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Alvomedia Guest Blog Rules

Do you want to increase your website visitors and grow your reader base? Alvomedia London marketing agency grew our blog to reach thousands of readers and you can become one of our star guest authors. As a contributor to our marketing agency blog, you will be leveraging our targeted audiences interested in topics related to digital marketing. You can even place your very own anchor text and contextual links within your guest blogs so readers know who you are!


Myth about Google and guest blogging


Guest blogging has gained a bad reputation because, well, most guest blogs are badly written. They are neither consistent with the quality of the rest of the blog, nor do they offer any value to the main blog’s readers. This is the main reason why Google search engines do not like guest blogs with so many spammy links. You can easily identify these blogs by their poor content and spun writing style. Don’t let this be the quality of content you submit. If you want to become a guest blogger for Alvomedia, please follow the following rules:


1.Alvomedia only accepts great content


Do you have a track record of writing great content? We would like to see your portfolio before publishing your content. Readers of Alvomedia blog have come to expect a high standard of writing and updated information from us. We will look at existing content on your own blog and check it for spammy content, low word count and quality of content.


2.Alvomedia will remove links that don’t provide value


As a guest blogger, you are permitted to add any number of links that are relevant to your content and provide value to Alvomedia’s readers. We have the discretion to remove links that are not useful to our readers.


3.Alvomedia expects unique and updated content


We only accept guest blogs that are up to date and contain a minimum of 600 words. Every word should provide value to our readers or we will ask you to edit it. We will also refuse content that has been covered before in our own blog; you need to address it from a different angle. We will use Copyscape to check the uniqueness of your content.


4.Alvomedia accepts perfect grammar and spelling


If you have taken the time to write a high quality blog, your spelling and grammar should be perfect. Our readers expect nothing less as they look to our blog for digital marketing advice and tips.


5.Alvomedia refuse blogs that conflicts with our marketing agency ethos


Arguing your differences in marketing is fine, but promoting marketing practices that conflicts with our own is not acceptable. Alvomedia is an integrated digital marketing agency that believes in breaking down the silos for marketing and communication. We believe in A/B testing, iteration, using marketing tools and data. We do not accept blogs that supports a conflicting method of marketing.


6.Alvomedia only accepts blogs relevant to our readers


Website visitors to Alvomedia are looking for digital marketing advice and solutions to their online marketing. You can find relevant blog topics by browsing through our marketing services section. These marketing services should guide you in the topic you will write about.


7.Alvomedia does not give out publishing privileges to guest bloggers


Once you have completed your blog, we will proof read it and publish it ourselves. You can send us the links, anchor texts and images with your alt descriptions.


8.Alvomedia do not have the responsibility to promote your blog


Once your blog is published, we will notify you and you can promote it across your social networks. We will promote the blog if and when it suits us. You are also responsible for other things related to your blog, such as blog comments and broken links.


Contact Alvomedia London marketing agency to submit your guest blog at and we will reply back to you as soon as possible. 



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