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One of the attractions of setting up a business online is to have a stream of revenue without needing a lot of capital to get started. Social media accounts are free, and content creation is cheap. In theory, your business should be able to gain the attention of your audience in the cheapest way possible and convert them all into loyal paying customers for life.

Why doesn’t it always go to plan?

Everywhere you look, marketing articles are telling you to create interesting content for your products. The rationale for creating content is to engage and enchant your audience into buying your product. What they don’t tell you is how labor intensive and tricky it is to get the content marketing right. As easy as it may seem, things can go horribly wrong with one unwise move.

Challenges in content marketing and how to overcome them

A good marketing strategy can get you hordes of customers while a bad one will lose you the ones you already have. Here is Joe Pulizzi on good content marketing:

Mediocre content will hurt your brand more than nothing at all.

Here is a list of 5 top challenges that business all over the web are facing in the way of content marketing.


1) It takes too much time and you simply don’t have it


Once you get started, there is no time for anything.  There is so much to organize, to deal with and to plan for. You understand the value of marketing but do not find the time it requires. High quality content created everyday and distributed across your social media channels sounds wonderful, but who has time for that?

One way to overcome this challenge is to get the help of an online marketing agency. You can hire experts who can manage the content, polish it with some good SEO, and may be even use social media marketing to give your business some extra boost. The gist is: you can’t do it all by yourself-you need specialized personnel to help you.


2) It’s burning through your marketing budget


True enough. Marketing is never inexpensive but the results it yields are always worth the money. Likewise, content marketing will require a good big chunk out of your budget. What you can do is search out the businesses that complement yours and you can have a co-creation team that will link both of you with interconnected content.


3) Content is not sufficiently engaging


With so much competition you need to come up with loads of engaging content for your business. That’s right, on top of creating so much content, they have to be interesting as well. Since you cannot juggle so many tasks at once, you can hire a video production team or niche content marketers to help plan and create content your competitors wouldn’t think of.


4) Content is not converting prospects into customers


Information rich content is what you need to attract customers. No, not really. You need interesting and helpful content, not boring facts. Customers today do not even bother looking at long contents, they want easy and quick to read information. Learn the customer psychology before wasting your time on content that will bring you no benefits.


Re-evaluating your content strategy

Do you know what’s wrong?

This can be a dilemma for most new business owners. Check the points mentioned above and see if you have those problems. If not, then check if you are focusing on inbound and outbound marketing properly or not. Use all the options of digital marketing available and see which one works best for you and then focus your attention on that one. Be very clear who your target audience is and what they are looking for, then give them just that.


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