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8 Ecommerce Optimizations Tips to Double the Conversion of Your Online Store

 This article will show you implementable and easy steps that will enhance the conversion rates of your e-commerce optimization by focusing on its feel, look and overall user experience.

Before you make any investment in social media ads, inbound digital marketing or paid search campaigns, it is important you get your site structure and homepage down cold. You can get huge traffic, but if your site is not optimized, it would be difficult for you to get the needed return on investment.

The best way to turn visitors into high paying customers is by making your homepage attractive, so that when they read it, they will have no other option than to buy it.

Here are 8 ecommerce optimization tips that will double the conversion rates of your online store:

Use a clean design that focuses on your products

Your online store should be designed in a professional way with a lot of high quality images. Make the presentation of your site clean and minimalist. Having a cluttered, messy design will not motivate shoppers to buy the products or services you are selling.

Clearly display Prices and shipping

You should be very clear on your pricing options. Please don’t try to deceive shoppers on issues relating to pricing and shipping. Let them know what they are paying for ahead of time.

Also, inform them if there will be hidden costs in terms of shipping. If people know ahead of time what they will be paying for ahead of time, it will encourage them to make up their minds whether to buy or not.

Please don’t take people for granted. The actual cost of the product and its shipping costs should be clearly stated either on the product page or homepage.

More so, calculate the shipping and taxes, and add them to cart so that the potential buyer will have an idea of the final price before checking out.

Let the visitors know what they can find on your ecommerce store

There are so many online stores out there. Some of them are not serious with their business. Let your potential customers know what you are selling. This means that you need to highlight the products on your online store.

When optimizing your website, always think like a customer. If you are a customer, what are the things you will be expecting to see in the website? Tell them about your brands, and why you are selling unique products. Nobody wants to buy liability. Let them know you are selling high quality products.

Display your current promotions and sales

If you are running a current promotion on all your products or a new product, kindly display the information on your homepage, and create promotional banners. This is the best and most effective way of getting the attention of your visitors.

Tackle shopping cart abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the problems most online stores face. It is really widespread. A recent study shows that reasons why most customers abandon a shopping cart is as a result of sophistication, while some of them were shocked due to the increasing shipping costs.

Show contact info, offer live chat

Showing contact info and offering live chat helps to boost conversions. This is very important for businesses that are not well-known yet. People do business with trusted online stores- thus; make your phone number and email to be clearly visible. This shows you are a professional.

Offer multiple payment options

Having multiple payment options like Amazon payment or PayPal will help you to get more customers ordinarily you would have lost if you didn’t have these payment options. Having multiple payment options shows you are really interested to serve multiple clients from different corners of the world.

Account registration in the background

You should have a platform for people to sign up with your online store, but never force them to register, instead give them the option to register if they so desire.

Make the process of registration very simple and highly convenient so that they will be happy to add their emails and names.

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