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To Pay Or Not To Pay – Free or Paid SEO Tools?

Are you wearing the search engine optimization expert hat for your own business? No matter whether you are doing this for your own company or as a project for a client, the fact is that you need some good SEO tools. The budget is a factor which decides which of the paid SEO tools you can afford, but there is still the question whether you should focus on a free or a paid tool.

Remember that there are also freemium tools which have both free and premium plans, which you can decide on based on what you require. But in this article, we are going to discuss the things you need to consider when deciding whether you should spend money on an SEO tool. And if you are still in doubt, reach out to SEO professionals for help.

Integration of SEO tools

You need to consider if the tool integrates with your other systems. It will save you a lot of time. Your tools need to work well with each other. That way you can do the necessary tasks once, then reuse the efforts you have made in alternate ways in order to get the best results. In most cases, opting for premium tools is necessary for this. It’s worth the cost if you know that you won’t have to do the work more than once.

Support for SEO tools

It is essential to know whether the SEO tool that you choose has active support. People often make the mistake of investing a lot of money and time into a tool that has no support, so they end up googling for help. The fact is simple – don’t focus your efforts on tools, be it paid or free, that don’t have active support. Make sure that you can get the kind of support that you want. Some people prefer phone support, while others would rather opt for getting help via e-mail. Whatever the choice, proper support can mean a lot when you’ve run into a problem, and there is a deadline to be met.

Reliability of SEO tools

It’s also important to know that the tool and the necessary supporting data are available when you require them. It isn’t uncommon to come across tools that don’t work properly, or ones that don’t provide you with the right results or data. It’s worth spending some money if it makes you certain that you are going to have a tool in your hands that you can rely on. This includes web-based tools and desktop apps. The most important factor is connectivity to the data set that generates the tool’s results.

Convenience of SEO tools

As SEO experts at GWM suggest, it is essential that the SEO tool makes the entire process a lot easier and saves you time. After all, your daily list of tasks is long, and most often, finishing them requires more time than you think. It’s worth investing your money in tools that will save you time and make it easier for you to finish the tasks on the list. Automation tools can also be worth the buck when it comes to things that you don’t like doing.

For example, some people love manually digging for keywords and phrases, and often it can bring the best results. However, others hate this part of the job and decide to use premium tools that do the keyword research for them.

Accuracy of SEO tools

Probably the most important criteria for deciding whether you are going to pay for the tools is the accuracy of the results you are getting. The problem with free tools is that they often rely on outdated data that can actually hurt your efforts to beat your competition. What you’re looking for are tools that run on current data and are actively developed. So, part of what you are paying for is the data that the company behind the tool can provide you with. This can get you better results and give you an advantage.

In summation

It is essential that you research the tools that you plan to use. This will help you decide whether you should stick with the free tool that’s at your disposal, or invest into a premium tool that can provide you with better results. However, before you invest into a tool, it can be of great value to you to do SEO tasks manually and truly comprehend what you’re trying to achieve.


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