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How Essential Is Graphic Design To Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is one of the most rapidly growing industries in the world today. Being able to market your product or services to anyone – regardless of your location or theirs – holds a huge appeal to a great number of people.

The growth of social media and people’s general dependency on the internet has made this form of inbound online marketing not just accessible to many, but also very easy to manage. However, not many internet marketers are convinced of the role graphic design plays in the success of their online marketing strategy.

The Role of Graphic Design in Digital Marketing

If you feel that graphic design doesn’t play an important role in the success of your digital marketing, you need to think again. This specialised form of art plays a huge role in your overall marketing plan – from user experience to message delivery. In short, the importance of graphic design to marketing cannot be overemphasised. Every product and service promoted via online platforms incorporates the concept of ‘appropriate visual elements’ to interest and engage the target audience. In fact, not only are consumers attracted to visual content, it also makes the subject of the marketing easier for them to recall. Therefore, it’s safe to conclude that graphic design is one of the most fundamental – if not critical – factors for online marketing success.

Today’s consumers are always on the move; therefore, it will take more effort to attract their attention. When considering the number of brands with a similar online presence, you’ll realise that for your business to have a competitive edge, you’ll need to put your brand ‘in the face’ of the consumer – a feat that can only be achieved with good graphic design principles, the right infrastructure/platform and good old fashioned hard work.

In fact, when it comes to succeeding in online marketing, there’s a place for everything. As a business owner, you’ll know that customers (new or existing) are reluctant to conduct business via a website renowned for experiencing technical difficulties. This is why a lot of online marketers are opting for Microsoft azure, Google cloud, Umbrellar Azure Stack and other cloud based infrastructures for improved performance. The same applies to message delivery; visual elements are the first (and sometimes only) way a potential customer can connect with your products. Whether you like it or not, graphic design provides the most effective method of communicating the potential and value of your product and services.

How to Use Graphic Design in Digital Marketing

Graphic design entails much more than combining colours and drawings; it embodies the total art of communication in business and marketing. It is also an effective way of engaging with customers, building brand awareness and influencing the customer’s decision-making process. From this brief description, you can see how it plays a vital role in the success of your online marketing.

However, not every design is effective in digital marketing. Strategically placed visual content is what will convert potential customers into actual customers, while your graphic design is what will serve as the visual guide that helps the customer interpret your message.

The following visual elements highlight some ways in which you can use graphic design to make your digital marketing unique.


Every online marketer will agree that attracting the attention of online users can be quite difficult. However, amongst all other forms of graphics and visual content, infographics stand out as one of the best tools for communicating messages to consumers. Because 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, people tend to connect more with photos and graphics. Infographic makes it possible for digital marketers to craft their message in a more visually pleasing manner. This unique method of communicating using infographics makes your message clearer and convincing, thereby drawing attention to your content and driving traffic to your website or product page. Digital marketers can use a carefully designed infographic to break down the benefits of their products and services to show what customers stand to gain when they use said product.

Call to Action:

The success of any online marketing is tied to your ability to make customers understand what you want from them. When a potential customer is interacting with your product page, website or blog article, it’s important they understand what they’re to do next. Graphics not only provide a good way to connect emotionally with your audience, but also make it easy to convey your thoughts clearly to them. You can do this by using what’s known as a ‘Call to Action’ (or CTA button). The purpose of a CTA button is to make the desired course of action clear to potential customers.

What action do you want them to perform after reading your infographic or text content? Do you want them to subscribe to your newsletter, buy a product or leave a comment?  Designing a CTA button that will grab the users’ attention is an important step in the journey towards making them a customer. Not only will a well designed and strategically placed CTA button guide your users, it also makes for good user experience – and everyone knows the role user experience plays in growing an online business.

Content Graphics:

We’ve already covered how people are more attracted to visual content than they are to text. This is a trait you can take advantage of in your digital marketing. Before anyone will even begin to read your content, their opinion will already have been shaped by the images on the page. This is why it’s important to have well designed, relevant pictures accompany text content. Imagine having a product item without any product picture. How will potential customers connect with the product you have to sell?

As I pointed out earlier, the image is the first (and sometimes only) opportunity a user has to form an idea of your products and services. Therefore, an appealing picture in your blog post will encourage users to keep on reading. Graphics can also help in making certain points clearer. In fact, very few people will bother reading if there is no visual element on the page.

To sum it up…

Graphic design is a way for businesses to create a visual connection with their target audience. Good design will not only make this possible, but also improve the overall experience your target audience has with your brand. Using good graphic design elements in your digital marketing will help influence the decision-making process of your target audience and lead them through your sales funnel towards conversion.


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