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Alvomedia London Digital Marketing Company FAQs

Welcome to Alvomedia’s frequently asked questions, or FAQs page. We have put together some of the most commonly asked questions in the hope that they will help to answer any inquiries. Please feel free to send us a message via our contact form, or email us for further details or a consultation about your marketing needs.

1. How is Alvomedia different from other digital marketing agencies?

Alvomedia is a full service digital marketing agency that offers a customized solution for our clients. We are a blend of creative and data driven marketing. When you become a client of Alvomedia, we will apply diligent efforts to increase your brand engagement with customers, page ranking, conversions or reach. There are many digital and inbound marketing services that we offer, and our clients can choose which specific service they require. We use metrics to measure our marketing methods, allowing our clients to see what marketing they are actually investing in and how this is maximizing their return on investment. At Alvomedia, we believe that marketing should never be an expense, but a wise investment for great returns in the future. The reason why your marketing may have failed in the past is due to efforts that were not measured for effectiveness. Alvomedia digital marketing agency uses a range of tracking and analytic tools to measure the effectiveness of our marketing.

When clients approach Alvomedia for help, we like to understand their objectives and design a content or marketing strategy that is specific for them. We do not use a one size fits all methodology. If our clients wants to achieve the objective of more sales then Alvomedia will help to achieve more sales through online inbound marketing. We help companies to convert traffic to leads and sales. It is that simple.

2. How does Alvomedia work with new clients?

A relationship begins with an email to or message through the contact form. Alvomedia will assess our client’s objectives and see if, and how, we can help. The factors that determine how we work with clients include:

  • Relevant background information on the client’s business and goals
  • Actual audit of the client’s current marketing efforts
  • Our client’s marketing budget
  • Timeline of our client’s marketing project

Alvomedia will require all of this information in order to consider a new client’s proposal and initiate the marketing project.

3. Will Alvomedia accept request for proposals (RFP)?

Alvomedia digital marketing company is open to new proposals and building a relationship with prospective clients. A RFP will not be out of the question if the objectives are a good fit. Please discuss with Alvomedia further if you have a RFP proposal at

4. How does Alvomedia determine its agency fees and project costs?

Fees will be based on the number of agency hours dedicated to a marketing project. The higher the cost that we quote, the more hours our skilled team of front end developers and marketers will dedicate to your project. We can give you a quote beforehand but in certain cases the final fee may be lower or higher than the initial consultation quote depending on the complexity of the project and hours required to complete. The fees will include the cost of skilled professionals, overhead, expenses incurred and the client will be billed at costs.

5.Why should I use a digital marketing agency when I can train my own staff?

Good question.  Why should you outsource your marketing when you have staff trained or an in-house marketing team? An agency will approach your marketing from a different perspective. Many members of our skilled team at Alvomedia digital marketing agency have had more than 10 years of design and inbound marketing experience. No matter how well you train your staff, your company can gain so much from the experience and expertise of a professional marketing agency such as Alvomedia. Furthermore, as a full service marketing agency we provide services that you may not get from your in-house marketing team and could really benefit from.

6. Should I choose an agency that specialize in one thing, for instance social media marketing?

As a full service digital marketing agency, Alvomedia provides insights, knowledge and expertise from a whole range of marketing standpoints. We employ a wide range of marketing tactics and look at the bigger picture. A marketer specializing in social media may not be well versed in SEO or PPC; likewise, they lack analytic tools to measure their client’s ROI.

7. What are the advantages of using a marketing agency as opposed to training my staff?

Training your staff takes time , which can be better outsourced to a digital marketing agency. Training your staff from scratch is not the best use of your most valuable resource. A digital marketing agency like Alvomedia provides the expertise of professionals with many years of experience. These marketing professionals can deal with a project efficiently and with great technical skill. If you want something done right the first time, let a professional do it. There are many aspects of online marketing that may be too complex for inexperienced staff. The use of marketing metrics, rigorous A/B testing, SEO and content creation are integral to digital marketing these days and your staff will struggle with the sheer details and volume of work required. The number one priority of our clients is to focus on business and let specialists handle the marketing. In addition to freeing up your time, hiring a marketing agency is much more affordable than training your staff from scratch.

