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Holiday SEO Tips To Help Your Ecommerce Business

SEO may be a long term endeavor but the holiday season always require more effort to optimize your business. Depending on what you are selling, your SEO must be in tip top shape for your target audience. It is a given that you need to prepare your content for search engine optimization in advance but what other tweaks can you use for your holiday SEO? If you are preparing for the busy sales this Easter Holiday, you need to know these actionable holiday SEO tips right now!

Here at Alvomedia digital marketing services, we help businesses prep their content for optimal holiday SEO. That means everything is ready for the sales to roll in. Pages of content are optimized, technical SEO has been completed and the UX of the website complements the content.


Holiday SEO Tip 1: Optimize for mobile


Would you believe that more and more consumers are opting to purchase through their mobile? 50% of shoppers prefer to shop for Christmas through their mobile; 51% of all digital commerce traffic comes from mobile. Your ecommerce website must look good on mobile and be user friendly. Factors of mobile user friendliness include speed (make sure that you have Google AMP where appropriate), correct screen displays and mobile SEO. 43% of mobile searches in store helps to inform about future purchases so don’t miss out on this opportunity to convert!


Holiday SEO Tip 2: Sell your landing page


Your landing page content and all the images on there must sell, sell and sell! The URL and the design of your landing page is important to attract consumers. You should be ranking for your main keywords on the landing page, for instance, ‘ to rank for your best offers. If consumers don’t get your landing page or it is not relevant for your main keywords, you need to go back to the drawing board.


Holiday SEO Tip 3: Outsource to SEO experts


No time to manage your stock, staff and website? There’s help for your SEO at least. The advantages of hiring SEO experts include helping you save time to run your ecommerce business, getting your investment back in more sales and navigating the holiday SEO waters with ease. The holidays is enough to give any business owner sleepless nights-you can outsource the hard SEO work to experts who will help you build your website’s credibility and stay up to date with Google’s constant algorithm changes. Being prepared for SEO is half the battle won.


Holiday SEO Tip 4: Think targeted query phrases


Many businesses will compete for the hottest keywords such as Summer sales and Christmas Discounts. You need to use targeted query phrases that will help you rank for your specific items. Instead of using generic competitive keywords, use semantic phrases that will reach your target audiences. Are you selling niche products? Use long tail niche keywords to help your consumers find you. Not only will you have less competition, your traffic will be highly targeted and more likely to convert. Win win!


Holiday SEO Tip 5: Beware of SEO that seem too good to be true


The aim of SEO is to build long term credibility, trust with your consumers and prevent Google penalties. The temptation may be strong to circumvent the SEO rules but you will be thankful in the longer term. Buying bulk blackhat SEO links and poor quality guest posts seem cheap but they will cost your ecommerce in the long run. Having your ecommerce website penalized just before the holiday season is no fun at all.


Holiday SEO Tip 6: Update all of your content and URLs


A simple holiday SEO tip is to update your URLs to something more relevant. If your Easter offers are for 2017, do update your URLs for 2017.


Holiday SEO Tip 7: Optimize all your alt-tags


Ecommerce is very visual and your image alt-tags matter to your SEO efforts. Your alt-tag description should be descriptive and contain your relevant keywords. Many consumers Google the product photos so your products need to rank well for Google Images.


Holiday SEO Tip 8: Earn links from reputable bloggers


Relationships matter in SEO but don’t leave it for the last minute to build them with bloggers. Throughout the year, you should be consistent with your blogger relationships. Helping to publish their content and earn links from their site is one of the best white hat SEO tips you can use. Time invested will be paid back in better credibility for your website.


Holiday SEO Tip 9: Plan your holiday content


You wouldn’t go on holiday without prior planning and this goes with your holiday SEO too. You need to schedule your holiday content so it remains fresh, relevant and optimal for your website’s SEO. Decide if blogs, whitepapers, videos, social media content or ebooks would resonate with your target audience. You need to have an idea of what content to produce so that it is in sync with your holiday product sales or offers. There is no better time to schedule the content than over the holiday seasons; this is when your consumers have time to consume the content!


Holiday SEO Tip 10: Never neglect the review sites!


Reviews can make or break online businesses; 9% of consumers will call a business after reading positive reviews and 89% of review users will make a purchase within a week of reading positive reviews. Online review sites such as Yelp is influential to consumer’s purchasing decisions. Ask your buyers to write a positive review and in fact, 70% will if you ask them nicely.


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