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How Small Businesses Can Make Use of Facebook Messenger

Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms around in the cybersphere today, and the numbers show it loud and clear. With over one billion users, Facebook is proving itself to be an industry giant as the years continue along.

There are many features on Facebook that a lot of users get to enjoy, one of which is Facebook’s Messenger feature. Facebook Messenger is a messaging app built-in with Facebook so that you can message all of your Facebook friends or any Facebook user depending on their settings.

Small businesses make use of a lot of Facebook’s features to market their site. However, they seem to neglect Facebook’s messaging system. There are plenty of ways that small businesses can make use of Facebook Messenger though it just needs a little ingenuity.

If you’re looking to expand your Facebook Messenger marketing reach but do not know where to start, then look no further. Read on to find out how you can use Facebook Messenger for your business.

It’s an excellent customer service tool

The internet provides a lot of conveniences not only on the part of the consumer but also on the part of business owners. As a part of the internet, Facebook also has a lot of conveniences on offer anytime, and it’s something a lot of small businesses make use of.

When you have a Facebook page, you can give your customers an avenue to connect with you on a deeper level. With a Facebook page, there is also the option for small businesses to receive Facebook messages from clients.

This allows them the opportunity to have their concerns addressed immediately, or right when they are experiencing trouble. On your side, you get to serve your consumer and address their issues immediately.

It is a very convenient customer service tool as customers don’t have to experience the long calls. They also don’t have to send emails that they’re not sure the business received. Also, it gives you as a business owner the chance to rectify problems as well.

Experiment with chatbots

Speaking of timeliness of responses, a chatbot is an excellent way to increase the responsiveness rate on your page. On business’s Facebook pages, it displays how long it takes you to respond to a message and how often you respond to messages.

With a chatbot, you can automate responses that address frequently asked questions to make the experience a more seamless process for both you and the customer. Aside from that, you can use chatbots to promote your brand.

When you have a chatbot, followers of your page can receive automated messages from them. It can tell your customers about upcoming deals or you can lead your customers to a website should you so desire.

There are lots of ways you can utilize chatbots. At the end of the day, however, there is proof that they can increase conversion rates.

Extend your reach by producing Messenger home screen ads

One way to convert Facebook followers into website visitors is by using ads. Specifically, Messenger’s home screen ads. These are, simply put, image ads that are on the home screen of the Messenger.

The setup for a home screen Messenger ad is simple. Just change the preferred ad placements on your Facebook Ads Manager. Most likely, your ads placement are set Automatic, so all you have to do then is go to the Messenger option on the Platforms and select Home.

Once you’ve done that, your ads should appear on the home screen of Messenger. Doing this will help increase the traffic you receive from your site.

Start conversations with customers through click-to-Messenger ads

The most important time for any business owner is right when customers are on the verge of converting. It is important that you do all you possibly can to entice them to avail of your products or services. This is where the click-to-Messenger ads come to play.

A click-to-Messenger ad is an ad that encourages people who view your ad to go straight to your Messenger to inquire about something. Afterward, a conversation with your chatbot should begin straightaway.

To set this up, you do not have to do anything much different. All you need to do is go to the Call-to-Action menu and add the Send Message option. Your customers should then be able to send a message through the ad.

Strengthen connections with potential consumers through sponsored messages

When you have already made a connection with a customer through Facebook, then it is easier to send targeted messages to them. One way you can better connect with your customers through Messenger is by using sponsored messages.

Sponsored messages on Messenger are an unintrusive way of reconnecting and engaging with your user base. It won’t appear as Sponsored until they open that chat box. It is a great way to increase brand awareness which gives you a higher chance to gain a conversion.

When creating your sponsored message, avoid being too lengthy and verbose. When you have too much text, it can deter your customer from reading your message. Plus, it will be hard to know what exactly you’re trying to communicate so keep it simple.

Since you do not get the chance to stretch your literary skills in sponsored messages, you have a better alternative to getting your point across. Use more images. This gets people more engaged than a block of text in their Messenger will.

Use Messenger to boost your content marketing

Chatbots on your Facebook Messenger can help increase your readers and visitors on your blog site. Whenever you make a new post, you can notify them better through the Messenger.

When marketing your content via Messenger, it feels more informal than, say, an email notification. Therefore, it appears more welcoming, so people are more likely to click through to the content.

Over to You

Facebook Messenger is an underutilized tool in Facebook’s arsenal despite being accessible and easy to set up by any small business owner. If you own a business and still haven’t tried Facebook Messenger as an inbounding marketing tool, then why not start now?

With this article, you should be fully equipped to handle an ad campaign all on a single platform, which is Facebook’s Messenger. Good luck and bon voyage!


About the Author – Kevin Urrutia is the founder of Voy Media, a Facebook Marketing Company in New York. Voy Media believes in the power of Facebook advertising in helping businesses to boost their sales and improve their conversions. Voy Media aids businesses to push the right message to the right audience in order to deliver the right outcomes.


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