8. My business is based in a different postcode/country/continent. Can we still work together?

Nowadays it is convenient to work with clients anywhere in the world. Alvomedia digital marketing agency will be able to connect with clients over email, Skype and other platforms of real time communication. The advantage of being a digital marketing agency is that we are able to offer our marketing services remotely. Although there are benefits to contacting us when you are a company based in England, this is no longer necessary for a compatible working relationship. Alvomedia accepts clients all over Europe, Asia and anywhere in the world. Contact us on to discuss your project.

9.Why should I choose an digital marketing agency like Alvomedia instead of a local one?

The advantage of hiring Alvomedia is paying for the experience and talent of our skilled international marketers. For local marketing agencies you will pay for overheads and any inefficiencies in their staff’s skills.  With Alvomedia you will get all the expertise of a full service digital marketing agency at a reasonable cost.

10. How do you compete with the big marketing agencies that only work with Fortune 500 companies?

Agencies that only take on Fortune 500 clients are not necessarily better. Alvomedia’s ethos is to work as hard as we can for our client’s company to grow. When we accept a  marketing project, we treat that company as it was our own. You cannot get a more diligent and passionate team of people than Alvomedia. The competitive advantage of Alvomedia digital marketing agency is our blend of human, creative and data skills. Our marketing efforts combine the IQ and EQ because digital marketing is as much about humanizing and building relationships as it is about analysing data.  Bigger marketing agencies attract some great talent but you may not be assigned to their A team of star players. With Alvomedia you always get our A team who will go above and beyond for your marketing. Remember that your experience with any digital marketing agency is only as good as the team assigned to you, so choose the best one for your goals.

11. If I want to change agencies, how do I do this?

If you have a contract with Alvomedia digital marketing agency, do check the terms you have agreed to, including the notice periods for terminating the project. Even if you don’t have a contract, please give Alvomedia enough notice to finish the work that we have started on your project. For a smooth transition to another digital agency, Alvomedia recommends that you let us finish the work that we have begun on your project.

12. After working on my project, will you own the intellectual property rights to my brand?

Like all professional agencies Alvomedia will assign creative rights over to our client. Please check the small print of your contract with Alvomedia to see what terms of assignment you have agreed with. If it is your wish, Alvomedia can also keep the creative rights of a project after it has been completed. Alvomedia will not charge release fees for our work and upon completion all intellectual property rights on the design and copyright is yours.  We do reserve the right to feature the finished work in our portfolio for promotion purposes and this will be written into the contract.

13. After I send you my inquiry via the contact form, what will happen?

First of all, we will arrange to talk through your digital marketing needs. After our initial consultation, if you’ve requested something specific we will provide an estimate of the cost and breakdown of the work required. If you are sure of what results you need to achieve but unsure about what marketing methods you want, we can present you with a proposal of different options. Please note that there is no contractual obligation to go ahead with the work during the initial consultation.

Once you have reviewed our proposals and price, we will need a purchase order from you in order to confirm the prices. We will start work once the prices have been agreed to and the relevant contracts have been signed.

14. Do we need to meet up in person?

Alvomedia digital marketing agency has staff based in London, UK, however it is not necessary to meet up if we have everything we need in order to start the marketing project. A review of your company can be done online and any information communicated through email or Skype. In most cases, it would not be necessary to present this information in person. Once Alvomedia understands your objectives and current situation we will be informed about what marketing methods to implement. We aim to deliver your project quickly, efficiently and effectively and we will be communicating with you as we progress. Alvomedia prides ourselves on transparent communication and consistent updates with our clients because we want you to be happy with the work that we are doing.

