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The Truth About Guest Blogging And SEO

Guest blogging have contributed a lot to the success of SEO marketing. By means of publishing content on another high authority website, an opportunity to build reputation and targeted traffic awaits. Although guest blogging continue to work in the right circumstances, SEO challenges comes along the way. SEO marketers like to ponder whether or not to engage in guest blogging at all. On the other hand they want assurance,” do we have much more to gain or more to lose?” After all, Matt Cutts called it a really bad practice

If you are anxious on this argument weighing all the pros and cons of guest blogging, I don’t blame you. The reactions can be pretty conflicted: “Yes, guest blogging…it’s such a blackhat tactic! and “ No, guest blogging is still an integral part of my SEO.” What should you believe?

The truth about guest blogging and SEO is this: both reactions are valid given different kinds of guest blogging. This is the nature of digital marketing itself; success depends on how you approach the challenge. Many marketers dislike the manipulative intentions behind guest blogging but that would rule out marketing entirely. Marketing is manipulative, from psychological manipulation to exploiting insights from customer data. Until now the scheme of guest blogging never fails as long as it follows certain rules:


  1. Highly relevant content-the context of the guest blog and their audience has to be understood
  2. High quality content-it has to be useful and adds value to the readership of the blog
  3. Emphasis on social signal-great blogs are promoted on social media and gets lots of views/shares
  4. Builds trust and relationships-readers trust the guest author and the website owner builds a mutually beneficial relationship.


Subsequently, poor awareness and desperate moves to makes things work is the key for failure. SEO agencies will tell you that you can’t blame the tool when you are not using it correctly.


Writing quality guest blogs


Good intention always bears good content marketing.  We must keep in mind that high quality content helps viewers. Ideally your content will establish good relationships with viewers so that they trust you to give them quality content. Remember “a spam will always end up a spam”. This strategy will eliminate your guest blogging risk from the SEO angle.


Recoil from rich anchor text


Anchor text is marked words usually underlined and always have color used for search engines. This could be important but for guest blogging, this could cause disqualification. Anchor text could be a red flag for spam and it is also manipulative when used in higher ratios.


Build up your author rank


“Get focused on valuable content marketing.” In this way, Google will evaluate reputation, authority, and the broad response of content marketing that would somehow appraise an author’s significance. Otherwise, there will be an assurance from online connections. Without doubts, an excellent writer who bears great information and connections will have a strong social media community. Good content gains good author ranking rewards!


A great blogging reputation keeps on giving


Guest blogging will increase the curiosity of readers which will expand your reach to new audiences; along the way there is a possibility of high conversion rates. Your brand will become more visible to viewers and your company will gain authority as it increases its recognition. Once you have established reputation it is easy for viewers to trust whatever product/service you want to endorse. Successful guest blogging just keeps on giving.


Focus on relationships through blogging


More likely, this relationship building will be the perfect foundation to becoming more successful in the future. Somehow investing in a good blogging relationship certainly gains reputation as a revenue. Doing so will increase referral traffic and likewise increase website popularity.


Use Google Analytics to track quality traffic


To aim for audience expansion, quality traffic is of great help. This is one of the products of guest blogging where you will have referral traffic from other websites. Google Analytics will give you an idea of how your website attracts traffic from different sources.


Be responsive to other’s comments on your guest blog


Guest bloggers should be receptive to criticism and inputs from others. Critics will open doors to become better bloggers. As far as we all know, our weaknesses can be transformed into an asset because it gives us eagerness to learn more. By guest blogging, exposure to other website audiences who knows nothing about you will definitely help you grow.


Marketers will always be divisive about guest blogging


60% of marketers put their trust and guest blogging and had to survive competition using this method. 40% of marketers believes that guest posting is dead. They are individuals who see the limitations of blogging such as being viewed as spam. They may have been penalized in the past due to guest blogging. However, we could not blame them, they have their own reasons.



Guest postings will continue to increase as content creators leverage the reader base of high authority websites. It is just a matter of using worthwhile strategies to build reputation. As long as you are motivated to provide value, guest blogging will continue to give back for countless years ahead.

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