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Email Marketing and Email Hosting – Benefits to eCommerce

Despite the advent of social media and other inbound marketing tools, 70% of businesses still use email marketing to reach their audience.

Does email marketing really work? A study shows that email reaches consumers three times more than social media. Furthermore, 77% of people prefer to get promotional offers from brands via emails, according to a survey.

This clearly proves that the best way to communicate business information to consumers is via email.

Since email marketing entails sending a lot of emails, as a brand you should consider business email hosting.

Statistics show that nearly 105 billion emails are sent every day and the number is projected to rise to 246 billion by 2020.

What Is Business Email Hosting?

Have you ever received an email from a corporate organisation and the sender’s email address reads something like Such an organisation has email addresses that are used solely for businesses.

Though the Freeparking’s Guide to Email hosting explained the process, here is a breakdown of how it works for your ecommerce business

How does it work?

Email hosting systems work based on the SMTP and POP3 or IMAP functions.

SMTP is the server that handles outgoing messages. When a user sends a message, it ensures that the sender of that message is authorised to do that. It also notifies the sender of the error in a case where the message fails to deliver.

The IMAP or POP3 platforms on the other hand are used to retrieve the sent messages.

Benefits of Email Hosting

Not only does business email hosting make a brand or business appear more professional, it also gives a brand visibility. Everyone who receives a mail from a business email address is informed about the existence of the brand.

  1. Professional-looking communication

Email hosting allows businesses to use their brand or business name in their email address. It improves the overall identity of their business, making the clients feel like they are communicating with a highly professional organisation.

Also, business email accounts correspond with the business website’s domain name. This makes it easy for consumers to find their way to the website to know more about the organisation.

This goes a long way in dispeling the fears of even the most sceptical client, effectively gaining their trust and allowing them to be more receptive to your message.

  1. Value for money

Business email hosting services are relatively cheap compared to the values you would be getting in return. Many email hosting service providers offer business email hosting services as low as $59.95 per annum.

Using an email hosting platform saves you time and resources.

  1. Adequate and customisable storage space

Most email hosting services provide adequate storage space for organisations on their platforms. Some of them even offer up to 1gigabyte of storage space. Some service providers even offer more based on your needs.

The best part is that you are free to customise the mail box as you please. You can include your business’ logo on the email and brand name.

  1. Email security

Due to the fact that people share a lot of sensitive information such as credit card details, names, addresses, dates of birth etc. via email, security is highly important. Most business email hosting service providers equip their platforms with the standard 128-bit encryption feature which prevents information from getting compromised.

This way, all the information sent or received during a webmail session is protected.

This is a huge benefit for organisations that deal in ecommerce and other sectors that involve exchange of  important information during transactions. A mistake could cause damage that might be irrevocable and cause you to lose consumers’ trust and credibility, hence the need for email hosting.

  1. Secure against viruses and spamming

Good business email service providers provide security against spam by filtering inbox messages, putting the suspicious mails in a quarantine folder until they have been critically checked and confirmed that they pose no threat.

Highly effective antivirus scanners which are constantly upgraded are also employed by the service providers to detect, fix and keep out viruses and malware. These features are built into your SMTP server and are powerful enough to block these harmful files before they even get into your email server.

  1. Unique, extra features

Special features such as an address book are some of the benefits of business email hosting. It makes it easy for you to save contact information and to retrieve them easily whenever they are needed.

Email hosting plans can be used by businesses that do not have the resources to fully manage their email infrastructure and wish to maintain a professional image for their business.


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