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Techniques to Increase Website Traffic through Social Media

Social media, at its initial phase of inception, was considered more to be a personal communication platform. However, now all businesses are on it as, among other possible online marketing channels, social media standard first in terms of customer engagement and to give that exceptional personal touch to the promotional campaigns.

Even now, social media is primarily focused on conversation and building relationships, but it does not mean that it can be used to drive traffic to your website. We will learn how this can be done efficiently. Before that let’s explore what possibilities are out there.


  • Scope of one on one communication


Social media is an ideal platform for conversions through personal interaction. With the opportunity to engage consumers one-on-one, there is a scope to clarify personal queries. People do appreciate the mode of direct response to their questions.


  • Customer service


Social media customer service is the one of the underrated online marketing strategies which many of the leading brands now use. Responding to complaints and positive feedbacks through direct replies is possible through social media, which can help build brand loyalty. Now, let’s discuss a couple of social media techniques to drive traffic.


  • Usage of top keywords


When it comes to digital marketing visibility, some keywords to generate more engagement. Relevant keywords can attract more clicks and give more exposure. So, using them wisely in social media posts too will increase the visibility and outreach of your brand. Some generic high conversion keywords suggested by Gramista experts, to be used in your business specific key phrases are as below.


  • Facebook


When – Where – Inspire – Tell Us – Deals – Offers – Discount.


  • Twitter


ReTweet – Check Out – Follow – Top – Help.


  • LinkedIn


Increased – Improved – Reduced – Researched – Developed.


  • Google+


Discover – Create – Promote – Increase – Share – Discover.


Unifying with hashtags


First on Instagram, and now a common practice among many social media sites, you may have seen hashtag campaigns to signify various topics. Hashtags help the users to reach correctly to the right posts. Meantime, it also helps create discussions and trends. Researchers show that usage of one to two trending hashtags will help to increase the effectiveness of social media posts.


  • Some research stats are as below


Tweets featuring one to two hashtags are found to increase the engagement level by 21% on Twitter. However, if there are more than two hashtags, it is found that engagement level falls by an average 17%.

Even though hashtag campaigns were not famous on Facebook, it seems to work well over the last couple years on FB too. Now the usage of one to two hashtags per post found to achieve an average of 593 interactions. Google+ encouraged hashtags from its beginning onwards and also shows a list of trending hashtags matching to your post.

All these increased social media engagements can be now effective converted into website traffic, and ultimately business results if you can plan it properly. Intelligent digital marketers do make direct results through these social media campaigns with a keen eye on consumer engagement.


Author bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.


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