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How can you use brand signals to improve your SEO campaign?

The ranks that brands acquire in search results convey the status of the brand. Brands that rank high on the search engine results page (SERP) are apparently the better ones.  Search ranks not only provide leads to viewers but also guide them in making decisions for which search ranks are so crucial for business.  SEO marketers who provide Houston SEO services are continuously deciphering the ways search algorithms work to gain valuable leads about the best ways of positioning the marketing campaign. However, in the absence of any declared methodology of search algorithms, it is quite a difficult task. Everybody has to presume the way algorithms work by analyzing its behavior, and the task of understanding search algorithms becomes even more difficult because of frequent changes to it.

Algorithms have become more sophisticated, and it poses new challenges for inbound marketers. SEO marketers have to be innovative enough to devise new methods of earning high ranks in search results. Tactics and techniques like keyword stuffing and article spinning that had worked earlier for earning good ranks have now become taboo, and brand signals have emerged as the new determinant of search rankings.

The underlying message of brand signals

To succeed in business, you have to come out from the comfort zone of operating as a generic entity and establish a brand that chugs the business along.  Brands are like railway engines that have enormous power in driving the products along with it.  When you have a brand for your business, the brand signals that it generates convey to search engines that your business is a legitimate one. Not only is the company legitimate but it is a branded one and not the generic type that belongs to the ‘also ran’ class.

Brands are what Google looks for because brands have the inherent trust generating qualities that lack for general business. Brands tell Google that the company is a real one and that it can be trusted. Brands help to build credibility not only with search engines but also with consumers. Building a brand thus helps to create brand equity, which makes the business more acceptable to all.

Establish the brand and convince search engines

Making the brand acceptable to search engines is the primary target, and you should know the ways of doing it correctly. Know the salient features that distinguish a brand from a generic business so that you can highlight the features to search engines to earn their trust. What the brand is about and how the company upholds the brand – these are some information that search engines seek and it should be available on the website. The information helps search engines to correlate the business status to the brand that carries some of the distinctive features of the business.

Features of branded business

An office that has a physical address and employees is what defines a branded company. It shows the good intention of the business owner in establishing a credible existence for the business and brand.  Businesses that are interested in upholding brands would make use of proper marketing strategies, online and offline, together with advertising campaigns that help the brand get closer to consumers and build trust. When you provide all relevant information about the business and brand on the website, it becomes easy to establish to search engines that it is a branded business.  Having a social media presence for the brand bolsters the claim of branded business further as it bears social proof of brand acceptance.

What brand signals can do for your business

Once you have established the brand, you have to make the brand work for your online marketing campaign by creating brand signals that search engines could pick up. The vibes that the brand generates help to create a distinct identity of the brand that resonates with search engines who attach much value to it. Search engines consider the brand reliable for recommendation during search queries. The signals attract search engines towards your business, and you gain competitive advantage. Since customers not only rely on brands but also are also happy with it, Google does not hesitate to patronize brands and branded business over the generic ones.

Creating brand signals

  • About us page– Create a comprehensive ‘About us’ page to tell people elaborately about your business philosophy, values, culture and goals that help to gain insight into the brand that builds trust.
  • Offer the brand on review sites– Offering the brand on leading review sites like Google, Bing, Yelp, Places and Angies’ List, helps to build brand integrity that generates positive brand signals.
  • Social media activity – Your activity of the social media determines the quality of brand signals as the brand gathers more trust through sharing.

Carry out concerted efforts to maximize the potential of creating brand signals for taking ahead of the SEO campaign with more confidence.

About the author:  Elena Wayne is a marketer and online marketing analyst. Earlier she has worked for a company that offers Houston SEO services. Elena is a trained beautician and had she not chose marketing as a career; she could have become a beautician in her rights.


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