15. How does your team work?

Alvomedia is a flexible marketing agency and we are able to adapt quickly to your requirements. Our strength is data analysis with emotional intelligence-so we can optimize conversions in addition to building good relationships with your customers. When Alvomedia dedicates our time to your project, we will do this with your objectives in mind. We will keep you updated and take on board any suggestions that you may have. In our experience we have found that clients tend to be either very involved, and not so involved. We are happy to work in a style that is compatible with you, even if this involves weekly reports of our progress.

16. What does a full service digital marketing agency imply?

A full service digital marketing agency employs different inbound marketing techniques to help businesses convert more users. Every company’s requirements are different and many prefer to opt for an agency with a wide set of skills. There are marketing agencies that only specialise in social media or PR, but many companies need different marketing methods to work in synergy. A full service digital marketing agency like Alvomedia can provide different solutions and customise marketing methods. We do not pressure you to use all of our services and will only reassure you that we can apply more multi channel marketing methods should you require.

17. How do I know you can do the things you claim to do?

At Alvomedia we believe that the quality of marketing and diligent attitude of our team speaks louder than words. Once you have been assigned to our marketing team, we will help you achieve your objectives. Our marketing professionals have the experience and skills to give your marketing an extra push.

18. Will there be any formal paper work?

Formal contracts ensures that both parties are aware of the terms and conditions they have agreed to prior to starting a marketing project. Any formal paperwork will state clearly the legal ownership of the creative work, the notice period and any payment terms. We strongly recommend you sign formal contracts with us in order to protect your rights. However, if this is not possible, for whatever reason, we can provide written quotations as a record of agreed terms.

19. How will you charge for your marketing services?

Depending on the marketing project that we undertake, payments can be billed on per project basis, retainer arrangement or commission. Let us explain: a per-project payment is billed by the job and based on an estimate of the hours required for the work. When you contact Alvomedia for discrete marketing projects that has a clear start and end, a per project basis for payment is the best option. A retainer suits marketing projects that contains many different campaigns and requires consistent work for a minimum of 6 months. The advantage of a retainer is that you have a preferential rate quoted from Alvomedia plus you do not have to worry about the costs after paying upfront. Many clients prefer a retainer simply because they have a budget and other things to manage.  A commission is charged for media buys and production.

20. How much do you charge for your marketing services?

Every marketing project is different and Alvomedia will have have to factor in the time required, overheads and other costs before presenting prospective clients with an estimate. We are a flexible full service agency who believes in customizing our services; it is best to contact us for a consultation. In this day and age, good digital marketing is a necessary investment for companies. The price that a company pays for marketing services provide great returns for every year that the company operates. Every component of a marketing project, from beautiful design to customer centric content pays back manifold.

21. Will you match a cheaper quote from another digital marketing agency?

This depends, so the answer is maybe. At Alvomedia, out creative marketing skills are not quantifiable like other traded commodities. You might get a cheaper quote from another marketing agency for content marketing, but the quality may differ. In short, if you are quoted a cheaper price for producing weekly content, we will not be able to match that. Alvomedia creates content that has the potential to generate many high quality leads-we do not want to compromise the quality of our work by matching a cheaper price. However, we may be able to match quotes for building ethical high PR backlinks or in removing bad links.

22. Do you accept urgent jobs? For example, deadlines within 3 days?

Deadline is very important to Alvomedia, because we like to run a tight ship. If you have an urgent project, discuss this with us. Once accepted, we will put our full efforts into pushing your urgent project towards completion,

23. Who are your clients?

Alvomedia digital marketing agency works with companies of all sizes in a range of industries in both public and private sectors. We like a challenge as well so do not hesitate to contact us if you are in an unconventional industry.

24. I want to find out if my competitor is one of your clients

Alvomedia do not work well when there is a conflict of interests so we will inform clients that are business rivals. In most cases, rival companies use different marketing services so there is no direct conflict.


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