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Hosting Contests on Social Media is a Great Way to Increase Brand Engagement

The most beautiful aspect of social media is the ability of users to interact directly with businesses and companies. Many companies use this opportunity as a marketing strategy to spread more awareness and knowledge about their brand. Organizing competitions and various types of contests on social media is a great way to market your products, and it is a strategy that is not yet used to its full potential by many business owners. In this article, you will learn about the reason why this approach could be useful for your business and also how can organize different contests to promote your business on social media.

Why are contests on social media helpful?

The contests on business pages in social media can be helpful primarily because it will involve many users to willingly participate in your contest which in reality will be an inbound marketing campaign. Users will feel that the spotlight is on them if they can participate or win a competition on your page. The fact that a user’s response will be visible to everybody helps this cause and will result in more users commenting on the initial user’s responses. It will result in more people viewing your page, visiting your website and learning about your products.

What are the types of social media contests you can hold?

  1. Quizzes

Both general quiz contests and specific quiz contest about your products will be useful. You can hold quizzes and ask the users to answer simple to difficult questions on general knowledge, or mathematics. A tricky question will be best in this regard. As when a user responds with a particular answer, all the other users will also drop in to give their opinion on the subject. It will increase more traffic on your page and will draw in more visitors who may go on to become loyal customers.

Specific product related quizzes will initially see a limited audience participating, but it will also make them use your products more because if they want to win the competition, they would have to know your products in detail. Either way, your sales will improve. Be sure to display the winner in your home page and on your social pages as well. It will give users an incentive to participate as they will know that their names and photos will be displayed, so they would also get a little chance to be famous. Offer prizes in the form of gift vouchers or discounts too as many users would love to get those. Include free prizes and gifts for other competitors (who come in second and third positions) as well in the form of consolation prizes. Thus no one will feel like he or she has wasted their times.

  1. Photo Contests

Ask users to submit their photos with your products, ask them to send in their best selfies which you would display on your social media pages. Winners will be decided based on who gets the most votes, and the votes will be given by other users. It ensures that users who did not directly participate will also get involved in the process. A popular strategy of these photo contests is to ask users to send photos of them using your products with a short, intelligent and quirky caption. It will make the users think before posting and will thus bring out a more competitive aspect in the user and the competition because users will find it challenging to come up with intelligent, witty captions to describe their photos.

  1. Write-ups

Write-ups are a more elaborate competition, where you shall ask your users to write about their experiences of using your products. You can also encourage users to write short funny stories which you will publish on your social pages.

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One of the most critical aspects of social media marketing is using the various platforms of social media to interact more with your clients. Also, one of the easiest ways to ensure user involvement is by way of organizing competitions on social media pages to garner popularity and user interaction. You can organize a variety of contests and competitions involving customers uploading photos, videos, write-ups and more to get users talking about your products.

Additionally, you can publish these on your social media pages to make the customer famous which in turn will draw more people to respond and make your business more popular. Thus this will increase word of mouth spreading awareness about your business and expand your business outreach. Hopefully, the information conveyed in this article will help you to organize successful contest campaigns to improve your business.


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