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Secrets To Rank Adult Websites

You’re here on this page because you have to rank adult websites? Here are some tried and tested adult SEO tactics that have helped Alvomedia rank our adult niche clients for medium to higher competition keywords. Let’s begin with the assumption that you have minimal SEO done for your adult niche website and starting from scratch:


Adult keyword research


This is essential to any adult SEO campaign. The keyword research tools such as SEMRush and Google Keyword Planner are insufficient for adult SEO keyword research because the suggested keywords might have no correlation with what users want. For instance, targeting audiences interested in downloading XXX video content is too general and not specific enough for conversions. This is where niche adult SEO keyword research plays a vital role in helping you reach hyper targeted audiences. As you can see from this keyword volume search on Google, targeting XXX videos keyword is not a good investment of your time. You’ll have to compete with the biggest XXX video websites unless you narrow down your niche.


Adult keyword research for SEO to rank adult websites

Keywords such as exclusive XXX videos (+ niche keyword) and premium XXX videos (+niche keyword) would be a better use of your time. You will not only have less competition but  your content developed around your keywords will attract highly qualified leads.

Another useful adult SEO keyword research method to use is to see what your competitors are targeting, their long tail SEO keywords, anchor texts in their backlink profile. You may be surprised at how diverse their keyword choices are. Since adult SEO is so competitive, keyword research involves alternative phrases, bottom of sales funnel and demographic related words. The key is to take the guesswork out of adult website keyword research by finding the actual search volume (if it is worth optimizing for) and target multiple long tail keywords at the same time.

Using the same keywords premium XXX videos, you can use alternative phrases such as high production value/high quality XXX videos, daily premium XXX videos and HD XXX video streaming daily to reach your desired audience. This will help your adult website bring in more traffic to start monetizing faster.


Competition research for adult SEO websites


In keyword research, we looked at how multiple long tail keywords in the adult niche can help your website monetize relevant traffic. In competition research, you can see your odds for ranking against websites on page 1 for your target keywords. Let’s take premium XXX videos as an example: the domain is ranking on page 1 for this keyword phrase: their organic search traffic (traffic from organic keyword positions) is 87 million and their main competitors for premium XXX videos have 100s of millions of search traffic:

Adult website organic traffic research

Clearly, this is not the ideal competition for a new adult website. You will have to use long tail keywords that have less competition, a healthy search volume and the ability to monetize from your website. Therefore, ranking for ‘premium HD XXX videos of commuters might be a better use of your time. You will find that some competitor websites don’t have relevant content for their search keywords. This will be your competitive advantage to optimize for keywords that are directly relevant to your product.


Onsite optimization for adult websites


Onsite SEO health is the foundation of adult website SEO. To rank adult websites well, you need to eliminate any onsite errors such as title tags, H1/H2/H3…meta descriptions, HTML tags, internal linking structures, robots.txt, sitemaps, 301/302 errors, canonicalization, alt image descriptions, page cache, mark ups, website speed and URLs. All onsite optimization for SEO has to comply with search engine standards; you can hire a London SEO agency to take care of the technical errors or update them yourself.


Adult website tier link building


Link building is integral to all adult websites in competitive niches. It is a popularity contest and time consuming method to gain link juice/traffic for monetizing. Building links for adult website SEO would look something like this, with the money site receiving the tiered link juice:

How to build tier links for adult website SEO

Link building is considered black hat but the most important thing is to avoid penalties. Adult websites tend to use aggressive anchor text link tactics to rank their websites quickly. This is not ideal for adult websites with a long term vision but it can help churn and burn adult websites monetize quicker.

What does the tier link mean for adult website SEO? High authority (DA and trust flow) websites that link directly to your adult website are tier 1 links; tier 2 links are linked to your tier 1 links and tier 3 links only link to tier 2. Tier 2 links are of lessor quality than tier 1 links and tier 3 links can be any links to content with a backlink already.

To create tier 1 links, you have to create content to earn links from high authority websites. This can be the most time consuming part of link building for adult SEO because many high authority websites refuse to link to adult websites and the content has to provide value for their audience. It is better to link content to established adult websites with a high DA. This will increase the credibility of your adult website in Google’s eyes.


Ongoing SEO monitoring for adult websites


SEO tools such as Raven, Spyfu, SEMRush, Ahrefs, MOZ Pro, Majestic SEO are ideal for monitoring your adult website’s SEO. It will help you see any dips in organic keywords, traffic, Google penalties from updates and your competitor’s link strategy. SEO evolves all the time so adult websites have to be vigilant to changing guidelines. Toxic links and an increasing spam score has to be addressed sooner rather than later.

Adult website SEO requires trial and patience


Adult websites are highly lucrative and attract a lot of bad SEO practices. This can result in domains being banned or a lot of money wasted on targeting the wrong keywords. Trial and error using adult SEO is the best option for website owners. They should also be selective about advice because of the different variables in adult SEO; it can become bad advice if they don’t see how it fits into their objectives. It is never advisable to take advice about burn and churn adult SEO when you have to rank adult websites for the long term.


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