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4 Tips For An Effective Link Building Campaign

It would have been easy to rank a website on the top of Google’s search result’s first page if automated link building was possible. Or SEO wasn’t that important. But since we cannot make short cuts to SEO success, it’s important to find out the ways through which an effective link building campaign can be run. Search engines like Google updates their rules and regulations every now and then- making it difficult for the web developers and marketing experts to increase their traffic flow and rank their website well.

One of the most commonly used link building tactics is to reach out to a website owner or blogger to add the link to your website on their web page. When their viewers look through the website, they will hopefully click on your website link too (if they find it interesting and relevant), thereby increasing your traffic flow in return. Thus, to make it happen at every opportunity, it is necessary to make the link building campaign effective and reliable.

The four most effective ways that SEO consultants build links are as follows:


1.     Invest your time in guest posting


What is guest posting in 2017? It’s all about writing an article or blog post for an authoritative and popular website to drive more traffic to your own website through the backlinks posted in the post or the author’s bio section. The article is niche related to your industry  or on the topic of the website you are interested in. This helps you to create contacts with other website owners and strengthen trust by providing high-quality articles. It also helps to drive more traffic to your landing page.

The key rule in guest posting success is to do it in the way the website owner wants it done. Ask for their word count requirements, research niche subjects in depth, and study their target audience. While writing the post, make sure that you follow any other content guidelines mentioned by the owner. The website owner may reject post submissions so ask how you can edit it.


2.     Generate content with power and a strong influential voice


Coming on to tip number two, it is important that you create high-quality content. Whether you are a guest (as mentioned above) or writing for your own website, make sure the content is effective, informative, easy to understand and grammatically correct. The style of your writing must be unique, powerful and good enough to impress the audience.

Good content is the surest way to achieve valuable link building success. The other way is opportunity-make sure that your content is submitted to the decision maker for the website. Every blogger and marketing expert likes to associate his website with quality content, but creating new content is time consuming too. They will welcome the chance of publishing a worthy article post from another writer. The worth of the content is easy to gauge through the public response. Viewers and readers tend to comment on posts that are informative, interesting and useful for them. They may even share your guest post on their social media feed, allowing your content to gain even more traffic.


3.     Aim for quality backlinks rather than increasing the quantity


We have seen many developers and SEO consultants try to get links from as many sites as they can but, is it really beneficial? In 2017, Google has set the criteria for building links to your website: the websites should be authoritative and the domains diverse. This shows that you should focus your link building campaign on gaining quality links.

4.     Keep an eye on competitors and on your progress


Never ignore your competitors. Look into their content style and find out the ways they  get backlinks. Are they succeeding or not? If they are, is their strategy worth a shot? Find the pros and cons of their strategies and use them to the fullest. Meanwhile, don’t forget to look into your progress over the month too.

Link building is a perfect amalgamation of good content, outreach and patience. All the components mentioned above are important to make it successful but you also need to improvise them to make the overall campaign effective for you.


Author Bio

Hassan Khan Yousafzai – Passionate about digital marketing. Along with educational background in Software Engineering he is bridging gap between marketing and development department. At Techvando SEO specialists in Pakistan, he has been consulting brands all over Pakistan to gain online traffic and profitable leads. Tweets @HassanKOnline


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