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Topmost Enterprise Mobile App Development Trends In 2019 

When a year is about to end or a new year starts, the internet is flooded with different types of predictions. For business entrepreneurs, these predictions are meant to be the best tricks to keep themselves updated with the industry’s new norms. 

Undoubtedly, the development industry is wide and when it comes to mobile app development, it becomes more important for the professionals to focus on each aspect. Mobile applications directly interacts with the users and solves their purposes with ease and that too by offering an exceptional experience. An app owner expects exactly the same from its upcoming product that it will serve the users appropriately and leave a mark of complete satisfaction on the users’ mind.  

Do you know what are the factors that beautify an app and fill it with a newness? Your answer must be advanced features and functionality integration. That’s correct somehow! Besides, there are ever-evolving mobile app development trends that make an app rule over the web. If you don’t know about such trends, proceed with the blog. You will get insights into each and every single detail about the described mobile app development trend. 

Know about the latest mobile app development trends and their influence on the app development process – 

Real-time data sharing

 We are discussing the impact of the latest trends on enterprise mobile app development. Today, enterprises are able to collect the data in brilliant ways. To groom their data management, they now require a robust app. The app needs to be built on real-time data sharing and should perform outstandingly by saving a lot of developers’ time. This trend also helps enterprises attain their objectives as they are now free to focus on other business aspects rather than data management.  

  • Emerging wearable technology 

Wearable technology based devices have great significance in the individuals life. Whether it is a smartwatch, band or goggles, every device pulls users’ attraction with its powerful technology usage. According to a survey, enterprises started allowing their employees to access data and relevant apps through their wearable devices. They want to make their workers smart in terms of technology presentation.  

  • VR & AR app development 

 Virtual reality and augmented reality apps are no longer new concepts for the developers and users. But still, these are making mobile apps strong and advanced in terms of UX. Apps built on the concept of AR and VR are used by enterprises to identify the customers’ virtual needs through these apps. An app can get amplified success and admiration if it gets integrated with AR and VR technology features.  

  • User experience prioritization 

The trend is also not new but developers often ignore it at the time of mobile app development. An app’s foundation is based on better UI and enhanced UX. If it has both of these, no marketing tactic will scatter it to get maximized user base. During enterprise app development, one needs to identify the target the business target audience and identify their interest to build excellent app UX. Adopting this trend will let enterprises reap the business benefits in terms of the largest user base and optimum return on investment. 

  • Blockchain development adoption 

Blockchain is basically associated with the era of cryptocurrency. Apart from dealing with cryptocurrency, there are many other benefits that enterprises can have by using apps based on Blockchain technology. Use of blockchain makes the data centralized and secure over the web. The reasons suggest big enterprises adopt blockchain app development, so that they can create a higher level of transparency between their business transactional process.  

  • Introduction of machine learning 

By witnessing the powerful influence of AI and machine learning, small and big businesses are embracing these technologies for their unparalleled growth. They started demanding mobile apps based on machine learning technology. Their belief with this technology is becoming stronger as they perceive that they will be able to create more personalized experiences between their businesses and users. In short, the trend has the potential to stay here in the industry for many more years.  

  • On-demand app development 

 On-demand apps are the need of the hour. Every business wants a suitable app to run their business. Businesses are now also demanding mobile apps by keeping their user’s demands in mind. They consider that the apps developed especially for targeted users will serve them in exceptional ways. It’s a common mobile app development trend, which is gaining ultimate attention by the developers and businesses.  

  • Improved IoT integration 

IoT represents the world, where everything is connected digitally with each other. Whether it is a digitally integrated refrigerator, washing machine or anything else which understands users’ commands. It’s especially making all the businesses advanced by facilitating them with the IoT-enabled apps and devices. This has become a powerful app development trend and making the industrial world far easier to track and manage.  

Bottom Line: 

So far, the field of mobile app development has witnessed myriads of technological transformations. But now, with the assistance and introduction of such wonderful mobile app development trends, it has become quite helpful to create apps with advanced functions and UX enhancing features. If you’re a reputed mobile app development company, who believes in rendering quality apps to the clients, adopting the aforementioned trends will help you in great ways. 


About The Author: 

Tom Hardy is a highly experienced mobile app developer at Sparx IT Solutions. He is hard working and strives to deliver something unique to the clients. Working as an app developer, he portrays his interest in writing informational blogs on trending technology topics that help make people understand about a concept. 


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