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The 8 Most Effective Types of Social Media Advertising in 2019

3.48 billion people own at least one social media profile out of which 366 million started using it just last year. Users spend an average of 2.5 hours on social media and message every day. 90% of brands use social media as a platform for advertising and connecting with their consumers. If you are starting a business, a social media presence is a must. However, wading through all the chaotic mess of ways to advertise on these platforms while ensuring a good return on investment can be a challenging task. This article features a list of the most effective ways of inbound marketing on social media as well as the trends that you should pay attention to.

  1. Choosing the right platform

All major social media platforms offer advertising options and pricing. One of the first steps you take is to pick and choose the right social media platforms that are the most beneficial to your business. The following factors should determine your decision

  • Customer base

The infographic below shows the number of users on the most popular social media platforms that offer advertising services. While most businesses have profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and Snapchat, if your budget is tight, choosing the most effective platform can take you a long way. Choose your platform not just based on the number of active users but also on the target audience. Keep in mind the following facts about the platforms before making up your mind,

  • 85% of the users on Facebook live outside of the US and Canada
  • Facebook consists of 56% males and 44% of females whose average age ranges between 18 to 34.
  • Twitter’s demographic majority consists of users between the age of 18 and 29
  • 40 million students and freshers are active users on LinkedIn whereas 61% of the demographic lie in the 30-64 age bracket.
  • Instagram has a majority demographic of youngsters and Pinterest has a higher population of females.

Budget and pricing

Depending on your budget, choose only the platforms that contain demographics that match your target customer base. The pricing options for all these platforms are available on their websites.

  • Setting up a business profile

Set up a business profile on the platform you choose, create a unique and interactive feed, get real followers and reach out to your customers. Be accessible, active and prompt with your profile for better results.

  1. Photo advertisements

Facebook offers photo advertisements along with 125 characters of text, a headline, and a link description. This allows you to feature your product, its use, and a link to your website to promote business. You can create and customize your photo advertisement through the Facebook Business Manager.

Similarly, Instagram also provides photo advertisements. These look the same as regular Instagram posts except that they have the word “Sponsored” at the top right of the post. Instagram also allows you to add a call to action button below the post to redirect interested users to your website.

  1. Video advertisements

Facebook allows you to promote video content ranging from short mobile-based video to up to 240 minutes long videos for the desktop. Shorter videos have much higher completion rates and hence you should stick to the same. Use compelling visuals and audio to increase the likelihood of completion. Instagram also lets you post videos as sponsored content and promotes this among your targeted audience. Advertisements with motion are more likely to perform well than picture ads.

Ideas for video ads could include video-based learning about the products you offer, the usage scenarios or the benefits offered by the product.

  1. Stories

Stories have become extremely commonplace on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. All of these platforms offer advertising services in the form of stories. Instagram stories can feature an image or video content up to 120 seconds in between user stories. These advertisements also feature an easy to use “call to action” button to visit the relevant websites. Using interactive stickers like the poll sticker is more likely to engage the audience and decrease the cost per click on your advertisements.

Snapchat also offers story advertising that allows you to post anywhere between 3 to 20 snaps showcasing your product.

  1. Carousel advertisements

Carousel advertisements refer to those where you can swipe through multiple images to view an entire collection. Both Facebook and Instagram support this feature allowing up to 10 images or videos in one advertisement. Carousel ads are beneficial as you can show a wider variety of products or a step by step process in one advertisement and hence increase the chances of a user clicking on your ad.

Similar to photo and video ads, these advertisements are shown under the “Sponsored” feature. When creating carousel advertisement designs, make sure to have them visually similar to each other.

  1. Twitter Ad campaigns

Twitter advertisements promote website clicks and engagement of users around your tweets. Twitter ad campaigns are those where you set up a campaign tweet and Twitter promotes this tweet to your targeted audience. There are two options for promotion of tweets – one is a basic plan that allows you to promote the first few tweets to a selected audience per day and the second is to choose which tweets you want to promote manually.

  1. Sponsored InMail

LinkedIn offers sponsored InMail which is a form of direct advertising. Targeted users get advertisements in their personal inbox under the title of “Sponsored”. These ads are only sent to active users on LinkedIn and are hence much more effective than mass emails. Users are more likely to click on text-based ads if their word count is 500 or lesser. The top call to actions used in InMail include “try”, “free” and “apply”

  1. Youtube Advertisements

Youtube advertisements are videos that are played before or after content a user chooses to watch. You require a Google AdWords account to create and publish Youtube advertisements. There are three kinds of formats of video advertisements,

  • TrueView – Automatically played before, after or during a video. Users have the option of skipping the ad after five seconds.
  • Bumper – Appear at the end of a video, are unskippable and have a maximum duration of six seconds.
  • Non Skippable – Played before or during long videos. Users do not have the option of skipping these videos and the maximum duration is 20 seconds.

Social media advertisements are a great way of spreading awareness and promoting your products to a wide and varied audience. A few of the business results of social media advertising are as follows,

  • A typical Facebook user from America clicks on an average of 8 ads per month.
  • Twitter promoted ads with videos save 50%on the cost per engagement.
  • 42% of millennials and 50% of Generation Z consider social media to be the best sourceof advertisements.
  • Social media advertising revenue is at around 51.3 billion USD and is forecasted to grow at 10.5% annually.
  • 76% of US consumershave purchased a product they found through social media advertising.

No other medium of advertising has the same potential of reaching the masses as social media currently does. So start designing your advertisements today!


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