer relations and UX

You need to fiddle with software more to create a better website with enhanced UX. A good e-commerce website requires robust shopping plug-ins, payment gateway integrations, one-click checkout options, card management options and CRM software. Your website should at least have a fraction of these features and functions that can offer your potential clients a better browsing experience. You can try a few free and collaboration-based tools to enhance your UX.

  1. Trello:this is a card-based application that simplifies management of task and projects easily for all freelancers and small businesses. It comes with checklists, labels, schedules, and planners. Power-up integrations include Google drive, Slack, and DropBox.
  2. Sketchboard:this is another great free tool for designers and developers. This offers mindmaps, business roadmaps and customization of graphics.
  • InVision:this prototyping platform is ideal for product designers, website developers, and other design-driven product developers. It offers threaded reviewing and feedback processes. InVision amplifies the organization of a development project by streamlining all available information. It includes LiveShare options, web testing options for product designs, application integration (Slack, Google Drive, GitHub, and Trello) and project organization.

Availability of these free or reasonably priced tools allows freelance website developers to optimize their development processes. You can now create uber cool designs and enhance your customer relations with the help of myriads of similar tools.

What’s the best portfolio design for your brand?

Invest in a good portfolio. It is true that the site will be the ace of spades for your brand, but even then, you will need to create a portfolio that has a collection of your previous work samples. State your proficiencies, experiences, programming skills, specific design skills and USP. Always clearly state the benefits you can bring to the field. This will help your brand stand apart from your competitors. It is imperative to impart a personality to your brand no matter what services you might be offering. Spend time and money to come up with exclusive branding efforts to make yourself more visible.

Any e-commerce design business needs to prove their prowess by uploading a few design samples. A website designer or inbound marketing company without an impressive website of their own does not help much with marketing. Your website should be your brand’s first marketing effort. A good website should also come with great graphic design elements. This means no stock photos and generic iconography. Modern design trends call for pop colors, prominent CTAs, boxes in designs, custom graphics and custom fonts. A good website design company with talented developers should be able to keep their e-commerce platform trendy and user-friendly.

Developing an e-commerce website design business is quite similar to developing any other business, except, your website design becomes of paramount importance. Therefore, before you can jump towards the first client interaction or your first paid job as a brand, think about the brand image you are establishing. The future of your payments depends directly upon your brand image and the quality of your business website design.


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