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Generate More Leads Using Instagram – The Great Marketing Source

With the increase in social media platforms, businesses automatically are finding it a challenge whether it is worth tapping into these options or they must be present on a few of these. A common question that almost every business ask is whether a single social media channel will offer them maximum perks or should they opting for a second choice will be a wise decision. It applies mostly to Facebook and Instagram. There is rarely any business that does not have a profile on Facebook today, but this is not the case with Instagram.

Often firms for some reason do not realize or tend to overlook the business benefits of using Instagram despite billions of users posting videos and images on this platform on a daily basis. Instagram in the real sense is an online marketing source that is genuinely massive which businesses can benefit by leaps and bounds especially when it comes to generating more leads with online marketing.

Business Benefits of Using Instagram

Instagram can benefit your business in plenty of ways but take a look at those worth mentioning,

  • Visuals Help to Engage People Better-We all know a picture can convey more than words and this perfectly fits in case of Instagram. Visuals help to engage people better compared to words, and it is #hashtags that have made simpler for the users in finding exactly what they are searching. Having an account on Instagram for a business will be a wise decision because it will help them in connecting with customers through a means which is different from all that is offered by other social media channels. Here a business can stay head and shoulders above others for various reasons. By showing the audience what their service or product is all about a company can develop trust and at the same time take the audience behind the operation scenes and encourage them to take part by tagging the business and sharing personal results.

Posting videos and pictures related to the culture of the company along with the employees will throw an insight into all that the business deals with. Selecting the hashtags carefully will help in making the business highly accessible to specific audiences. The Search and Explore tabs can be utilized as an excellent marketing tool to check what is trending through hashtags and also what is liked by the followers.

  • Free Flowing and Fresh Content Every Time-Fresh contents posted on a daily basis will keep the audience engaged along with building trust. These days people search for a business on Instagram to engage with the company and products as well as closely follow up on just every single update. The social media channel Instagram allows a business in doing this in different ways such as posting live videos, temporary Instagram stories and videos, and images on the Instagram feed. A restaurant which displays pictures of their dishes daily can engage with customers more effectively and on a vast scale. To know more visit RoboLike.
  • No Limit on Caption and Character-Adding to the point mentioned above, of course, Instagram has some limits in the username and bio, but as opposed to other social media channels such as Twitter, the image caption in Instagram has no limit on character. The length of every post description depends on the user. The overall character limit here is 2200 but when it comes to the total number of posts that can be uploaded and shared there is no such limit be it in total or per day.
  • Business Account-Last year Instagram following the footprints of Facebook began allowing business accounts along with offering account holders with back-end perks of insights. It helps any business in knowing as to which post received the maximum likes, shares, and comments, which is the most convenient time to post together with the follower’s demographics and the amount of time they spend each day on Instagram. It will provide all the information that one needs for making an informative decision both on how and when to schedule posts for receiving better results and higher engagement.
  • Low Competition-Instagram is the second most used and popular social media channel after Facebook. However, despite this, the local businesses using Instagram are comparatively limited, and this is good because it means that it will not reveal what a company can attain while the competition is low not like that of Facebook where a start-up may face difficulty in getting recognition.
  • Instagram Ads-In Instagram the organic possibilities are indeed endless yet one can choose its self-serve ad platform which provides the same targeting options like Facebook including behaviors, interests, demographics, and location. Currently, Instagram has 4 different options on advertising which will allow a user in making his ads eye-catching and more enjoyable to his followers and these include stories ads, carousel ads, video ads, and photo ads.

In the 20th century, things changed when the television and radio gave people enough access to information. It was, however, the internet which triggered a critical and drastic shift in lifestyle, business, and marketing. That brought a transformation in the way people communicate and also the manner in which they advertise and market their brand and products. Today there are no limits when it comes to advertising and marketing. The World Wide Web has made it simpler for all.

Select the most appropriate platform along with an ideal means of communication with the customers and success will follow. With visual content turning extremely popular on social media, naturally, it becomes increasingly vital for brands in creating and leveraging. This move towards the visual social media indicates that a good number of businesses small and big have begun to communicate with customers, followers, and fans visually. Instagram is a highly popular platform which will enable people to leverage the power of the shift to Instagram. On Instagram more than 55 million pictures are shared daily and here lies another good reason why a business should make the most of this social media channel.


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