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Three Simple Tips To Boost Stagnant Content

In this digital transformation world, content is the king. To reach out to your target audience, it is important to have engaging content on the company’s website. Previously, companies have been focused on traditional methods of marketing. However, with the changing consumer behavior, they are now focusing on digital platforms. A digital platform without creative and engaging content is nothing, but a frame that needs to be filled with an amazing write-up. We have seen that many E-commerce or best online shopping store have filled their websites with engaging and informative content. However, at times the content you have uploaded is outdated, because of the continuous up gradation of content on the competitor’s website. At that time, the old content is obsolete, and do not serve your business purpose anymore.

When it stops adding to the company goals, business owners remove the content. However, one-thing website owners and marketing teams overlook by assumption is that stagnant content can re-perform, and set new peak performance standards. Let us have a look at the three simple tips to enrich stagnant content’s performance reflecting its original purpose.

Holding Up With Changing Audiences

The content created overtime becomes obsolete, and needs up gradation. The key factor for drops in performance contribution stems from changes in audience behavior, needs, wants, and perceived value of the content compared to other alternatives. The highlighting signals that tell you content is starting to fail include declining social shares, lower engagement rates, reduced time on page, fewer page reviews, and decreased results in traffic, impressions, new users, goal completions, etc.

Hence, for keeping up with changing audiences you need to compare the demographics of the masses reading the content now to those engaging with it at old peak performance levels. Besides this, you can also have a look at the trendy and top performing current ranking content on Google. These activities help you with increased audience awareness, and you can better re-pitch your content to the targeted audience through advert updates, mixed content inclusion, and fresh content promotion to revised audiences.

Enhancing Technical Performance

So many technical improvements can be made to improve content performance as well as accessibility to the audience such as lazy loading images, fixation of internal broken images or links, and mobile friendliness. Undeniably, content speed is a significant factor as much as its site maintenance as well as a usability issue. Therefore, when you make content all device ready and faster to access, you expand its reach as well as suitability for the purpose. To boost your content, a little technical SEO changes can be of great help. For instance, new SERP features inclusive of accelerated mobile pages (AMP), content prioritization on mobile, and other broader gains attributed to technical activities implemented.

Increasing Content Understanding

Content understanding is of vital importance. If you write down a content that is too difficult to understand for the users or you are writing in an ambiguous way, then your content cannot reach out to the potential audience. Therefore, it is advisable to write in a simple and precise way that communicates your message well to the target audience.

Precisely, content stagnates most of the time and frequently gets off the website, revamped or overlooked entirely. However, to improve your stagnant content one should always keep up with changing the audience, improve technical SEO, and increase content understanding. Besides this, enriching topical completeness, pruning, and combining completing content are also effective methodologies.


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