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SEO Tips For Ecommerce Website

The ultimate way of increasing sales this New Years season is brilliant online marketing. One of the most effective ways to boost visibility for your ecommerce store is organic SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. By optimizing your website’s content, you can improve the prominence of your website in search engines. During the holiday season, consumers will search for hot keywords/ long tail phrases that are related to sales and festivals. If you can successfully optimize your content for these holiday-related keywords then your website will attract more traffic, and sales, during the holiday season.

Every ecommerce business wants to rank highly on search engines in order to increase sales.  According to a Research study by Optify, reported by Search Engine Watch, “websites (that) ranked number one received an average click-through rate (CTR) of 36.4 percent; number two had a CTR of 12.5 percent; and number three had a CTR of 9.5 percent.” Optify’s findings was supported by another study by Gabe Donnini at Marketing Land which showed that “the share of impressions coming from the first position is almost double that for the second position, truly illustrating the value the first spot holds.”

Not all ecommerce business have the resources to reach the best positions on Google search engines for highly converting keywords. However, with some preparation and a strong SEO strategy aligned with their ecommerce sales goals, improvements can be possible! 


Ecommerce SEO tips for the holiday season


SEO is an ongoing effort for every ecommerce business. This article assumes that good ecommerce SEO is already underway before the holiday season. If you have just started your ecommerce SEO, then implementing the tips provided here will take longer for you to see results.


1.Build a strong holiday ecommerce SEO foundation


The holiday ecommerce related keywords are the most important item in your holiday SEO toolbox; the first and most crucial step to a successful holiday SEO campaign.  You must research for the holiday related keywords that best describe your site and research for the keywords/long tail phrases your customers and competitor use. Examples can be New Years sales, January sales, winter deals and Holiday discounts. Add your products to the keywords to create specific queries that can convert into sales easily. For instance, January discounts women’s gardening gloves will convert better than simply January discount gloves. Research will give you knowledge about the keywords to optimize and determine from analysis of what the online users search.  Take note, use keyword/phrases for the users not for the search engines.

Long tail keywords research should be the foundation of your holiday ecommerce SEO strategy


Make your site structure better so that holiday product pages linking to each other can be found more easily by search engine crawlers. In terms of good user experience, it is very important to have a clear website structure.  Amidst the chaos of the holiday season, your website has to be very user friendly. Your customers should easily access the products or the information they need.

If you are renovating your website for the holiday season, let your web designer, content marketer and SEO consultant work together right at the start.  This is to ensure effectiveness, well optimized and user-friendly website for the holidays.


2.Invest in original content


Avoid duplicate content within your website to avoid being penalized by search engines. It is the common downfall of ecommerce sites during the holiday season because of the same product listings and descriptions repeated sometimes (or a year before!) on their website.  It is an advantage to invest in original content and use compelling product descriptions.  Product descriptions in the URL are also vital to make easier the search of a certain product.

You can use Canonical tags for the pages you want to index and Robots.txt block areas that create duplicate content; you can use it on archives, tags and even category pages.  It is important that all duplicate content should not be indexed by search engines such as pages to print and archives with different sorting elements.


3.Strengthen your website’s internal link architecture


It is not only link building, but link architecture you need for the holiday season. Internal links for your holiday optimized website can link to other sales/holiday related pages within the website. The purpose of internal link architecture is for better crawling and indexing of your new holiday related pages by the search engines. When visitors come to your website, they can find related pages quickly and suggestions for holiday season products can accessed with ease. 

To improve your ecommerce site’s link architecture, you can place internal links sparingly and where it is needed for the benefit of your visitors. By creating a new sitemap to submit to Google, you can have an updated website architecture for the the holiday season. This adds to the user friendly features of the website. Remember to keep your internal links relevant and ensure that the ranking URL is the linking URL in the HTML and XML sitemap.

You can strengthen your internal links as part of your ecommerce SEO strategy


4.Use social media integration for your ecommerce site


People use social media more often during the holiday season to scour for deals or news about their friends. This is a prime opportunity for your brand to make an impact. Integration with social media helps with the SEO as social signals and reshares can improve the visibility of your website on search engines. You may even earn high quality links as a result of social shares. There are several ways to optimize your content for social media channels. You can share reviews and glowing customer testimonials on your social media profiles. Secondly, you can post engaging visual content with a call to action for viewers to visit your website/sign up to your email list. Thirdly, you can spread the word about special offers during the holiday season. If you want to give something away, social media contests can boost your engagement rates and conversions.

Social media integration is an effective way to boost your brand and sales during the holiday season. Due to the social nature of the platforms, this tactic is most effective when you have built relationships through social media. Add social media share buttons to your ecommerce product pages and landing pages to optimize your SEO.


5.Mobile optimized site


Include in your holiday e-commerce SEO strategy mobile optimization. If you have not already done so,  you can hire web development services to quickly create a mobile optimized website for you.   It is important to have a mobile-friendly version of your  ecommerce website, especially during the holiday season. Did you know that 51% of ecommerce sales was made through a mobile device in 2016 in the UK?

Also, the integration of mobile and your website creates better chances for SEO; Google even published guidelines about mobile friendly designs.  For customers who prefer the full desktop version, you can have the same URLs. They are not only browsing your web-page, but they are also purchasing using their mobiles. They will expect your mobile site to perform well and load quickly compared to the desktop site.


Focusing on your SEO efforts for the holiday season will improve your customers’ satisfaction, happiness and contentment.  An ecommerce site is one of the most searched queries during the holiday seasons and customers have the intention to spend a lot of money. By optimizing your content for the relevant and highly converting keywords and promoting your holiday content properly through social media, you can gain more website visits and sales.  It is a challenge worth taking for it could be the most profitable time of the year for your ecommerce business!  It is giving value to receive from your valued customers.


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